And Give Up

Part One: And Give In Buddhism, homes that is available, that is, have homes; Taoism, the house is doing nothing, is too promising; Confucian saying, homes evil in order to get Jen, trying to get round the holy; and in this people’s eyes, homes are paid, is put in, the harvest is too, is the return.Willing to be a great wisdom: what homes have what is great wisdom, insight into the wisdom of the decision after the general trend.- Inscription “homes” and “get” the word Road to make all of the truth of life, everyone probably knows “homes” with the truth “was”, but how many people can really realize this one meaning.In fact, each of us in the face of anything difficult choice, and always the first thought is how to “get” instead of how to “give”.This is difficult to meet the heart’s desire will misinterpret our other lives.  Among this long journey of life, we are always faced with “take” and “homes” of choice.In life, “get” is a philosophy, but “lay down” is one gate of wisdom, it is an art of interaction with others, when we need when we make a choice at the crossroads of life, at that time, how will we choose?Sage Mencius once said: “Fish, my objectives; bear’s paw, but also my objectives.The two can not have both, take care of fish and bear’s paw were also.Students, but also my objectives; righteousness, but also my objectives.The two can not have both, homes were also born for justice.”This passage, it contains Mencius ‘homes’ ‘have’ understanding of and.Two thousand years ago, Mencius that “students” Although it is very important, but “justice” Que Shibi “students” more important.Because of this, so he can not have both of them, decisively, “sacrificing life and for justice.”.In fact, Mencius, he gave up life, but life got more important things than life.At some point, we really do not need to care about what the pros and cons, as long as the time With a cheerful heart is able to do smile face life.Even if we have made to the world and how?It might as well be a truer picture flat light.  Life with flowers and applause, there is praise, how many people can be indifferent view it?The way of life there may be bumpy muddy, there are thorns all over the floor, but how many people can laugh it off, we have to learn how to be comfortable with life in the “gain” and “loss”.Whether it is life or work, is to bring affordable, let go.As the sentence: “It was not a thing first.where”.This is a natural realm detached.”Chongrubujing busy watching Pretrial blossom; fate not diffuse with the outer space Yunjuanyunshu.”This is a serene state of mind at ease, but also a win in between the ‘have’ and ‘homes’ Game.Buddha said: “Flowers and the world, one grass and one heaven, as to a leaf, a gravel a paradise, one of a pure land, bonds of a laugh, a quiet read a.”But all this all stems from an indifferent attitude of life of the mind, as long as we do not have to care too much, do not care ‘have’ and ‘homes’ disputes, flowers and grass is the whole world will be able to.In fact, we just kind of rare “dare homes,” the free and easy, the kind of “lost” open-minded, but calm after the kind of “get” mood.  In the long journey of life, although along the way there are some beautiful flowers.However, no matter how beautiful it is, and more beautiful than to lay down a time to let go, we must decisively to let go, there will have to take homes, there are only homes, so that is a state.To win in life, it is necessary to lay down the brave desires, between these “homes” and “get” the highest understand the deep wisdom of life.    Part II: And Give life to talk about the topic, and was not open around homes.  Yasheng Meng child said: “The fish my objectives, bear’s paw also my objectives, I have to take care of fish and eat it too, can not have both fish and bear’s paw”.  In the journey of life, indeed we often face a dilemma.Want to have a bigger and better development but does not fit the immediate vested interests, want and do not want an official subject to supervision and restraint, free to think scholarship want to be lazy, want to get rich want something for nothing.Sky will not fall, there is no free lunch.Does not fit, he could not bear not succeed.Homes too is the premise was the result of a house.  You lay down the power, or have peace; you lay down ill-gotten gains, or get peace of mind, happiness; you lay down narrow and selfish, or get respect and love; you lay down old ideas, or get phoenix reborn.  It contains infinite choice of great wisdom.Human life is short, a person’s energy and intellect is limited, no one can do everything he wants done, you can not get everything it wanted, including emperors, the great, the rich, etc..Fortunes of choice in Aioi, evil double days.Choice test of human nature, relying on the wisdom, experience, ability and knowledge.Life is like over the ear autumn, fleeting.At the crossroads of life, proper choice, then enter the vitality of open land; inappropriate choice, will be full of thorns struggling in the Crossroads.In practice, the wisdom of the homes are often more meaningful than blind adherence to.The real reason why successful people with lofty ideals or respected by others, because they fit in the smart choice of the road, to grasp the pulse of the inner soul and the times.Mr. Lu Xun is to arouse people numb soul, decisive from medicine, but a generation of thinkers and literary giant will.Qian mind pure affection, gave up the material conditions of his country’s generous, threw himself into the cause of the motherland missiles, he has made outstanding contributions to the defense industry for the motherland.So it seems that the choice of success or failure must not be money to measure, but should get to know the size of the contribution to society.  