And Give Up

Spare nothing in the room “philandering” stumbled basin of Clivia actually a clip arrow.Watching want to show up in the attack of leaf buds of the “pain”, I know, and the bird is covered with red berries, bright for six months for my old eyes scape “farewell” of the time.In looking at the “Kaka” sound of scissors in cut flower stalks, and my heart kind of twitch feeling: that continually flowing out of the liquid as the tears.Under a hand to wipe the meaning of that “tears”, my mind turned to emerge very philosophical words: And Give.    In fact, long known that the stems cut, whether it is “blossom” or “Chunhua Qiushi”, the laws of nature are not able to retain the dismay.Because it has been “give up”, so, other flowers have been restless since spring and have brilliant bud when the pots Clivia also as the old woman hanging like a shadow-year-old to fall; because he ” dismay “unrealistic share of nostalgia, so just let that new flowers as” Jour “like a spring against the helpless smile to steal.    In the past, advising people donated to the temple of “willing to be willing There was only homes,” the half-comprehended Chan Yu, always thought it was a monk in disguise temptations.Vicissitudes passage of time, as if to “homes” and “have to” have a little understanding of the meaning: obey your parents if arrangements had graduated from law-abiding comfort to the factory to seek a decent job for themselves, there would be no later was “despised” the world was self-reliant, there will be experienced people in the “comfortable decent” can not go through the “storm” experience, but will not let myself get a lifetime are proud life experiences!This is the “House” and “get” the best experience.    If we had “quit”, with almost no use, “eight-year war” in general for a long time to stick to the mind share of the truth, there would be today work side by side 16 years of marriage, then there would be no today for those who “behaved conformist “now sounded the vicissitudes of life bumpy sisters envy blessing enough but not very relaxed leisurely life, there will be no more of this now self-sufficient happy mood.This is the best experience between ‘homes and have “.    Because dismay, so overwhelmed that belongs only Clivia now helpless in the beautiful “painful”, it is also because dismay, let fruit and beautiful flowers Clivia have become less incomplete and this should be perfect.Also, because it can “homes”, before they get their own copy of today’s life experience is different from the others, with a partner 16 years of wind and rain peers.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) Life is so, sometimes the homes, the future will have to return for more; the contrary, after a moment of sadness, will not cause.    Willing to be willing, there are homes really only have!