A celebration joy

There are days away from the Spring Festival, the Chinese New Year to spend time with his wife on: my sister away at home to send money to her grandchildren, grandson, granddaughter prepare some money, but also busy preparing for the New Year.I do not have much hope for the New Year, just want their children to go home to have dinner.    In the old days the poor are most afraid of the Chinese New Year, he said of the “Year”.Busy all year round, nothing to eat, the end of a plan, but also owed a debt ass.Landlord Lao Cai life force to collect debts, had to go out to hide a few days, it is also thought New Year.People who stand up a new society masters, a better life, every day like New Year.    I was little hope the New Year, firecrackers to a lively, two to satisfy their craving to eat delicious.Speaking of rural celebration, say nothing look poor, but crowded, especially just the liberation of those years.He entered the twelfth lunar month, a woman who was busy rice, grinding.In particular, cereal, our village only a grind, grind had to preempt night, day unknown to rice.A man pushing a large Nianpan, peeled, bran, crushed face, the less have most of the day.Twelfth lunar month 23 “small year”, from this day, people are busy steamed buns, BEAN BAG pack, evaporation cake, Amoy bean sprouts, croquettes, stuffed dumplings chop, butcher sheep, burn incense and worship ancestors, busy exhilaration.    New Year’s Eve beaming posted goalkeeper, paste couplets.Ever since I went to learn calligraphy, writing couplets burden falls on my shoulders.I remember the first time to write couplets, I cut a good research paper good ink, picked up a pen to write couplets but no words, I am anxious round and round.    Grandpa said: “I read your writing,” he read: “loyalty, far from home, poetry and literature, following Shichang”.After I write to see Grandpa, Grandpa stroked his beard, smiling, said: “Yes, well, well!”Then he read: ‘winter to be picturesque, but also spring Yang Liu Faqing’.I thought for a long time, is the word “also” can not write.”And go”, “to be”, the “Mountain”, the “tree”, must be “wild” in the wild, so I wrote: “go wild picturesque winter, spring wild Yang Liu Faqing”.    Grandpa picked up the pair said, “No, no.”.Where does?He did not say, I turned away.    New Year’s Day, New Year Liu to my house, he saw what I wrote couplets, I boast good handwriting.He carefully looked at do not feel laughed, he said: “also” the word wrong, explained a long time I did not understand it.    Later folks know that I will write couplets, they bought during festive red paper to me, so I gave them to write couplets.At that time I did not have “joint spectrum”, he wrote and write.Hard-working people to write “saving is a virtue, most glorious work,” “Harvest bumper harvest, domestic animals thrive Chinese New Year”; stand up for the farmers to write “the Communist Party did not forget to turn over, happy not forget Chairman Mao”.They say I write nice words, words also have to compile fresh.In recent years the Chinese New Year, I also posted couplets, not purchased from the market couplet, is the Industrial and Commercial Bank donated couplet, good paper, the word beauty, word novel, but less childhood paste couplets of charm.    Thirty at night, the rural custom of “vigil”, the whole family around the small oil lamp, chatting engaged in small talk, sleepy nap kowtow, who also refused to go to bed.At dawn, gray sky suddenly issued a flash, followed by a popping sound, long before the deafening sound of firecrackers after another, the air was filled with the acrid smell of gunpowder.Let off firecrackers, then burn incense, altar, ancestor worship, and later to the grandfather, grandmother, father and mother elders Happy New Year.Something to eat dumplings put down the bowl, had to busy New Year from house to house.At this time coming and going, steady stream, thanks to the village after the New Year will have to go outside the village in droves New Year, a series of four or five days, every day in the New Year, because New Year greeting each other emotional ties Contact.    During my field work, they have to work no matter how busy Spring Festival travel long distances, braving the cold, and even braved the snow goose feather home for the holiday.The whole family eating dinner is the biggest wish of the parents, children are not around, the old New Year was deserted, dull.    It is now the New Year, traditional customs have been greatly improved, less and less in taste, in addition to listening to the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, to make people remember this is a celebration.Say eat, dress, play good “New Year”, then our life is a daily celebration.