A chair refused to fall

Fernando?Brandao child is full of mischievous child in his elementary school fourth grade, he was already a famed Sao Paulo, Brazil’s first primary school, and he likes to create things in the world do not yet exist, he had devised a covered foot serpent, which won the title hateful children in school.  The school arranged an invention assignment requiring all like to create kids motivated to chair, chair to create an outstanding special.  This is a live up to expectations of the child, his maverick personality always let everyone admiration for him, but there are many students form buddies, their goal is to let Fernando fell to the ground, let him know what the pain of defeat.  Therefore, the beginning of the game, it becomes a one-sided scene, a man of wisdom can not in any case exceed so many children, the two sides nervous, pour in all the hard work is uniquely chair.  The children’s chair is designed swivel chair, plug in the power, people sat on it, free to rock, never stop.  After the success of Fernando designed chairs, has been covered with a sheet of plastic pieces of cloth, he did not want to let everyone know the results prematurely, would like to give you a surprise.  Jury members of the group began to examine both sides of the works, their swivel chairs full of interest, feel unique design, but Fernando scoff that can not always rotate, if a power outage it?Also, once the spindle chairs problems, stuck how do?He grew interested in the mechanical design he began to guide the country.  Fernando began to examine the works, but wait until after the plastic sheeting removed, you down, just a bland chair, Fernando explains: My chair is a chair always refused to fall.  It turned out that his lower body inlaid iron chair and hit the anchor bolts, no matter how the rotation shake the chair will never fall, this is simply a prosaic works, we feel that Fernando was too arrogant, simply become a laughing stock.  Children laugh Mongolia, rocking chairs over, but it does not shake.Which has a mischievous child took the ax, forced to cut back on the chair, the whole chair crashing to the ground the moment.  Fernando saw his own work into a pile of scrap, he was disappointed and sad to tears, but in the end, he still categorically said: No, this is a denial of the chair fall.  Failure did not overthrow him, but made him more calm, he concentrated on studying the design, after graduating from high school admitted to the School of Design, University of Brasilia.  2010 Shanghai World Expo, Fernando?Brandao became Brazil’s national museum chief designer, he will chair a child painting on dreams and Kan Bona Brothers “Slumdog chair”, we creatively designed a chair looks exactly like the Brazil Pavilion.  If the chair refused to fall, it can be solved only one way: the solid foundation of life itself cast to Make a supreme strong, the most important matter before standing in between heaven and earth.  So it is with a man?