A chicken becomes chicken one thousand folk tales

Oirat dialect legends.Spread in the Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang Boertala.About poor people want Lama failed and chickens reared story becomes one thousand days.When old Living Buddha once went to a poor family, the family’s two sons have only one white chicken slaughtered in honor of Buddha.Living Buddha after eating chicken, the leftover chicken bones a blow became a thousand chickens.Just two sons grazing flocks, when their father came back.When the Buddha arrived at the requirements of its apprentice Lama understanding of the situation immediately after his father.Buddha asked him to come back to kill two sons.After his father told him to copy the Buddha sitting in a hole, and confessed allowed peering into the hole.But his father saw him two sons and daughter watching their chickens when looking at the photos could not suppress toward the hole in.Living Buddha Lama when he did not see the sincerity let him return home.He went home after his wife and son were relying on that one thousand chickens live a quiet life.Northeast oral, first?FIG Ao card recorded in mid 1990.32 open 4 2000 words.Xinjiang people will compile research.Included in the Xinjiang People’s Publishing House published in mid-1990, “Khan Tengri” series first phase.