A chance to bloom

That year, she graduated from college to do a small newspaper editor.  She does not love to talk, a man quietly editing a manuscript or quietly read English books.Colleagues knew she was ready to review study section, but also knew she’d received a letter from Beijing interval with a university.  This is a boy.She would not hide a slight tinge of earnest in the demolition of the letter, a few pages, but to see suddenly sad suddenly hi.  All this all in the eyes of his.  Their offices across the narrow corridor, she looked up occasionally looked to the opposite, he would go away quickly to the line of sight, it seems only hear your own heartbeat, could not help wondering eyes wander in her is watching yourself, or looking at the basin of jasmine placed before his desk.  Jasmine has half the height, foliage and trees, full of green plants, it is to enter the flowering season.  He carefully put Jasmine moved in front of her, please her to look after him, he was going off-site interviews with more than a month.She had a brief surprise, then sorry to say: I’m afraid is not good to raise.He smiled: it does not matter.This jasmine well raised, remember to water it on the line.  She still quietly compiled draft day, read a book, then there is not forgetting idle watering basin of jasmine.Jasmine grows very fast, those tender shoots bewitched by the general did not regularly soaring, oddly enough, not long a bud.  No reason, she thought of his own.For that boy graduate student in Beijing, in order to maintain the share of precarious love, except to Beijing graduate school, there is no better way.She desperately needs love tiptoe, climbed the ladder to be able tired.  He interviewed came back, she was sorry to say: I’m sorry, I did not keep a good, not only leaves flowering.He still smiled, walked in front of jasmine carefully to fold those shoots: these too long to be part Qiadiao, otherwise it is not flowering.A pain in her heart, her eyes suddenly had tears.  He gently took her hand, look set her eyes: a chance to bloom, give love a chance, give me a chance, okay?  Jasmine finally left in her office.  Two weeks later, it is a room full of floral fragrance.