A celebration of joy, moments Moson security string

Last weekend, the young girl called to work in Xi’an to me, a family of three said they were ready to come back New Year, and had already bought a train ticket.Of course I’m glad Mom and Dad have been 76 years old, the daughter of thoughts far away feeling more and more intense.Small is a young girl playing the good girl, after graduating from college to work in Xi’an, married, can not serve the elderly, it can be considered a life of regret it.Young girl said, in any case, a return for the year to come back to visit parents.Days of the day the young girl home every year will become the happiest days of Mom and Dad.Young girl said, 这么些年来, long-distance run around, what point down is not tired, annoyed that hard to sell tickets.This year, she wanted to long-distance car to go home, I was blocked on the grounds that, long distances, prone to fatigue driving, plus the cold, the traffic is not too familiar, something unexpected prone.    It should be said, home for the holiday, is the voice of every Chinese, every Chinese people for thousands of years a return to the lingering feeling.According to media reports, China’s Spring Festival this year will reach an unprecedented 30 million people, a population migration movements described as remarkable unique in the world ah.While the national media console, where all the New Year, where the New Year are the same, but did not reduce the passion out hard wanderer home for the holiday, as long as the home for the holiday, in a word, what can eat bitter.As we all know, such a large scale population movements, our current transportation capacity still can not meet demand.In recent years, many of my friends have a private car will simply worked tirelessly to a long-range raid by car, here, and I’m hard pressed to go home on the journey not the table, talk about a single car on the road home security concerns.    With the deepening of China’s economic construction, many people have entered the ranks of the rich, private cars also entered the small family.Ken and Ahui couple was earlier owned limousine family.Ken and Ahui are college graduates, after graduation, the two men meet to go to Guangzhou to work hard, down more than ten years, Ken has his own company, but also more than a thousand family property.    Ken’s home in a small town in western Hubei, as well as elderly parents at home stick to the old house.Ken repeatedly make the old couple enjoying to the bustling city, the old couple has repeatedly stressed that can not spoil in the city, Ken fail to beat them, they had to go with the free.Tiger twelfth lunar month, the old couple called to say, miss grandchildren, let Ken and Ahui New Year must bring his son home.Ken is a big dutiful son, naturally keen on the idea.It may be the company’s affairs too much, this busy busy on the twelfth lunar month, Ken just some of the company’s affairs assorted arrangements in place.Ken a relaxed body and mind, he proposed that the family car New Year back home, attracted a son cheered.    Noon twenty-eight, and Ken driving a private limousine, Aki with his son and wife Ahui elementary school to hit the road.Car out of the city, a highway on the street, and Ken feel good mood increased the throttle, the so-called eager to go home ah.At first, the family is still talking and laughing, review the scenery, talk about the landscape of the home and looking forward to the time together with friends and family the good scenes.Unconsciously, late at night, the car window and float the snow, the temperature was significantly reduced.Ken adjusted the air temperature, so getting a little tired and son rest Ahui.Ken had also wanted to find a place to rest, but because their way blindly, missed the seating area, and then had to move forward to catch a ride up.    Beside Ahui issued a mild snoring, Ken also felt sleepy attack on the heart.Ken reached out a hand, rub a rub face, eyes wide open staring ahead again.In this case, the road begins frozen, some wheel slip, the vehicle speed slowed Ken.Helpless, some foggy car window visibility is too low, Ken to be found in front of a large truck put on hold when it’s too late, though Ken speed is not too fast, but still a catch in front of an oncoming large trucks.A limousine due to severe damage to the front and scrapped except, fortunately, is a people do not fear for their lives.Unfortunately Ken because his right leg was caught deformed body, delayed the effective time of the rescue, doctors eventually had to give him the amputation surgery.The Chinese New Year, Ken spent a trio at a municipal hospital in the middle of the road.Home of the old couple heard the news, crying with grief.National People’s Congress on the town know Aghion, he said Aghion is a genius.Aghion had been a soldier in Xinjiang car a few years, learned first-hand the excellent driving and repair technology.Aghion after demobilization, return to the small town to buy a large truck transportation over long distances.After several years of hard work, make some money, but also continue to buy cars, he formed a trucking company.Today, the company reaches millions of family property, Aghion family also lived row car floor, and lived a sweet and happy life.    Money, and naturally want to live happy.This does not, Tiger Spring, Aghion ready to bring the family car to Hainan tourism, had a happy and meaningful Petani.    The twelfth lunar month twenty-five Aghion online booked accommodation in Hainan, arranged the affairs of the company, will personally open the Advanced private cars, bring his wife and father-in-law Juan son Amin, happy family of five people Hainan straight away.    