Bluestone dragon

Daishan Island has a fringing reef, winding towards the sea, from afar, like a Shilong, local fishermen call it “Shi Qinglong”, which is said to be where the remains of the Dragon King Dragon Town.     A long time ago, when the Dragon in the East China Sea Dragon Palace guards in general, the Qinglong generals of the orders and the line, the next responsive.Sometimes change of fisherman, to look at the people on shore.If the island cracked land, the people affected, they secretly suck water to the East China Sea, turned into rain, rescue bitter civil drought.Therefore, the local people are very respected him.     On one occasion, the Jade Emperor decreed, to pick a competent generals in the East China Sea Crystal Palace to serve heaven.Dragon King to spare, put his favorite generals sent up Dragon.Dragon left for the day, the sea has been sent to the Dragon King, and Dragon said: “I specifically promoted to general election, after you look to heaven, do not forget the birth of the East China Sea underwater!”Dragon repeatedly thanked him away.     After the Dragon God, the Jade Emperor to him as the general value of the house inside the celestial palace.The first few years, like the dragon in the East China Sea Dragon Palace, as the left and right upper and lower handle it, life is pretty doing well.Later, he met a ladies Bai Huxing around Queen Mother Goddess, usually frequent contacts Over time, the two sides gradually produced a feeling of love, a meeting always lovingly flirt.But heaven strict regulations, can not talk together Passions, a long day, They feel more and more of heaven is not free.     One day, Bai Huxing Dragon Star and Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother in the harem serve when, once again met.This time, They see no one around, timidly take a cavity.They really fall in love, agreed in the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet night, the angels go to peach event on the occasion, mortal elope together, forever companion.     Until finally this day, Yao Chi secretly slipped away to the west, hastily ran Nantianmen.Is happy occasion, only heard bursts of sound from inside the celestial temple bells and drums, Nantianmen slammed shut, four King stopped in their way.     They both know the Jade Emperor Hess, secretly elope, angry beard stuck up, and even if the duty Gongcao Dragon, White Tiger charge to interrogate.Dragon Star and Bai Huxing Song of Benedict, to such a scene, not afraid of anything, in front of the Jade Emperor, straight sides say love, willing compliance by the day of punishment, but only grant that They married.Oh, more angered the Jade Emperor, Dragon Star edicts immediately relegated back to the East China Sea, Bai Huxing penalty to the mortal.Permanent separation of the two stars, shall meet!Dragon Star With grief and indignation mood returned to the East China Sea underwater.Dragon King thought he was not to be thin, back to the East China Sea Dragon King came forward after Tuohai want to plead, Bai Huxing recovered.Dragon King also think of bullying.The last dragon on the temple, his smile both hands, desperately flattery.This time back to the East China Sea Dragon, but uncharacteristically, very cold.He sat in a high chair Crystal, lightly Qinglong said: “This time you are in violation of rules was demoted back to the days, not as subject to reuse as in the past.Read your old credit, and now send you a push when the tide of God, which the United States is not really bad, but it is not too hard on you!”Dragon King Dragon thanked him, quietly quit Crystal Palace, from start to push the tide of God.Day two push tide, working hard and making the bullet, have not had the slightest error.But he tied up, unable to find Bai Huxing, only hard to miss her.     Besides Bai Huxing, later sent off to the mortal, at a Zhenhai courtiers when the maid.Once, Zhenhai issued a flood, rushed houses collapsed, livestock drowned, the county is a vast expanse of water in the world, many??Body drifted down the East China Sea ocean waters.It also flooded Authoritative maid was half dead, with flooding drift drift ah ah, finally storm blew into a beach on the island of Daishan.I do not know how many TIME, Bai Huxing woke up, see standing beside a white-haired old man, they discovered that a local land saved her.Bai Huxing own tragedy to tell it again, pray to land father to help her find out the whereabouts of the Dragon.Gnomes sympathize with them, Talk to Her, since Dragon star was demoted back to the East China Sea, it is for God to push the tide in this area.Bai Huxing thanked gnomes, immediately rush to meet..     A star-studded night, Bai Huxing and Dragon Star trouble to this long-awaited reunion of the lovers, they moved on again happy and sad, pouring each other after the unrequited love do not love.Who would have thought the matter was sent to monitor Dragon Star Dragon King crab fine to see, and quickly report it to the Dragon King.Dragon King, an angry: “Yes!This Dragon Star, Bai Huxing violation heaven in heaven, and to my underwater violated official rules, it is really a sin!”Immediately Fu Bai Huxing ordered to go to a mountain town in the northwest of Daishan Island, the mountain later called the ‘White Tiger Mountain’; the dragon town on a rock southeast of Daishan Island, this reef was later called Dragon reef.Dragon Star and Bai Huxing for freedom and love, suffered untold hardships, and finally down to the Dragon King under the mountain, never become a couple.However, people do not sell Dragon King’s account, but more miss to this Song of Benedict’s lover.     Islanders New Year’s Eve every night, every tank at home, migang, paste printed with dragon figure “Dragon Paper” on CUPBOARD, as a memorial.