Looking around mortal beings, we know that there is no savior, how to choose, choose the size of their own yet to decide.As the saying goes ask for help, plead for better on their own.In this at any time anywhere in the world full of pitfalls, the tragedy is that many people choose dislocation, they confuse the merits of the world, trampling justice.Of course, was money, power, fame, but lost the love, affection, friendship, and even lost the most precious freedom are more than affectionate praise Pei Fei.For the life of people rushing for fame or fortune, but the outcome could not escape a lifetime choice “lying north-south mountain soil mud” desolate.  Willing lifetime thing, gains and losses Cunxin know.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) passed away at the time and obviously, the homes and the proposition was completed in one piece, a pile of little things.Bus, you abandon the temporary comfort, up to a faltering old seat, won the attention and praise of the crowd moved to the soul; discarding unnecessary entertainment, taking the time to cozy get-together with friends, has been life, friendship and joy; rounding your hate and prejudice, a word of thanks, a smile was warm and caring between people; the face of social ills, you lay down cowardice, no longer silent, shouted, get a social justice and strength; the face of fame, money, and sex temptation, you flatly refused, firmly hold the bottom line of morality and life, has been the backbone of people, enjoy a meal gluttonous feast of spirit.In fact, homes and was sometimes very simple truth.  Willing to read a real person, not pleased, not as sad, always show calm, calm, calm.Their pursuit of material life rather than material things, and the spirit of the pursuit of affluence without complacency.They do not Zizhu of gains and losses in time, one place, always in retreat willing to keep a clear head, correctly control the direction and the coordinates of life, not as clouds block our sight, not to be tied hand and foot to fame and fortune.This is a rare realm of life.    Part III: homes and homes too, is set aside; put aside the meaning of.Get, get, accepted meaning.And obtaining the homes there are profound internal dialectical relationship, since we were born just like homes and was closely.We said goodbye and childish ignorance when young and frivolous, ushered in a steady maturity and wisdom at the prime of life; we give up the instant gratification of idle, has been the joy of success after hard work; we are far away from the hustle and bustle of quick success and irritability, close visionary pragmatic and quiet.Our life must have homes available, be sure to have something to homes.Timely, appropriate and accurate homes reflects the enduring wisdom of a person’s survival.  Liu wrote an article entitled “Fuban pass,” the article, which reads as follows: “Fuban who also good negative bug.Take the case of the line was holding Noir, its first negative of Aung.Back more weight, although also trapped more than drama.Its back very astringent, was due to leave the product, since death can stumble servant.Or pity, as to its negative.Gouneng line, as before they take hold.Good and high, extremely endless power.To fall to the ground dead.  This world are addicted taker, not to avoid the case of goods, to which the chamber thickness.Is already tired and I do not know, it does not accumulate lest.And also lazy and stumble, dismiss discarded, migration, the Yi Yi carry disease.Gouneng on, not Ai, Japanese Scotch its position, its large Lu, and even greed take AIDS, nearly in danger fall, before the concept of death unknown Ring.However, although its shape Quebec were also large, its celebrities, and Chile is also a bug.Yizuaifu!”I have repeatedly read this article, always repeat itself felt similar Fuban many of our reality and the text of the.They only know that their lives selflessly request and obtain, but forget to properly cut to relieve the pressure, and ultimately because of their “bear” Most, too heavy to try any given away alive.Short life, we do not need too much, so we do not always need to be endlessly ask and get so lost its essence and meaning of their own lives.  There was an article entitled “Confession:” I want so much money why?”” The news deeply touched my heart.Deputy director of the Standing Committee of Chuzhou former, former county party secretary Chen Zhaofeng Dingyuan, Anhui become the first arch corrupt “magistrate”.”The evidence presented by the prosecution showed that Chen Zhaofeng commissioned Quanjiao side of a director of a bureau, procuratorate side of a Nanjing, a development bank in Quanjiao Anhui Province Chen and others, Chuzhou, Hefei, Xu and Lee, respectively 122 pen names deposits, totaling more than 7.2 million yuan.Chen Zhaofeng another side of their relatives were kept in, Chen, Hwang students, etc. 9 pen cash totaling more than 1.83 million yuan, US $ 1 million yuan, HK $ 1 million yuan, Chen Zhaofeng total household assets (excluding real property) 904 million yuan, US $ 1 million yuan, HK $ 1 million yuan.”” When the final statement, Chen Zhaofeng tearfully expressed their crimes confession: in the evening was a ‘double.’ Later, my two kids around I look around the residence to be reviewed, they railing there, a window, a window looking for, then I think they are like two lonely birds.They kind of panic, anxiety demeanor, into my line of sight from the moment it is engraved in my mind.When the children’s attention with my intersection of the moment, my brain explode, my heart is broken.I worked for 30 years, do not give the children left a bitter heartache that you?I can not forgive myself.What use me for money!”Mr. Chen Zhaofeng talking about ‘me for money what’s the use’ This sentence is intriguing how ah!Many corrupt officials originally one would like to gain more money, once unmasked, jail, separated from their families when they suddenly wake up.In fact, they are the root of all evil lies in their ideology as “Fuban Biography” in the “Fuban”, as one only knows desperately to obtain possession and forget and get sensible homes.  In many cases, a person should learn to give.We only take the initiative to give up some unnecessary or inappropriate things, to get more development space, in order to achieve greater success, achieve greater value.  Buddhism founder Sakyamuni, at the age of 19, he was realizing the dead birth, old age, sickness and death, and many other distressed, decided to abandon royal life, a monk.He would give up the home, give up all family, friendship, and ultimately the creation of the effects of human society for thousands of years of Buddhism.It turns out to be “put down, in order to be served.”.We found a pattern: at all times, in almost a difference of heroes, facing an important choice, they always give up some courage to decisively.  That year, Dr. Qian in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the United States gave up a generous material benefits and living conditions, returned to his homeland, is the new China’s scientific career spared no efforts in dying, becoming the world’s admiration of China’s space industry Founders.”Science has no borders, but scientists have their own motherland.”Qian personally has shown great personality and noble qualities really made a lot of the ‘milk is Mother’ as people feel ashamed endless life credo of it!  Eastern Jin Tao Yuanming nature indifferent, because he hated that kind of atmosphere on the dirty officialdom decided to resign and go home.In the “Chosun”, he fondly issued a “Deng Dong Gao Shu Xiao, Linqing flow and poetry.Take talk of return to make, Lefu destiny complex Xi suspect?Calling “and the soul.Even in poverty, the case ends meet, he still insists on reading, poetry, he left a lot of spiritual wealth.He offered to give up the glory and wealth, in order to pursue quiet and noble, thus becoming immortal “Drifting”.  Or a country of a political party in order to better develop and obtain, and sometimes should learn to give up.  World War II, British and French troops under German siege, in order to save power, avoiding the German elite troops, from the port of Dunkirk, France implemented a strategic retreat to the United Kingdom, the retreat of the Germans to counterattack later conducted prepare favorable conditions.  Early success of the Chinese revolution and the Communist Party withdrew from the competition for the city, which occupies encircling the cities of the initiative, as well as the beginning of the war of liberation in Yan’an give up, and get back to full great turning point of attack are inseparable.  In short, homes and have all the wisdom of a way of life.Lung Ying-tai There is a saying: “Get off the car but also the courage.”Old saying:” take a step back, even better high.”In many cases, we need to know how to take the initiative to give up, but also know how to get.Once we learn to tactfully homes and have to, then we understood what all the wisdom of life.    Part Four: homes and have the courage to pursue is a spirit, the courage to give up but it is a realm.Indeed, there are too many earthly fame and fortune, people floating in the world, there was too much pursuit of yearning, but after all, life is a fleeting journey Lanzhu moon, I could not pull breeze.Discard not lose happiness, but perfect success —– perfect after panning.Life is not the pursuit of absolute perfection, but we can give up the pursuit of perfection through.Like back too much burden, we have to give up some easy road as.  This is a way of life, a long and difficult road, on the way there will be flowers, there will be flowers and leaves, but the pace of progress can not be stopped, because we are chasing a dream, looking for tomorrow, we have no first choice.Only abandon the seemingly good tender trap, in order to pursue those distant dream life.  Able to do Rain or shine, fate not, it is a free and easy.Consciously abandon those that do not come out of reach, unattainable things, rather than blindly abandon proper dedication, naturally less distressed, more relaxed, more comfortable and less worried about.  Person, or thing is tired, or lovesick, or busy life, drifting or I, are secular and realistic alive.  Life is this way, people from high to no demand product!    