A chance to be happy

Just a dull day afternoon.And she worked in the past as a weekend, holding a cup of hot tea habit has been to protect my palms, wait for it to cool completely, then downed it in one breath and then.I went away on a business trip provinces.But for her, not to have no effect.They have not see each month, sometimes once a.On this day the sun warm people not willing to bring sleeping.She leaned on the couch, bored look on your phone address book, jump over another one, suddenly found that she was willing to be able to make the numbers dialed, but no.Parents naturally do not want to go with them to complain about, brother still in school, after all, he can not understand these are not suitable for a small woman’s mind offal.The only close friend Zhibuding boudoir in which new boyfriend and whisper, she did not dare to evil scenery in such a good light.这么些年来 out, many people gradually lost contact.If think about it, it seems really to lose than to get more.She was a little chilly rise up.Again through the pages address appear like a strange number in her struck in.Her eyelids a little bit new way, is he.That had always gently to her care of the boys.That gave her something that makes her pull the heartstrings of love, but never made love to her sunshine boys.She was right he has a special favor of Johnson boast a student but in the end she failed to ask him a half-word, and he neither has the slightest representation.After graduation, they went their separate ways.She was left in the city, because he went to have a better development?city.A year later, they met again.College class reunion, he and she are based on single posture.He asked something she still had the usual topics like good.She is full of disappointment response.But only occasionally staggered eyes, suddenly let her see some deep affection from his eyes.When she focused look at him, just like he has no intention of looked away to.So, she turned to laugh at themselves suspicious.Think about it, perhaps that is his own illusion.Woman wants to be loved, I thought it was looking for pet.The party in the end, he was with her, and finally the end is no real progress in breaking up.Count only gain is that they finally exchanged the latest mobile phone number.After four years, just not too much greetings.Mostly he asked her, she replied.He suggested that she swear.She asked whether the work pleasant and asked her stomach if there is recidivism.He recently told her he was looking at the books, she told him the latest development of healthy menus.Mostly text, sometimes she is busy or no answer, she would not return.And sometimes, she would tell him she found the unique precious stamp where.If think, be regarded as new college students keep in touch with the longest.Although it is clean and shallow of you come to me, sometimes, but still bring a little comfort to her psychological.How many friends have also concern in it.Should not because she had to hold on to his expectations, she carefully recall and found that they should still be able to do confidant.He likes to read books, like her, like cooking, like income stamp albums.But, this old school was almost about to forget her.After a year from home Trustee introduced to walk between them basically lost contact.She fewer back to his message, and he never asked the reasons.In such an afternoon sunlight from the outside between the glass floor lost after shining strong temperature, melted clear.But more people have a good time solitude with no sense of reward.This is such an afternoon, if tentative half-half unintentionally, send a greeting SMS in the past, immediately have his reply, it seems to be always on standby.She immediately have a warm heart.This is most of the time they talk.Do not say a word, just seems like a long time not seen their loved ones, memories of many past events.He talked about the year-old squad leader, then the community, then all sorts, except that they did not involve between.She said the last bit lost.He immediately perceived.Really is the time for no man.Blink of an eye they have graduated six years, come now experienced from the previous shallots, clear and bright eyes are no longer.Thinking is no longer undyed pure dust of.Their generation, it seems to be getting old without perception.Fast Pentium III.He says with a laugh.Yes ah, that you begin with the end result.She asked him.He did not answer her words.Silence for a while, she did not intend to go on to ask, but he sent a text message.Our visibility side of it.And after three provinces, this newsletter lost temperatures reached her hands, but still gently let her heart missed a beat.What does this mean.Maybe not mean anything.But she was as light called on breath, settled with taste.Perhaps if on this day, suddenly he found himself still waiting for.That it still has so an undefended weak weak soft ground.Perhaps so many years, the end should be a small woman’s mind, those who always want to explore a budding emotions of what.Or maybe, just when lonely, occasionally exaggerated feelings, or just the young surviving heart of her time, and occasionally came out a little mental stimulation seeking small.Or, just her deepest heart, a little bit quiet little regret and memories.In short, if they agreed to meet.After all, not seen for five years.If was a little disturbed, is not too Lu hit a bit, is not it get a little dubious taste in it.But she did not want to think too much.She tried all the complicated dress, but suddenly found pieces can not be set off her beautiful younger.All these clothing are unexpected lost their original luster in the eyes if.I have tried bloom, and if slumped fell to the bedside.At this point she saw her decidedly look in the mirror.Lining has been some relaxation of the surface, because of the desire to immerse a bit of promise happiness, but such childlike hot.If it upholds the laugh.Complex and shook his head.Eventually, if the hand-painted T-shirts, jeans washed white monochromatic half-length version of the selected gray barefoot freely put one pair of shoes.We go to an appointment.As before.The appointment the next day.The new look seems very urgent, persisted in his refusal to postpone, he sat the day’s first flight.If far from the airport, he refused to allow her to pick.If the heart, gradually Soars out a more clear to almost exactly the warm, hazy did not curb her whole heart.They called about a beaten and Bar.Huayi way, they’ve been to that house college party.It is the remote place, from after the party, if it did not go too.Is busy with work worth mentioning, because no matter whether the bar should have qualities.But, there is always room, someone is lost, there is no sense to go to the.It has nothing to do with time and bustling.An interval of five years, beaten, if the first thing you see when it was new, new also see her.They also voted to inform the smile, if a little move a little heart.New eyes quickly swept her dress, look revealed a slight hint of a little fleeting joy, also failed to escape if the eye.If the mind was moving a little bit.Cappuccino.He said to the waiter.Her face suddenly too subtle hint of smile.Cappuccino, her favorite.He remembered.If I looked at him and found that he had not changed much.Only a little more mature man corners, some cool and bright eyes.Wearing a natural color cotton shirt, not the slightest sign of stature of middle of the road.Fear is a clean body self-sustaining good habits remains of it.When asked about him, not even a little right.Smoking and drinking habits remain, even late at night when all drink coffee.Timing will go to a special medical center to do a body check, as he meticulously year.If approval smile.He asked her old stomach is still as before, told her to adhere to eat breakfast set.Oh she laughed.He also laughed.No barriers, no time to fuzzy memories, they sat face to face, across the years go by, suddenly went back six years ago.At that time, he was twenty three years old.She was twenty-two.