A celebration joy

I live in the cold north, the cold can be cold to what extent does that rattle cold, wind, small north wind like a knife, scrape the face of the knife-like pain.The coldest time is the seventh day of the twelfth lunar month, eighth day of those days, the local saying goes it, “La freeze-dropping seven Laba.”It also is three days nine days hence its” three thousand nine hundred forty-nine beatings do not go.”Never seen snow south friend read my article, I did not understand snow pen combustion in the wind, and asked how this is going, snow on the ground, the houses, the fields, in the north wind roar in blowing flying everywhere, from a distance, as snow in the wind flame burning.  Every year this time, the yard began to butcher the village, there will be some help catch the pig, boil water, put the case.A large pot of water turned over the burning spray, it is finished killing pigs with the faded hair, and later to help cut a large pan of sauerkraut and meat in a pot, then pour blood sausage also put together a good, Hou large ignition burn boil, along with the sense of aroma steam loosed, that Hong ah.In invited neighbors and eat, sitting in warming up drinking a good hot kang small burn, eating chug random chatter fat, blood sausage and sauerkraut, dipped in garlic, fairy generally comfortable ah.Today you eat at home, his family eat tomorrow, reciprocity.  From the very beginning of the feminist meaning to the New Year, the pork into several slots, doused with cold water about, buried in the tank or in the barn, buried by snow keep the New Year eat.Closer and more busy in front of bluffing, began to shear bars, carved Gua money cleaning outside the house.To the city bought old newspapers, lay back with a paste with water surface, brush the wall in the newspaper paste, paste shed.Many times adults began early steam dry food, yellow rice sticky BEAN BAG, get out the package after freeze up, placed in a large tank, so as not to let mouse or pigs and dogs to eat it, but we hope for a long wait good stuff.  At that time the children are more than you will buy some candy, and what fruit, candy bars are cheap, and sometimes stick together, but very tasty prawn sugar, always keep in my memory for too long what!Fruit is people pick the rest of break pear rotten apples, hawthorn is the best time to eat, but also dipped candied fruit.  Then we give every child to buy a new dress or a new pair of shoes, that want to wear ah, will be put to wear long, firecrackers must buy something, there is money to be firecrackers, bustling thump thump.Write couplets is the most interesting thing to find a write calligraphy, fold the red paper cut good good, basically the old word used year after year, are welcome to the old couplet like.Pigsty chicken coop wheels and the car also posted a banner, and “fat pig full circle, full frame Rooster, car dealers thousands of miles.”Often jokingly say” fat pig full circle, half wolf Diao remaining votive.”” Rooster full frame, no less than the egg, anxious straight snapping.”” Dealers thousands of miles, hit out cover, it is not removable wheels.”Fu word basically backwards paste, pour Fu Fu is happy to pour.  One night in the past years, in good paste pasted on the wall paintings, banners and a good stick couplets on the door, and then carving the money stuck in Gua banners, window grilles on the windows to cut a good one, the whole thatched cottages the interior is also brand new bright bright ah.The next day together to put on new clothes, the atmosphere of that year, reunion, happy, warm, memorable.Old people are told in advance, not allowed to curse quarrel, be good, a large family gathered to bless each other with each other, give the elderly kowtow New Year.  House steaming hot, popping firecrackers outside the house during the day and eating food group, you have to immediately prepare the evening dumplings, vegetarian because of my mother, so our family has been a big vegetarian stuffing dumplings so far, although the mother has gone for decades , but mother left the customs we have inherited.  To the west is the Samsung midnight, firecrackers under the dumplings, then the Kitchen God back from heaven, every household that was firecrackers, flower fly, which is the climax, when the New Year.Can see and hear the sound of firecrackers near the village, endless, continuous, everywhere is popping joy, laughter is everywhere.  At that time, although poor, but people contentment ah, ah can feed and clothe cold vain!Although it is bread and water, but can eat, although the mend old clothes, but can wind and cold.It is not a complain, feel joy in the reunion, family feeling in the joy, feel the warmth in the family, the feelings of happiness in the warmth.  The first month to the New Year, ah, ah New Year’s first day, and everyone will be happy, ah, less you have to give the old New Year ah..Listening to the radio in the two-person show, to meet with village organizations Yangko team, from house to house in the New Year, as well as play monkey, Pig, Drifting, the sound of gongs and drums, beaming, full of Technicolor Dreamcoat dancing, song and laughter, has been to after a busy first month to.  Then there is no TV, no Gala, can share the fun and festive today does not have, the passion and joy is not today, and some only memories, as well as share a deep sense of smell.The massive memory, never to heart.