Part Five: Life And Give Up “willing” is, first created in the Ming Dynasty Mr. Yuan Liao Fan book “the forty training”, after merging with traditional Chinese thought, with the change of the times, gradually interpreted as a philosophy.”Willing” in a philosophical category has a very rich content.Buddhists believe: Care is available, is to get homes, like “sex is zero, Kongjishise” the same; Taoists believe: Care is doing nothing, is too promising, so-called “Doing Nothing”; Confucian thought: Round hated Hui, homes For derived holy; and in the eyes of the modern “house” is the dedication, “de” is the result.It is a choice embodies a philosophy, and it is inevitable to face life.  ”House” and “get” is the opposite, but “there is devotion” point of view, it is unified, so “willing” is the concept of a contradictory unity.”House” is to give up, but it became the causes, bear a “get” results, shall not give up, must have obtained due to rounding.Buddhist goes: “willing” who nothing real homes, nor obtained, is that the “willing”.The cycle of all things, the vicissitudes of life changes, volatile ups and downs of life, “willing” Road runs through the meantime, the “house” only “get” large homes large enough, small homes too small, not reluctant, everything in the world the truth of all things running between “willing” to achieve harmony and unity.”Willing” allelopathy, complement each other, and store in the world, kept in life.  Everybody is not Superman, even if you are Superman, can not pass everything, everything in.If you want to make a career, you have to give up the so-called “everything”, you must select the field research based on your intention, subject specialty, research studies.  Every moment of life, we are faced with a dilemma, we need to make a choice, often more than we have before us two or two-way.Each road has its infinite beauty, may be rational and previous experience tells us that most of the road should not go, “the scenery here is fine”, more full of mystery, new, exciting and temptations.More difficult is that we often do not know each route, the proportion of the harvest and how much risk is, select one, you have to give up another one, such a waiver is often painful.  Fish and bear’s paw seem relatively easy to choose, both far.The truth is that most of life is not easy choices, always advise people: on balance, the house and have to write a line in the left and right, and when larger than the house to do when you have to give up less than homes.Real life is far from simple, and the house is too difficult to make the right judgments, not to mention everything is in development among radical changes, and can be transformed into each other or the.Because things get, and things will get rather because of rounding is not much distance, so will lay down all the more intolerable.  There is a European birds golden eagles, which nest in alpine cliff life.Only golden eagles nest hatched two chicks.In the years of insufficient food, little gold eagle will starve, golden eagles and her mother only to see hungry children Aoao called.By this time, two little gold eagles on the force to bear against each other, the result is always relatively weak bird pushed down the cliff to his death.The time of the golden eagle mother has always tolerate such “brutality”.  Human beings are hard to understand the golden eagle, but face the harsh environment of hunger, golden eagles must be so, otherwise it will all starve to death.More than just golden eagle, we humans do not always have to face the pain of abandon it?Have is a blessing, but sometimes have to give up in order to better.Life, fish and bear’s paw can not have both, you want to have a sense of what is undoubtedly a heavy burden, even an injury.  In our life, living in a dilemma situation will often occur, such as the face two equally tempting work, we choose which one?Two suitors equally tempting, do we choose which one?Living dilemma, we must make a rational decision as soon as possible.If we are a long time in a dilemma lingering hesitation, thinking, you will eventually end up empty-handed, with nothing.We do not have to feel sad, to seize the opportunity to get things “part of the” Something beautiful is not easy life of the.  There are “camel urn all lose” such a fable in the Buddhist scriptures, “Bai Yu Jing”: Xi You a person, first urn filled valley.Camel head into the urn in Food Valley, nor come.Neither come, that Younao.There is an old man to language words: “Ru-Mo also, I teach a Ru.Ru use my language, must speed out.Rudang beheaded, drawn from the.”Ready to use its language, beheaded with a knife.Kill both complex camel, undone broken urn.So idiot, the world laugh.Roughly means that once a person, first bowl full of millet in the urn.Camel head probe into the urn eat millet, the results get out, so he was disturbed.An old man came and told him: “Do not worry, I’ll teach you a camel can make out of the way.You listen to me, will soon be out.You should cut off the head of a camel, the camel will come out naturally.”So I heard his words, put a knife camel’s head was chopped off.After killing camels, but also broke the urn.Such foolish people, by the people laughed at.  