Boasting bustling Dong

Boasting, also known as the Dragon Bridge back, Huaqiao is one of the most unique architectural Dong ethnic architecture.Dongzhai building more on both sides of the river, across the water door.He appeared stone arch bridge, stone bridges, and most national characteristics is Boasting.In life, perhaps many of you have gone through the bridge, maybe you’ve seen so many bridges, maybe you’ve heard many stories about the bridge, can you ever heard of Huaihua, Hunan Zhijiang Longin Boasting.Seeing is believing, spring in May, me and my friends educated youth after watching the victory over the Zhijiang surrender Square, 5 non-stop bus ride, came to the square Zhijiang Longjin Boasting west head of the famous , looked forward from the central square, an imposing, carved beams and painted rafters, and sophisticated building monuments to show in front of us, it is like a highway tunnel in steadily like a long train, the flow of people coming and going of things sent to port in search of living space, to find paradise on earth, to find the ideal shore.    Boasting east front is a broad plaza, we have more people walking on dry miscellaneous square, various people’s behavior are in our line of sight, dealers enthusiastically to the passers-by in the show to sell their own goods, as well as passers-by and dealers are bargaining, but also put children’s toys, the elderly and women with children playing in the casino where.And some look west in the east, we would like to see a smug place to find an old-style attractions, good to leave a shadow as a memento.On this square, man, woman, old, young have mostly Misty commuters, each probably needed to do it, then we have unwittingly come Boasting head east at the inlet, a lot of people out here, is particularly crowded, looking in from the entrance, which bridge the dark, but also vaguely see, there are only saw a gray figure in the rock, only Boasting see the end of the exit of a weak light display.We followed the depths of the flow of people crowded around the bridge, I felt more we go inside more appear bright, as if to break through the pre-dawn darkness, wind and rain bridge at this time, the darkness into the light, our mood from dark to bright, from the Warrington.I went on a slightly less visitors lanai, a local man told me, Longin Boasting built in mid-1998, a total length of 146.7 m wide and 12.2 m, width 5 sidewalks.8 m, total of both sides of the corridor 94 stores wing type, has a compartment 7 at the pavilion, the highest kiosk 17.99 meters, said to be the world’s largest wind and rain bridge.In other places, I have seen Boasting, but is generally shade shelter, places for people to relax.Boasting Zhijiang also set in a commercial, you see both sides of the walkway is lined with row upon row of a row of shops, on the shelves of shops, variety, assortment, there are colorful new style women’s clothing, men also have the same color blue clothing with clean bright nourish a pillow embroidered drapery, there are also daily use merchandise.A business over there children in national costume shop, had it simple and elegant silver sides flashing Dong clothing, really colorful, stunning eyes, my granddaughter is also a minority, I would like her to buy a set, but she Age too small, no decent clothes Dong, I had to enjoy to the full.I left the national clothing store, came to the viewing pavilion bridge in the south, I support the Mulan saw forward on this platform gazebo, also saw a huge Hexi ancient buildings, it light red wall construction It is the country’s largest inland temples – Thean Hou Temple, a famous religious tourist attraction.Chinese Dong Dong has the largest group of houses on stilts, old Gulou Dong is a beautiful building.Dong is also the nation’s largest entertainment.Not only are they Zhijiang Dong beautiful places, people also travel concept most mysterious of the most desirable places.    Boasting through exports, it is the west, which is the head Boasting the west, there is no square, no trade, only peddler in snack business to do, to the west than the east. Apparently Xiao strip more.Go west from the bridge to the left, is dancing River levees, Yang Liu Yiyi a row of willow trees along the river bank to delay away, drooping willow curved green pieces like a green curtain, and like in the breeze the girl flowing hair, dotted Boasting riverbank embankment and style.To tourists in this shooting pictures, among the most beautiful Shun want this finished, we want to put the most beautiful scenery all looted.I stood on the riverbank long, stroking and green willow, quietly greedy dream gurgling river flowing water non-stop dance.May the sun shine bright, turned over the small waves of the river shining little blink white light, crystal clear water under layers of corrugated Dangqi breezy blowing Buddha, will Boasting extraordinarily beautiful and graceful.Long river canyon that extends along the never-ending river to stop trickling downward flow from south to north, it is like a candle light to others with his own life, illuminating the world, illuminate the human.At this time, the river actually fascinating, titillating.I dream Wushuihe greed, but greed dream Boasting the world’s first bridge, this well-vicissitudes of bridges, the spirit craftsman restored Youhuan issued a new splendor.Longin Boasting total length 252 m, width 12.2 m, width 5 sidewalks.8 m, the bridge consists of three parts, gallery, kiosk composition.15 meters high piers, boat shape as a regular square with pier 16 built build from bluestone.Apart rolling in-line row Wushuihe, the wind and waves like a boat 16, water holes 15 of the waterway, such as a dam of Lingual stands, it poured reinforced concrete bridge deck is made, and long wooden gallery 7 seat pavilion Wei Ran ranked on reinforced concrete deck.Roofed Bridge Langyan three layers, five layers eaves kiosk, kiosk so eaves and the upper-level stage, disable gallery dark blue glazed tile roof, the ridge between the pavilion and the gallery pavilion, covered with gold, and beast the “dragons Fighting treasure”, there is the cornices of the roof, to this present state of affairs on the spectacular life-footed Boasting gift splendor.At this point, a group of pigeons flying from the west of the city, they rushed down organs flying low over the crystal clear river dance, circling in the sky Boasting beautiful stops Court.They also seem to find their own habitat and beautiful destination.