Boastful “Feng tongue”

Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty, Nanjing City, there was a horse Feng old man, the old man has a son, love gossip boastful, nicknamed von tongue.  One day, Feng old man infected with the cold, bedridden, dozens of good horse stables by Feng tongue care.He boldly said: Dad, do not worry, there I was, horse hungry vain!Feng did not expect the old man, his son just saying no problems did not change.Start, Feng tongue back in time to feed the horses hay, and later, he slipped the book went to the library to listen to.Two weeks down, dozens of horses were as thin as a small donkey.  That day, the barn came a black-Tahan, buy horse.He looked at the dark horse, looked up and down about it, shook his head and said: The horse is a good horse, but too thin, you are not do not take good care?  Feng tongue crap problems it again: I added five times a day to feed it, like I take care of me, I do not dedicated, problem horses breed, how to eat and some horse is thin.  Han asked: What do you this horse run fast unhappy?  Feng bragging tongue and said: I raise horses are Maxima, this horse can run blink of an eye Liuzhang.This cow blowing from time to light, blink of an eye the equivalent of a second, six feet is about twenty meters speed fast enough.  Black-Tahan said: If this horse can not run so fast it?  Feng tongue and said: absolutely no problem, my horse is dead, also run blink of an eye Liuzhang.  Black-Tahan amused, he pulled out a hundred pence from her, cheerfully said: I booked this horse, ten pieces of silver is its fodder money to spare corn and wheat.Fattened until the horse, I’ll get the money when extra fifty-two.Feng tongue gasped: This year’s harvest, people have to eat corn and wheat it.  This horse was the bad cop Han Chinese and the dark horse, the common name beak horse, an excellent leg muscles, tireless running up, is not the world out of Maxima.Also pick a good horse mouth, eat good food and the freshest grass, forage generally despise.Nanjing this year suffered the plague of locusts, many people can not afford to eat food.Feng tongue began to back beak horse feed corn wheat, and later he bought food, di- five for Tim, come eat their own half, with some of the hay to feed horses pinned to eat.Beak horse can not eat, for a few months, Seeing lean down, and later fell ill a few days later he died.  It so happened, not enough time to pick up the bodies dead horse, black-Tahan come, take a look at the eye of the skull into thin beak horse, he sighed: you feed the horse is dead!  Feng tongue anxious: the horse is our home, fed dead nor none of your business.Black-Tahan said: I have bought it, I brought the money, this is fifty-two.I meant it, you have to his word, then, how do you say?You say that dead horse can run six feet away blink of an eye, you can now?  Feng tongue this regret ah sweat came out on the forehead: I did say that, but black-Tahan said: a real man have kept their promises, promise to keep!  Feng tongue anxious, walked in front of the beak horse, bent over, two arm flash, a hard, even the beak horse carried on the shoulders!Although the beak horse hungry skinny, but then there are 34 pounds of lean.Feng tongue can actually span the body, we can see that there is divine!  Feng forehead veins protruding tongue, a bite, even run up in the courtyard, although far less than the blink of an eye Liuzhang speed, but already stunned the black-Tahan.Feng tongue breathing heavily, said: I am not wrong, my horse died blink of an eye can run Liuzhang.  Black-Tahan his back laughing: Originally, I thought beak horse Maxima, in fact, the most powerful ‘Maxima’ Let me find.  In fact, this was a black-Han generals shook the battlefield, although he saw Feng tongue like bragging, but extraordinary bravery, it is the people Riboud, horses in the Red Rabbit, he was recruited into the army put.  Feng tongue fierce combat in the hands of black-general, numerous meritorious, but on the point, this mouth too broken hundred, provoked a lot of disaster.  Once, Feng tongue to a keen interest in the barracks said segment storytelling.Tomorrow would have to fight the soldiers to rest early, but he speaks enraptured, enthralled by all the soldiers, battle the next day, and everybody storm was not, on the battlefield, not the slightest murderous, dead, injured hurt.Black-general anger is not a light, the tongue ass Feng opened the flower, not daring to move a half places.Well, the pain is forgotten, after a good tongue Feng went on his way, bragging nonsense that storytelling.Black-general will cherish love, truth Loose lips sink ships said thousands of times, may von tongue is powerless to change.