A Chi

In mid-1971, Dr. Kissinger’s visit to China.Before the formal talks, Kissinger made a request: you, your excellency, your country Mawangdui Han Tomb explore shocked the world, that a woman’s body is indeed the world’s rare treasures ah!I am entrusted by the scientific community celebrities of our country, want to use one kind of substance is not on Earth in exchange for some of the charcoal around the body of a woman, I do not know whether your country is willing?Zhou Enlai quietly Q: What is your Secretary of State, I do not know your country used to exchange?Kissinger said: Our astronauts brought back from the moon dirt.This should be no right of thing on Earth!Zhou Enlai laughed and said: What am I, that turned out to be the foot of the things our fathers.Kissinger surprised, blurted out: how, you have long been on the moon?When?Why did not announce?Premier Zhou smiled, pointing to the coffee table of a Moon of ivory seriously: how we did not publish?Well, as early as five thousand years ago, we have a bit Chang E flew up into the moon, built on the moon to stay at Moon Palace.How, our women and children, you do not know the Chinese Tong?