Love is not often for new, the day turned dark color, love becomes a delicate decorations, karaoke show in the ballroom.  Dunshou fate in your feet, it appeared a few times, it is destined for all of your life, large and small edge.      You who are not in the palm, is worth weigh too, when Love called her only a means.    Person’s life have every chain, every choice is yours.     It also nostalgia Qingmang taste, also new to the share of direct sunlight hot and humid feeling, as well as mythical demon fog interrupted the floor in the hillside in the body or coiled.      Beautiful sunset is a day of embers, dazzled dreamy, time is the biggest players, like God made people, magical mum., In changing thousands smoke Tao vast time is the richest winner.    Written in 2014,5,9