Boasting legend

Ancient times, there is no equality open Dazhai, Dong, who lives in the hillside, a small cottage, only a dozen families.There is a small cottage where there is a young man named Bukavu, married a wife, Ming Jiaopei crown.The couple is very affectionate, almost inseparable.They come back to work, pick a wood, a bear grass, carry a hoe, a cows, always go hand in hand around.This training crown looks very beautiful, when the couple cross the bridge, river fish also envy out of the water to see them.  One morning, the river suddenly soar.Buka couples rush to the Western Hills to work, did not care a lot, go on a small wooden bridge and walked zhaiqian.As they went to the center of the bridge, a sudden gust of wind blowing, blew burqa blinded, training crown “Oh” sound fall river.Bucca looked outside, his wife was gone, scraped know the river, he would jump into the water, dive into the river.However, looking back and forth a few times did not find.Folks know, they have also come to help him find, look for a very long time, still can not find Pei crown.HH?  The original fine deep bend has a crab, the culture volume into the river cavern crown gone.All of a sudden, crab refined into a beautiful young man, to make his wife Pei crown, crown training non-compliance, but also gave him a slap in the face.He immediately exposed ferocious threat Pei crown.Pei crown cry cursed, Kuma voice reached the bottom of the river upstream from the flower of a dragon ears.  Then the wind and rain, the waves rolling in, I saw the waves in a flower dragon, proudly look around.Leading hope left, wave to hit to the left, to the left landslides, leading to right, wave to the right punch, the right shore bifida.Small wooden bridge had been swept away by the waves.People tremble with fear.But the leader of the burqa came to the beach side, leading even to calm the waves a few clicks.Then, spend the dragon made a circle on the water, the river rushed.Suddenly, the river “Gu Lulu Gu Lulu” sound keep coming, one after another maelstrom spinning non-stop.Then, out of the water a puff of smoke, the air changed into a ball to rise to the clouds, that spend long hot pursuit rushed to the air, writhing body, the dark clouds down, the weight of it finally show his true colors.Drum top bird turned out to be a big black crab.Black crab panic to escape, climb the cliff thirty feet high.Long flower somersaults down to the water, tail pendulum, again swept into the water to crab.In this way a few rounds, the crab prostrated, climbed the swaying bamboo, bamboo block would like to spend the Dragon.But spent dragon jumped up, mouth spray, spray a piece of bamboo have fallen, crabs and fall river.Long after the flowers tightly catch the bottom, then the waves tumbling down the river, then never see black crab showed up.Later, in the bay not far away, exposing a crab-shaped black stone, it is to spend long quell the crab fine place.The stone, later called stone crabs.  Wait until the river calm, I heard a woman’s voice call out on the opposite riverbank.Buka look, that’s what his wife.Buka called several people at once swimming past.After landing, the crown Pei said the burqa: “Thanks to spend dragon rescue ah!”We knew the dragon to save her is to spend, spend very grateful Long.At this point, flower dragon fly back up the river, and from time to time and nodded to the people.  It quickly spread throughout the Dong.We put small wooden bridge near the surface of the air corridor turned into a dragon-like four engraved flower pattern in a large wooden pillar, still in the bridge, often wish to spend dragon.After the air corridor for the big wooden bridge built, held a grand celebration ceremony, very lively.At this time, the sky clouds floated, shaped like a long queue, ten thousand rays, when people take a closer look, it took long to come back to see everybody.So called after this bridge back to Dragon Bridge.In some places, also known as Flower Bridge, because the bridge can shelter sheltered, so called Boasting.