A celebration is booming

The sound of firecrackers the old year, booming New Year ahead.  In China, There is nothing joyful celebration even more intoxicated and ecstatic descendants of the.  One year, China’s traditional festivals frequently follow what the Ching Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, the Double Ninth Festival, etc., not only the continuation of the decline of the traditional Spring Festival, the first exclusive Ao revered as a great folk so called “celebration” : more years of age at the turn of the night fills the air called “New Year’s Eve”, the first day of concentrated solar terms called “New Year’s Day,” visiting friends and relatives to send blessings called “bumper year thanks to” the fifteenth traumatic tits “big fifteen years “.Visible, colorful Chinese New Year ahead the way, the custom has a long history.  According to legend, in ancient times, there is a referred to as “year” monster, high as a bull, the Titanic, roar like thunder, running like the wind, cruel nature, every winter season to come out into the village to harass, hurt cannibalism livestock, which makes people insecure, no quiet day.God had to “year” lock into the mountains, we can only release an annual twelfth lunar month thirty at night to find something to eat, as a punishment.Once, “year” came out a burst into the village, happen to have two cowboys being thrown bullwhip game, “snapping” sound stunned “year” disoriented, twisting and ran, and went to a second village, beheld a red head in front of drying clothes, and fear for their lives, breath ran dark, and secretly got into the third village, looked up and saw the farm houses brightly lit by candlelight, suddenly dizzy, get away.Since then, the “year” dove into the mountains, no longer afraid to show up, people will use fireworks, couplets, way point of the red demon drive-by ghosts, monsters to deal with, that the “New Year”.Over time gradually formed a kind of traditional customs.  Legends return to legend, although was insufficient, but it adds a fabulous color to the origins of Chinese New Year.In fact, the “year” but said the age of the change order.In ancient times, people put grains are cooked cycle “year”, and to determine the age of celestial observations by running festival waiting in the Xia Dynasty gave rise to the lunar calendar.According to the “Historical Records” records, the Xia Dynasty to the first day as the beginning of the year, known as the “year”, so far there are four thousand years of history.  Chinese folk “celebration”, in fact, from the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month begins.To the end of the year known as “small year”.Eat rice porridge, everyone is busy endlessly: sweep the room, wash sheets, stoves God sent on the day; do New Year couplets are posted inside and outside the whole purchase.The twelfth lunar month thirty for the end of the year, every household busy steamed sub festive dinner to celebrate the New Year to do, the whole family round and round, then reminisced surrounded by watching television through the night, stay up now for the whole family to give a new concept.New Year’s big New Year, visiting friends and relatives bless each other, accompanied by a warm festive, Xiangfu toast swig of wine, people enthralled in the joy of the New Year atmosphere, enjoying the sweet life!  A celebration of the most joyous than the “downtown”.Happy New year, downtown fire agency, lanterns, especially in the fifteenth day of the Lantern Festival is to symbolize the successful “Lantern Festival”, guarded Petani rejoicing Daqing pushed to a climax.Until the “big Chunniu” to persuade farmers only for the celebration draw a perfect end.  In traditional Chinese culture full of deep sense of celebration, people from year to year Congratulations on getting rich blessing each other a big New Year auspicious, to maintain the complex between China many families flesh and blood, blend into thousands of descendants in inseparably cohesion.  A celebration, celebration!Red firecrackers sounded, red lanterns are hung up, stick up red word blessing, rich red of China!