Camel’s head inserted into the urn get out, to save camels, is bound to break the urn, but to preserve the urn, is bound to catch a camel, it must be one, care of this inevitable loss of Peter.The story of people have taken a stupid way, the results of both all lose.Such a thing, real life does not occur naturally, but we are often faced with a similar dilemma this, due to the improper handling, the results will all lose both the.  This not only reminds me of another famous singer Luciano Pavarotti became an example.Someone had world music superstar Locarno Pavarotti advice recipe for success.Pavarotti referred to himself asked his father’s words.Upon graduation college, there are quite obsessed with music and music literacy Pavarotti asked his father: “I am a teacher, or is it to do singer?”My father told him:” If you want to sit on two chairs at the same time, you might fall from the middle of two chairs.Life can only ask you to choose a chair to sit on.”Pavarotti chose a chair – to be a singer.After seven years of efforts and failures, Pavarotti before debut.It took another seven years, he finally boarded the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House.If Pavarotti did not immediately make a choice, either to be a teacher, but also want to be a singer, I want to dominate in this state of mind, he will lead the work will not be done right.  Sakyamuni between religion and the cause of the throne, chose founded Buddhism; Lu Xun between saving the human soul and the human body, chose to become a great writer; Michael Jordan gave up the dream of baseball players choose to become the world basketball the most dazzling “Air” star.  Mencius says: “Fish, my objectives, bear’s paw, but also my objectives, the two can not have both, take care of fish and bear’s paw were also.”So we must have a rational choice in the selection, wisdom and foresight, must not be short-sighted, quick success, but can not cart before the horse, runs the risk.Select not because a pound-foolish, not because of nostalgia and loss of a small tree entire forest.Then the intellect from which it?First, according to their actual needs.Some choices may seem confusing a lot, but if you analyze calmly, rationally choose, there will be decisive for those who do not give up their own, to make.In the “camel urn all lose”, the masters of their own to make a judgment according to their needs, if the urn useful for themselves, they can take advantage of the value, then retain the urn; if camels useful for themselves, they can take advantage of the value, then camel on reservations.The second is to deal with the recommendations of others rationally, and then make their own choices for.Make what kind of choice, depending on their condition and the case may be, there must be assertive, not others.  In addition, since we should not hesitate to make a decision, make unremitting efforts to strengthen our goals and toward your goals, do not regret that he did not choose the one hand, because the target will shake regret that you have chosen, remember regret the useless.  Good to give up is a state, is going through the ups and downs after the calm of a secular, is a perception of wealth after the pool of human vicissitudes, is strategizing, a manifestation of confidence.Only after the well known and will know how to give good to give up, will only know how to get big success and good after discarding.  Discard is a magnanimous mood and generosity of spirit.There are many things in life are not satisfactory, so we have a lot of time to give up.When we toddler if the parents are not willing to let go of our hands, maybe now we can not walk; when we experience a success, we should give up our pride, otherwise there is no success the next; we suffer setbacks when to give up frustration, otherwise they will live under the shadow of failure.  Office Wang Shuli, Liu Lijun, Zhang Xiaohong according to their own situation and their actual capabilities and strong intention, all have admitted to the civil service, was very good battles out.Looking at other people’s success, Pro Yuan Xian fish, as retreat webs.Combined with their own reality, a few years ago I was standing linger on the crossroads of life, in time, he also unwittingly wandering past few years.I still hovering in place yet?If this continues, it is not going anywhere?Can not do this, must no longer go on like this, I want to make my life choices immediately and to pay due diligence, until success.  Sometimes colleagues meet today go to the gym to play yet?I said time to go.Hasty deal with one, in fact, I know, I should be most complete daily tasks is what, what is the best thing to do, of course, physical exercise is necessary, but I can not let it occupy a lot of my time, I have many matters things to do.To have income, homes must be.I put my goals as to become a grade teacher in five years, to be admitted to the PhD in history at Nankai within five years, but also in the meantime the children’s education taught, and strive admitted to the national key university; also to improve the quality of life of the family, and spiritual substances.So, every day I want to learn English, history, literature, philosophy, education, psychology, research teaching, reading, writing, too busy.Discard all the other.  Now that he chose this path, I would have no regrets’s worked for, fought for, I’m not afraid of any storm.I want to seize the moment and learn to focus and improve efficiency, struggling to move forward, until success!    