A change in the direction of running

She is black and father is a pastor of a Christian church, the mother is a music teacher.Father often took her to church to listen to a variety of music, poetry offer, monasteries plus gifted, she grew up on the show superior musical talent.From her mother taught her to play the piano since the age of two, she was 4 years old when he held his solo concert.    Alabama was where her home is the most serious racial discrimination in the United States places.Black is recognized as inferior people, black people can only sit on the back seat of the bus, black men and white not the same school to learn, not to swim in the same pool, not even using the same toilet.She vowed that someday have to succeed, to become a world-class pianist, to New York’s Carnegie Hall concert, with the results tell the world: the black is by no means inferior races!    Mother told her a cruel rule: Only you have done two times higher than white children, and they can be equal; three times higher than the other party to.Her mother’s teachings in mind, energies study, two grades, completed junior high school early, and also the moment did not fall in love piano.    At the age of 26, she get into the prestigious University of Denver College of Music, studying piano performance, steady progress towards the target.But no one expected, one thing that completely changed the course of her life happened next.    Sophomore summer of that year, she was fortunate to attend the prestigious Aspen Music Festival.There, she met several musical genius, was shocked.A high degree of difficulty in her eyes few songs, a few teenage children actually play freely, and her hard work and practice for several years, could not reach their level.    She suddenly realized that there is day, far less than their musical talent these kids, if it stick to the direction towards the development of music, will never emerge.Since music is not suitable for them, we can not do world-class, as early as possible to give up, find another way out.This is a very risky idea, when she solicited the views of parents, the parents thought she was hot-headed, resolute opposition.But she was no turning back, he gave up fighting for nearly 20 years of music dream.She calmed down and began to adjust the direction, feel better suited to study politics, then transferred to the Institute of International Relations University of Denver, timely steering opened a new chapter in her life.    26 years old, she achieved a doctorate in political science with honors and became the sole exception of black assistant professor at Stanford University.Because the original outstanding political opinion, she began to fame in American politics, and later invited into the White House, was the beginning of a brilliant political career.The end of 2000, she became the first black woman secretary of state, he is known as Washington’s most powerful woman.    Her name is Condoleezza Rice.Not hard to imagine that if there is no time to change the direction of their run, there would be all-powerful politically pivotal Condoleezza Rice, and more dispensable just a second-rate pianist.For a direction to run, in a sense, it is another way to reach success faster.