A celebration is booming

REVIEW sky gradually put bright kids something to eat dumplings first day, under the guidance of adults, elders give yourself completely knock heads, give capitalists, and the elders bowed family names.The village began to liven up, people dressed up, out the door face festivity.. Years was a page torn off, when the time sutural hurriedly slipped from the fingers, not enough time to sigh, but also the New Year, agitation thoughts took me back to that half a century before the New Year.    60 years of living in poverty, often let the big people prepare New Year pains.No matter how the usually frugal, the New Year we should try respectable.The children look forward to the New Year’s share of parched and hope and pray, today’s children are incredible, often in more than a month away, the kids get together counting down the days.    ”Kids do not you greedy child, over the years is the Laba.”It was often said that big of a word.I remember a rice porridge to eat, there will be a festive.At this time, the ground was bare, the yard is also empty, falling only when flocks of birds looking to play games in the straw stack side of the food, which indicates that people come to an end collective labor.School bell captain was no longer living, in addition to what to feed livestock, people prepare their New Year, which means Petani booming prelude.    Minyan cloud: twenty-one buy rod pen, xxii write characters, xxiii Kitchen God sent God on the day twenty-four sweep the premises of twenty-five paste windows, twenty-sixth steamed buns, xxvii go go to the market, xxviii Ba Baba, 29 feet, hands, thirty children fill the pit poor child pairs posted.This Minyan fully reflects the urgent and intense preparations for the New Year time.    Danian day by day approached.”Rice porridge, drink a few days, Lililala twenty-three.”Twenty-three is Jizao day, no matter how far away from home, the kitchen god before God to heaven, as far as possible to be back home, can not be offering to the outside.To make the kitchen god Lord met with the Jade Emperor Yan only good things do not report the ugly, people on both sides of the portrait in its labeled “God made good, Hui Gong down auspicious,” the pair, and then buy some kitchen sugar worship bribery.Sold stoves sugar old man came, leaving baskets filled with candy, a knock gong, gong sent information melodious years.Children have brought the adult’s hand ran out, bought a stove Sugar King strike Zao Jun, is a child praying cuisine.    Twenty-four year-end clean-up, commonly known as “sweep the house,” outdoor house, around the house, do not stay dead, thoroughly clean again, clean Spring, the intention is to make all “poor transport”, “bad luck” all out the door.    New Year stickers window grilles not only heighten the festive holiday atmosphere, but also a craft show hostess.At that time are 25 rectangular wooden lattice windows Ling, below 15 grid glazing, window grilles attached to the top 10 grid.This is an important part of Chinese New Year.The big New Year’s first day, when the women have to look at other people inadvertently grilles, see who’s really good to praise about it, especially to compliment the hostess.    Steamed buns roughly classified into worship, relatives and eat their own three types.Because of a huge project, often a steamed bun neighbors help.I remember the night before the annual steamed bun, mother Banpen hair on face, thick quilts on the coals Wushang stage, the next day look, this basin surface like magic became convex side of the mountain, pine loose soft.Help is a woman’s thing, she and her aunt who were all coming to see good face, seize the opportunity to praise about it: “It was nice fat face, ah, next year must be a good sign!”Mother has not seen humility, happily moved several chopping board kang, they face legged, nibbling chatter of children, child rubbing his face, a kung fu, the bean bag, bun, steamed yellow (cornmeal buns) the pinch full board.    At this time, the yard Li Gege Yiba fire stoked, firewood “snapping” ringing in the oven, firewood bone transparent, flame along the pot up channeling state.Mother to spend time with makeup, narrow cage, atmospheric steamer out to be, on a stick of incense burning, burning incense over steamed on the familiar.This is often the first cage to comfort the aggrieved year’s belly.Mother boo the hot, hot pick up all kinds of pasta, she and her aunt reward to help.The second is the worship of steamed rice cakes, hedgehogs and goldfish, this is a good opportunity for women to show their talents.And a good face on their hands constantly changing with attitude, a good cake layer upon pinching, red-white spot, towering rich state, such as jujube hill.Full of cuddly hedgehog, vivid fish pack lotus, almost like an exquisite handicrafts.String relatives Zaohua simpler bun, steamed on the last.    