Part VI: homes and have to go around a person wandering, when he went to a place across a river met, fast-flowing river here, it is dangerous, and across the river is very safe, the man thought to go across the river can neither bridge nor boat, how to do it, so he made yourself a raft, the raft sat, he crossed the river.After crossing the river, he thought, this raft of great use to me, that I worked so hard to make, and discard it a shame, so he put the raft on his back, his head, took it to hit the road.After the Buddha knew that this person is wrong, has always been used to ferry the raft, now has to cross the river, the raft there any use of it, should put it in a place, or simply placed in the river and let it drift I relaxed on the road.The world ah, that’s it, I was always obsessed with, but I do not know, do not want to, no homes, how was it.  This story is very interesting.We down from life, it Zuanjinquantou, like clutching what, like fear of losing, but when we leave this world, who is not the outstretched hand of it, grab a lifetime, we actually took what.Buddha told us, there are only homes.But when should Scotia, what house, you have to own just the right.Like the people to cross the river, when not to cross the river, the raft deserve, across the river, the raft should Scotia.If he knows how to take timely and homes, it is much easier on the road, before loading the line, how can he not tired of it.  That being said, but to do the right house and was indeed not so easy.Remember that happy moment, bearing in mind the moment of happiness, make themselves happier and happier.Pleasant but why is not the case, the suffering, hatred seems to remember more profound, personal things that are very satisfied with the nine, only one thing wrong, or offend me, this nine all zeros, and that only pieces, how many years also remember, whenever think of it, still angry, such a thing, remember it, to myself, to others, what benefits do?No, keep it in mind, it will always destroy their sunshine mood, this negative emotions, like the body of toxins, over time, a long time, how can we not attack, it is the soul of rubbish, dross, should decisively abandon, this raft as visitors, carrying it, only by its tired.However, we should give up, you have to see you have the ability to not give up.  For each of us, different ages, but also a different choice.  When I was younger, we thirst for knowledge, increase their abilities, give it a lot of time entertaining play, but he received based on the community’s ability to obtain a better life rich.If we waste time, excessive play, it will leave young idler, an old beggar regret the loss of life is a whole.  Middle-aged, most should abandon, is the fame and fortune of the heart, learn to bearish all worldly possessions, you know, all the world, all for our own use, not for me at all, not in the name of the tired, the IDS Battle.They are led by the nose, so you will live very tired, bitter, though calculating your lifetime, you may get the fame you want, but things have feet, he said, “love will be a big fee, will be thicker and more possession death “.Perhaps they will be wiped out in one night, then you will get nothing, pathetic and sad.  Old people are the focus of life should be changed, shifting from supporting the protagonist of life, careful not unwilling to give up young arrogance, arrogance, not to mention past glories, do not lament for the passing of time, a lot of things, only suggestions for young people, not taking on everything, not unavoidably, must intervene, blessing children and grandchildren their own children and grandchildren, let the young buckle down.The elderly, a lifetime of struggle, perhaps contented, there may regret, but these are not important, it must give up, lay down.Down before right and wrong, love and hate, get down and enjoy life, dignity.In this way, your life will be as gorgeous as the sunset.  Homes and was also suitable for couples.Live at home, conflict is inevitable, bickering have also occurred, but if it is not a matter of principle, to step in and where, and for expensive, high tolerance, who do not want to compromise, the result can only be a lose-lose.Destroy the family harmony, the husband and wife hurt feelings, really worth the candle.Just think, if one party to abandon the poor vanity of face, of generosity, seemingly lost face, but to create a relaxed family environment, won a quiet and happy life.Compared with this, it lost some face count it.  Say lost, the greatest loss of life, than romance.Lost their loved ones, life went to the freezing point, as if to the end of the world in general, is really dead, this huge house, what can we derive?The body in which the parties are unaware of, but when you walk through the valley of this life, you will feel, lovelorn harvested container can not be weighed, romance, is the largest life too, each kind of injury, is a mature, love makes you happy, that happiness is short-lived, superficial, romance makes you deeply, deeply it is long, is heavy.Believe it, the biggest homes, there will have the deepest.  And Give Up, a test of a person’s intelligence, a test of a person’s cultivation.There was only homes, there must be something to homes, life is spent in the pros and cons have to miss.The key is that we should distinguish, when the house, when to get, prioritizing interest, if so, our lives will no regrets, no regrets.