A chance for the future

Swallows may have gone, there is a time of return; willow trees, there are green again; peach blossoms fade, they will flower again.However, in the future, if we do not give the opportunity, will come when it?- Inscription Jing, a student I have contacted in more alternative that kind, active thinking, wide reading area, eloquence, written wonderful composition.But she was not optimistic about the general classroom teacher, many students also incompatible with.Something out of what for?Because she thought weird, maverick personality, is not how good study habits.    When he first entered junior high school, she will because some of the boys at every turn on the little things attendant sesame point to rear its ugly head, the other’s face fingernails like a map; in class, rarely sat, generally leaned, crooked seated, heard about the encounter content of interest, if not interested, just keep playing or written, or play other stuff, even though she repeatedly reminded to pay attention to the teacher, but she can only insist on a It will, as it is a blink of an eye; usually speak harsh language, the subject of ridicule, everything emerged, students generally favored teacher, because she would openly contradict disagreement, even if we all respected iconic figure, she would loudly He says “no”.The current education system and education, she also particularly offensive.    Because of her aggressive, male classmates shun her, her female students at arm’s length; because of her weird, teachers whom sighed with regret, feeling her thoughts into a dead end; friends and family whom hate iron not Chenggang, worried that she would embark on the road confused.    As her language teacher, I was a reversal of the general attitude of the teacher, gave her thousands of pet.Forget, she quips that wonderful speech language class; forget, her every word a gem of exquisite chapter; forget, she and all kinds of authority in the field say that “no” when rebellious courage; but also not forget when she saw the teacher after school, when the teacher say hello to that deep bow.She has her merits, civilized, understand etiquette; she is more her unique bright spot: Never follow the crowd.Although she is not commendable most people, but I admire her, even more than once said to her: “I think you can be a geek should own to cherish the bright spot.”But often know her classmates or the teacher, or even her relatives near the school, said she did after whom deeply troubling after an unconventional thing, my heart always thumped, secretly worried about her.I sometimes during school apart, would secretly look at her, what her mind was thinking?She really has a kind of soul?She grew up in this kind of an environment where it will not let his talent was buried secular?I’m so distressed her heart sinking slick, good ideas will increasingly secular concerns wear her good feelings, that support was so scared she affectionately kissed muse over the pen covered with dust… For this reason, I find her more than once in private exchanges, I hope she can maintain their individuality in good side, but to learn and well-behaved, it is best not openly sing a different tune with teachers or elders; I am also very good at doing more than once with student Speaking highly respected president of her work, I hope he can do her job.Although the president later also specifically looking for a long talk with her, but not very effective.    I know she’s special life experience, parents have been divorced for many years, this is awarded to the mother, but his father used the money to buy the custody, cut off from the mother and audio.Father later married a woman, is she even had two younger brothers, more and more loved ones at home, more and more lively, but she feels more and more lonely.Perennial father was not at home, her stepmother with no feelings, she basically live together with grandparents, after junior high school, live in the aunt’s house near the school, summer holidays are rarely return to step away from their homes to.Sometimes I would rather see her walk around campus and beyond, are reluctant to go home, I would remind her: “To go back and look at yourself and more elderly grandparents ah!”Is such a special environment for the growth, and now cast her such a special.Perhaps because I’m special caring for her, and she walked with me fairly close.Several times, when I talk to her, she cried well sad, totally unlike weekdays in front of their classmates that prickly savage girl.I told her: “Jing, I know, because you are special growth environment, so that you become a hedgehog.You look strong, in fact, weak heart.You are crying out another way to this complex world: you need love, you need to get more attention and more love.In fact, this is normal, need love need love, do not scrimp express.But as a girl, sometimes appropriate sign of weakness (Note: do not want you cowardly), will show more of the girls gentle, lovely side, may make you get more care.And, now you should strive to make their own rapid growth, the rapid maturing of the mind, the only way you will truly understand their loved ones, a teacher of love for you.I know you’re dissatisfied with the status quo, not used to the existing education and the education system, I, as your teacher, but also unable at this point to help you change something, then you should have to work harder to learn, and strive to find a suitable development platform, later you may have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite way of education ah.”Maybe I was saying to her heart again, and to hear her burst into tears, crying shoulders a Shrug, my eyes moist, she could not help but approached, tightly holding her emaciated hands.    Into the third day, she seemed to change a lot, a lot of rules, a lot of good learning attitude, a different type of behavior a lot less, but still have her brilliant speech on my Chinese class, I can not help but chuckle.Especially in the second half of the Writing Test, she wrote a masterpiece: Title is a “growing need for love.”.In this essay, she wrote: “I finally understand the teacher, the parents and numerous relatives understand my love.Later, I will learn to love and care about me everyone.”In order for this encouraging progress in her thinking, and I hit my highest score since taught her essay: 98 points.At the same time, I also after her examination of this essay like this Comment: “When you understand the true meaning of love, your way of life will be covered with sunshine, laughter overflowing.Butterfly of you, will make his life extremely bright future!”Yes ah, give special attention to special students, it is to give children a brilliant future; not very safe to walk more tolerant of children, is the best chance for a better future!