Blues Lugu Lake

REVIEW Lugu Lake and his all as ink landscape around the general emerged.In the painting, the sub-colored ink, and shades of gray are the most difficult reflected, but here is indeed behaved so easily and thoroughly..   Lijiang morning from arriving the lake already in the afternoon.  Boarded the viewing platform, which is a hill, a sparkling blue lake Tude leap into your eyes, the legend will appear in front of the.Lugu Lake, that is how a scene ah.    Blue was pure asphyxiation.Tile blue sky with clouds dash of light dance; several blue-green mountains encircling a pool of turquoise blue lake; a piece of land from east to west slowly reached into the lake, far away from the rich red soil gradually becomes yellow Lauder has become color, mysterious island and the surrounding mountains and lake melt together.A gust of wind, the clouds move, move mountains, lakes move, move the heart, blue will be more enriched.Flowing sky blue; the blue mountain whirling; ripples at the blue lake; solidified on an island with royal blue.With the wind ups and downs, also from shallow to deep blue, but also changing the transition from dark to light, vivid colors brighter, the face of which every blue-clear, I only speechless.    From the observation deck cars circled down, drove to the lake shore, this is the village fell into the Lugu Lake.Rows of farming house built by the lake, room and adobe homes are built from pine, pristine, multi-door with a pile of firewood, stack the bundles pike, a few head of cattle child leisurely debris in the village along the road and saw a stranger immediately stopped, blinked crystal of one pair of eyes looking at you and then, like to think of what, in turn Zhetou to go back; the cat is a lively, tree, wall, road, anyway, is it climbing technology is superb, warily turned to look at you, pretend not to know the same; or hospitable farm dog, will bark to see people cried, you just as it sounds , pushing its home courtyard, its owner will greet you with honest smile came.    Mosuo people’s lives are impoverished, large yard, but very simple, only some necessary household items, where the floor is sacred grandmother, flower building is intriguing, mainly because it’s unique “walking marriage” customs, “walking marriage” to let the outside world know the Lugu Lake Mosuo also let people see the outside world.Yang two cars Dunham was a brave man, also a rebel, I really do not know the future of the lake outside world and the world who affect each other some more.    The sun sets and the golden light shines in the lake and everything around him.Cloud was sketched on a Phnom Penh; the mountain is rendered with a layer of pink gold; the leaves are sun shone clear; people’s faces also cast a glow; it just is silhouetted against the sparkling blue more saturated.Wind weak, calm lake, in the village of smoke rise up.    He walked into a company named “Dalang” of the bar, drowning the village this small bar is no small reputation, not because of anything else, but to a love of stories.Small woman in modern society to find the lake in this mountain shelter banks of the ownership of their feelings, blend the two cultures, two heart blend, so there is this little bar, it attracts outsiders.People come here looking for a dream encounter, look for the little woman infatuated reasons, find themselves worrying about those things many years.People go out again, came and went, with seeing themselves and realize that, back to his real world, where there is more than a steel building some of the Mosuo people taste.    After Tianyi little black down, rich and gaudy colors gradually fade, the Mountains of gray water slowly down, leaving a short pink and purple sun between Tianshui also came.Lugu Lake and his ink landscape all around as generally emerged.In the painting, the sub-colored ink, and shades of gray are the most difficult reflected, but here is indeed behaved so easily and thoroughly.God of good fortune.    Back home, the owner invited to dinner grandmother house.Modern house no lights, only a mass of fire, burning four seasons, before the busy busy is a little girl love to laugh, laughter always come to you before her people.Dinner is very rich, lake fish, chicken house, fields of vegetables, as well as the characteristics of Zhu Biaorou, but I’m afraid it’s good enough.When the sweet Su Mali wine sinks, people will warm up the conversation, far apart, outside the house, eating and sleeping, mountains and rivers, do their best to satisfy the thirst for information of the other party.Ringing the fire crackling, rushing out of the window of the lake are ringing, and windy.    Suddenly, I do not know from where came the song, the store said, bonfire party started, Moso Moso guy and a girl to dance, and you go, remember do not forget to pull the palm of the hand ah.I do not know when, the little girl who loved to laugh for a dance clothes, smiled and said, I went to the next year of age, you can also take the marriage of.Everyone laughed.    A bamboo flute music sounded, those who travel group of happy Mosuo people and infected group gathered around a campfire, co-author of the tune, changing with the dance danced dancing, people with the passion to be cheerful atmosphere release out, dance faster and faster, the fire rises higher, the girls danced and sang guy who said with a smile, as if this is center of the world, they are the whole world, that night, no sleep.    Come to an end, and still exudes the warmth of the bonfire, the night also is already too much, do not know how many Infatuated is to pull the palm of the hand, Which flower floor and lit the light, anyway, the lake is quiet, the stars still blinking his eyes, such a scenario has been repeated for thousands of years, they had become accustomed to.    Get up the next morning, the sun had risen, Zhaohui warm sprinkled on the lake, the lake glowing pure, unlike yesterday as rich and gaudy color was fresh, pleasant, misty mist light dance on the lake, mountain and lake boat distant shadowy, like the sun warm blue smoke like Tianmei Yu.Lugu Lake woke up.    Pick up the bags, bid farewell to the stores, we say goodbye to Lugu Lake, I’m going home.I do not want to bother too much here, I think it was the best impression at first sight, just like the owner of “Dalang” it’s, like, everything here has enriched my mind, my wish was fulfilled.    In the distant hills car stopped, I looked back below that Fang Shengjie land, blue and jumped into my eyes, like I saw yesterday, like, suffocating.I’m still speechless.[Editor: Can children]