Aghion drive all the way south, the family is happy, laughing, bustling.Enter the territory of Guangxi, the road curved and more steep slopes, roads passable.Outside the car it began to drizzle, visibility is getting worse.Wanted to stay in a small town one night, Aghion on their way, some decided to run again, this run, entered the front sections of the middle of nowhere.It was getting dark down.Aghion still cautious in some slippery mountain road front line.When after almost a ninety degree corners, Aghion feel the car slipped and almost touching the outside of the wheel to the left and over the cliff, Aghion heart Ji Ling, instinctively hit the steering wheel to the right a bit, the car call is heard , then hit the right of the steep hill.With the sound of bombers, a huge impact so that a person loses consciousness all.After passers-alarm as well as local police and hospital, sitting in front of Aghion and son Amin was stopped breathing.Juan screaming in pain, crying repeatedly fainted, love of their King, distraught.Wei graduated from college, enter a business unit of the city, did a good job, a few years later he was promoted to director of the Office.Greeting sent, Ah Wei did themselves, and drew much appreciation of the leadership.Wei likes to play car, technology is also good, they often open the car to the leadership work, on hand will hold a high-end bus.    Ah Wei home in a small town neighboring counties, the parents are still alive, during festive seasons, Wei will drive back to see her parents, relatives and friends to do something too easy to slide down.Year of the Ox twelfth lunar month 29, Wei will lead explain things that are completed posts, with good leadership please leave, he drove a high-end bus homecoming.    Ah Wei home have such a custom is New Year’s Eve reunion dinner eaten, relatives will go together to the death of loved ones grave, named send light.    New Year’s Eve this day, Ah Wei’s parents at home, leavened fried fried steamed, a large table full of rich food and wine.Wei Wei opened the happy father brought back “Wuliangye” wine, and Wei brother and sister to drink a few people happy.Brother and sister-in-law and a few people take turns to toast his father, wife several turns to his mother and take their food, a cup pushed the cup, drink it, enjoyable.I knew it, two bottles of Wuliangye upside down, and had some slightly tipsy Ah Wei, Wei ready to open a bottle, withheld by his father, his father said, but also to grandparents afternoon Wei’s grave it, drink at night drink it.    Take a break, Wei still feel some aching head.In the evening, Wei support the launch of the car, put on a few sisters, towards the cemetery and drove more than ten kilometers away.This is a simple country road, just under the snow to cover up the potholes.Rural roads had no car, but the twelfth lunar month thirty that night has become traffic rolling, mostly Shangfen, there are cars, tricycles, motorcycles, people coming and going, the first lane and refused to give.Wei car Zuobiyourang.Suddenly, Wei felt the front wheel stuck in a quagmire, then stepped on the gas, the car call is heard dash forward.At this time, Ah Wei car in front of a motorcycle somehow stopped, Wei dodge car bombers hit a motorcycle, motorcycle driver was Zhuangfei ten meters, heavy fall to the ground, died.Ah Wei a worry-free life, Wei XingJu because of traffic offenses, and afterwards, over two hundred thousand yuan compensation for families of the deceased.Who work for migrant workers, how home for the holiday is a big problem, not buy train tickets, airline tickets too expensive, and too crowded car.Two years ago, I saw in the media have to save money to buy a ticket or migrant workers, thousands of kilometers driving a motorcycle raid home for the holiday, really worried about them in my heart.After all, Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles, the way day frozen slippery, unfamiliar, plus eager to go home, easy to produce fatigue driving or operating error, the slightest mistake, the danger of accidents have occurred, until the accident, Well regret it later.This year, I saw in the media a fresh, thing, this year’s real-name ticket system telephone and online ticket ordering, for migrant workers, although less risk of being knocked cattle are a sum of bamboo bars, but for most no computer, not the Internet of migrant workers, it is still difficult to get a ticket.So, Yongkang, Huai’an, Nanning and other places of foreign migrant workers to look into the used car market downturn, a lot of people going to buy a used car, car home for the holiday.A car of migrant workers, said: “drove home, you can also let the car come in handy, such as New Year, visiting friends and relatives, can provide for their own convenience, but also feel quite beautiful, quite face.”To tell the truth, looking at the horizons of migrant workers brothers also changing with the times, I am pleased, but buy a used car home for the holiday approaches, I am not wise.According to insiders used car, many car buyers are affected by economic conditions, often blindly freeloaders.Low quality used cars are inherently unstable, there is this or that defect, plus, some people are not often drive, lack of understanding of the condition, even if the buy back long-distance trouble overload, many problems will be revealed.If handled properly, it is very prone to car crash and death of people in the big accident, in that case, it really is worth the effort.    In the spring pressure increasing, the car home for the holiday or, travel tourism worth mentioning, convenient and save money, I can understand, however, water can carry a boat can capsize, by car or on the road due to road conditions unfamiliar, or because of bad weather, or because of improper operation, traffic accidents will inevitably happen one way or another.Just when I modified this article, I see a very very sad news in a media, at 5:50 on January 16 Xu, Wuxuan highway, a blue minivan plunged headlong into the bus full large cargo truck tail, a direct result of the accident the van 7 dead 1 injured, the dead are two children.It is reported that eight people on a minivan is to visit Zhejiang, Shaanxi return home from New Year.Currently, relevant departments are investigating the specific cause of the accident.In less than one week will the New Year, many people happily with his family home for the holiday, but an accident on January 16 in the morning, this is to let a happy home for the holiday of a people caught in endless grief.Read this point, I just want to remind you of good will, the big New Year, happiness and tranquility to your family, for your own precious lives, please be cautious, careful again!