A change in direction, as life is wonderful

A change in direction, as life is very exciting text / Houxing Feng 13-year-old Marinelli dream that one day can do a good doctor.  Christmas Day, she make a wish, hope to have a complete human skeleton model.Dad heard her daughter’s wish, smile, without a word, but at night they come up with a magic like being treated skeleton.Model is a pair of metal hooks to the body’s bones assembled.Merry took only two weeks, it can be completely disassembled and then assembled to give flawless.  For her obsession with the human body, always like to try to figure out clutching a bones in his hand, which she lost many friends.Among the children, something few people like this sepulchral.  19 years old, was admitted at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, although no actual experience Zuozhen, but in-depth study of the disease, the number of Micrel perhaps as much as four years in medical school student.She’s special, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, decided to make an exception to allow a newborn to follow the advance research professors, go to the Medical College Hospital Zuozhen, diagnostic techniques and practical learning experience.  When someone objected to this, the President said: why not.?Now that she has paid so much effort to reach their goals, we might as well let her speed faster.However, in one operation, Marinelli found that he was dizzy blood.When you see the doctor’s scalpel cut wounds, blood poured out, she was cold extremities, dizziness, did not listen carefully to what the doctors call it fainting.  Marinelli thinks he can not stop there.To wash the shame, to make up for deficiencies in private, she dissected frogs, rats in the laboratory.She put on dark glasses, I would like to ease their tension by not see the crimson blood.However, this also fails.She smelled the taste of blood, there will still be dizzy symptoms of blood.  The school suggestion, Micrel transfer to another medicine, which does not require contact with the blood and surgery.But we all missed the point, medical patient also has symptoms such as hemoptysis.In the first rounds when she fainted again, let Marinelli completely unable to grasp what the future of the.She disheartened, home to drop out, often a stay for a day or even thought about suicide in the bedroom.  Is this the end of his life yet?She sad to think.Loved Aimai Rui decided to find her grandmother talk.One afternoon, my grandmother took from the “National Geographic” carefully to find a stack of pictures, came to Micrel’s bedroom.She put a picture of the beautiful landscape show to see Merry.Merry did not understand what my grandmother wanted to express themselves.After reading the last picture, the grandmother stroked her hair lovingly said: Silly boy, in this world, life is not only a path, if they wish, choose for you the other way, you can achieve the same beautiful, even more beautiful situation.  Grandma looked warm eyes, Micrel cry.  After that, Micrel again chose a university student.After graduation, she saw the discussion of Barbie in the newspaper.Opinions are concentrated, Barbie doll’s body is too stiff, to the activities of small joints, eyes not big enough, and we look forward to her desire to live more and more like a huge difference.  Suddenly, Merry thought of those bones make up the human body, think of their accumulated knowledge.She enters the toy company, creatively invented bone china ring, let Barbie closer to the real human body, giving Barbie a wider forehead, eyes bigger, more flexible part in various activities.Barbie quickly captivated the world.  Merry could not imagine himself if the man who stubbornly stick to it, now look like.Now, she really and actually feel life is really only one way, sometimes another direction, as life is very exciting, as you can reach the pinnacle of a dream.(Inspirational story)