Twenty-eight Ba Baba, said that chop meat, in fact, chop vegetables.At that time the New Year buy very little meat, up to pounds.On this day, we should all do the whole New Year’s dishes cooked, cabbage, yam seaweed meal a pot, pour in the cylinder bowl, after a good meat stew served in a casserole, top with water retention, started at noon each person a bowl dish, covered with a top layer of skin residue, the uppermost put a few slices of meat, when you can eat a hot.Then pay attention to a lot of people busy for a year in the New Year to complete rest, not allowed to move lettuce, are not allowed to take a needle and thread, but are not allowed to take a broom rake, otherwise busy life to disease.    General posted sub-thirty in the morning, something to eat early dinner, families holding red couplets written, posted outside the hospital courtyard the size of the object full of red.First posted couplets, posted after the door core Streamer and bars.Door core Qin Qiong and King Tak is two goalkeeper portrait, intended to town demon Chuxie.Bars the door is “go see hi, hi then Fu Ying,” door “full House of spring, the year to come,” the grain tank “bumper harvest” the tank “tank full of water,” pigsty wall “fat pig full circle, “chicken coop top ‘full nest Rooster’, the wardrobe ‘clothes cupboard full’ kitchen ‘beet fragrant rice’, hoe harrow plow building everything prosperous new Year filled with the joy of a new atmosphere, combined with heavy makeup color the paintings will decorate the festival was booming, reflects the people’s simple customs and beliefs, reflecting the good wishes of the people desire happiness, pray clothed.    Fill poor pit refers to the New Year’s Eve reunion dumplings.A pan of steaming dumplings, the children can not wait long, reach hot mouth devoured dumplings, dumplings did not chew stumbled down the esophagus sliding down, the kids just too hot stomping, hand-draw hard pulled chest , grumbling “heartburn eggs, egg heartburn!”Eating a bowl often, not eat what depression.People drive large dumplings, not enough time to taste salty, the second round of the kids came up again.At this point they have lived flustered, he fingers a shoulder to hold back the bowl back, ran down the street calling East West call, Yihubaiying.Small partners together, girl you taste me, I eat you a.The boys were then laid out the battlefield, throwing bread dumplings win, jump glass egg.Eat melon belly roll round winners, losers get frustrated nutation discouraged.(Bread is a scrap book of cigarette folded squares.) Started the New Year big red bumper climax.The First rooster crowing, sparse open shot rang.Then, the adults are busy worship, the tribute gracefully in each tablet, the 3-BET burning incense, bow reverently wish, one hundred firecrackers are also immediately ignite, “snapping” sound spread to the outer court.The children would have put on his clothes, put on a new hat boy, girl tied a red string, small partners joy was like a fish tail, in the pitch-dark village, follow the guns hit the East a rejection of a Western, picked up the gun did not put a loud ripping, out of gun Nem, then lit incense head, no sound of the strings of shiny red Hanako children smile.    Gradually put bright daylight, the children something to eat dumplings first day, under the guidance of adults, elders give yourself completely knock heads, give capitalists, and the elders bowed family names.The village began to liven up, people dressed up, his face festivity out the door, a confluence of a place, laid out by last long queue array, whether it is the official homecoming, or destitute people, without discrimination, according to seniority size , elderly generation discharge head, the tail junior, mighty walked.Punta different teams of people greet each other with a head, blessing.Into the elders at home, first by the leader of the cry “XX t, XX aunt, to knock it always has been here.”Then ‘flapping’ knelt on the owner had prepared a good mat.Master hurried from the house, stopped his hands as people like, his mouth saying “play fast fast play, came to have a.”Hurried back to the house, she took a cigarette and candy to divide it among.Then who would not polite, the men took the smoke, woman and child caught a candy, a 180-degree turn, become leader of the tail.    ”Relatives string to string two days of three or pomace meat suddenly sparkle, string relatives string to the beginning of five or six did not want to eat the bones.”The next few days are relatives, after the first grandmother aunt friend home again.Blink of an eye near the end of the New Year on the Eliminating Poverty gray.Adults end on the fourth day of the evening hopper dig a cinder, burning incense outside the village to feed the poor, sent far away as possible.From afar, in the faint crescent moon shine, glitter poor little light on the piles of ash, feeling as if living in poverty away from us.Until send poor, the fifth day eating pinched mouth dumplings, booming Danian only came to a close.    The wheel of history rolls on, people’s living standards cover Tianfan.However, the traditional festive line also gradually fade.Watching television in a heavy security door, followed by telephone, SMS and QQ New Year at the same time, inevitably some loss, those who are rich in flavor, simple nostalgia still vivid.[Editor: Can children]