A celebration (New Year special)

My hometown is located, village life Yudong plain, with hundreds of people, at the intersection of the three counties, because of geographical reasons, highlighting its remote.No farmers market, blocking traffic, under normal circumstances, we get out of the house.Like “warm spring” in the flowers, cotton candy, instant noodles is the most extravagant of our childhood dreams cuisine.    Childhood, favorite is the Chinese New Year, only the New Year, we can realize the dream of many, many fairies can not round; only the New Year, my mother will leave us, like a mouse chewing on things that she used to entertain guests food; only the New Year before they can indulge in the fun, can whiten the face, the whole family sat in his father’s fame four-wheel farm vehicles to go home to visit relatives grandmother.Throughout the year, when the mother was away several times a day to go to the fields QUICKER, plane trees fall out of the yard last leaf, the sky suddenly down countless white petals and surprise, surprise this sometimes catch a child’s trip even drop a few games.East house barn, cotton, wheat peanut Night Talk live chat, you know about the New Year.Then often and small partners in the afternoon sun, crowded house wall in unison counting the Laba Jizao, Nianxia came, took the girl, boy to guns.In school or on the way to school, a small shop selling through the door, you could not help but look on glances, those orange colored candy wrapped in cellophane with a pattern on the counter top stained thin sugar particles, like a giant the magnetic field attracts our attention.    To the twelfth lunar month, another holiday village college students come back, they come back from the city, like the adults in line with the ceremony to the elders, broke greetings, polite as pie to walk and speak, vivid uncles talking to the family of the city civilization and development; as well as working outside the neighborhood sisters are back, they are dressed in beautiful clothes, and aunties talking outside of factories and workshops, and his words reveal the outside world a better and novelty; like Pu British public like flying out of the village children who now became a different city of immigrants, with their wife and children, like fresh elements dissolved in the quaint landscape, to the village and inject a new human color.We, a group of small children and teenagers, like a good discussion, went house to house to call on a string of good partners in the road outside the hospital to play hopscotch, throwing sandbags.    After Jizao, my sister is away at school has come back.This time, the mother, had to tear the fabric in the market is good, looking good tailor shops cut to save money, race against time to get back in their homes doing.Mother support the sewing machine room door, then stepping on the machine to drive us to do new clothes.Listening to the sound of the machine da da rang, and no ordinary day kind of boring, but rather played a magical New Year in song.So my mother put new clothes are ready, we tried, but they could not wear, mother of the new clothes folded on the cabinet, wait until New Year’s day wear.Dad At this time, began a trip of three days to set up the preparation stocking.    In addition grandfather after the cattle feed every day is busy the whole pyre.Got branches roots normally idle, split with an ax, Year cooking backup code at the shed.Looking at the code neat mountain of new pyre, and that exudes the air of fragrance bursts of wood, I like to see the same pot of steaming food.At that time, the village has not a coal for cooking in our young hearts, there is no firewood, there is no rice.    Home to a small partner to see other girls wearing head good-looking flowers, his face close to the small red rouge, it also ran home, he could have been directed at her mother take back, to see my grandmother fish playing in the yard, next to actually watch around, forget the thing takes.    After a twelfth lunar month 23, her mother took each day schedule is full.Steamed bun, pastry, fried chicken, fish, dumplings dish.The days went by with the family like the movies the same day, a Scenarios.Today is the baskets of pastries, tomorrow is pots of fried dough sticks, balls.Mom looked at the main room of the mountain of steamed bread, buns, dates lively mountain sailed huddled together braving the heat, as well as that warm fragrance-filled pasta, but in the world is like paradise, and my heart leapt Chen Chen out of a happy, it should be the family’s well-being!Several of our sisters, holding buns, on the Laba garlic, crouched in the yard or the kitchen fire, very fragrant incense eating.When the first cage Mother serves buns in food, steaming the raw most went so far as a cage when eating.Only once a year bun, black pasta dish filling, with a large frying mix, together with her mother baking technology and first-class workmanship, made out of is so savory noodle, now think of it a little greedy words dripping look.    Steamed bun, the oil began.Home to eat the oil is produced in the ground peanuts after machined out, the kind of incense and alcohol, are available in the market can not buy.We still did not get up, my father in the yard to catch a good chicken.After breakfast, my mother began to boil the chicken ham.We girls on the tube side, the rooster who spend the most beautiful feathers to collect good, do best looking feather shuttlecock.So my mother stack the chicken into pieces, top with sauce flooded the hook, and everything is ready, and we already can not wait, there are a few people like Ling repeatedly, every few minutes, went to the kitchen will come in to inquire on behalf of a.On this day, my mother has confessed in advance, do not make a speech in the kitchen, or else blame the Kitchen God, the coming year is not safe.So, we are just so flash in the kitchen, ran out.Grandma sat at the kitchen fire, to Riga with wood stoves that burn out of the red fire, reflected in the smiling grandmother’s face, looked so kindly amiable.Mom’s chicken fried steak sweet potato balls peanuts.These are the only food to eat ah did not meet in the New Year!Mother and grandmother in the kitchen busy, we are in the court room watching TV with her mother enjoy the fruits of labor.In the evening, my mother put the fried food into several pots, carrying the main room in the back room, covered with a newspaper, ready to entertain his aunt two days of the day.At that time the number of the most greedy home to most of the upper hand with my sister, and two of us slept in the back room, a long while semi He hungry, take advantage of other people do not, as we both tear slipped two kittens on beef and pinch on two chicken, two children again.The smell of gnawing, watching black and white TV has only two stations.Look Mom pot every day and found that the mountain of reserves, gradually gone jian, into the ground, do not ask, eat us more peace of mind, but can not be too presumptuous, to consider the overall situation.Now think of it, still miss those years of my mother’s fried chicken is so tender and flavorful, no added handmade, never been better than now big face chicken!    The next cut the dumplings.Mother chopping board into the plane-tree yard with a water well and wash, which was breathed into ice weather.Mom tall, character neutral, genial.Mom usually rarely expect us to work, she has always been a silent no sound man to do, dedicated, hard working, no matter what she is particular about clean, farming, too, my 10 mu of big field that few miscellaneous grass grow wild.Mom first radish slices, on the pot, cooked carrots, extrusion moisture inside, began to chop down the board, then the big chop meat, onions and ginger on the final mixed.Looked at the mother of two hands back and forth to replace the knife, hair steaming, Zhang is to catch the sweat, I stood frozen handle indentation cotton sleeve shivering, but does not want to understand, as children’s day Why I was so cold it?Now think about preparing a meal of hot meals for the children who are the mothers of the world’s most happiest happy to do it!This is also the happiness attracted me to Huijia look!Wait until my mother cut a big pot of meat that has almost three in the afternoon is the way.My mother and sister around the side, take a look at whether or not to order about?There is no place on her mother’s help?But also to help get something or something, cooking skills, but it is learned to glance at that time the.    Most pleased and dad posted a door paintings, couplets.After breakfast, my mother deliberately made a bowl of batter, used to paste pictures.At home the New Year, every household paste the pictures, it has only really came Petani.Dad couplet written in advance, and I am responsible brush batter on the couplet, the father is responsible for stickers, sister next command.Posted a few doors, etc. Well, that batter has been frozen into the ice.Tung on the yard, the tank, the killing, the manger of the cattle house, the house of the East hoard wheat, peanut store, are labeled with the word red.Entering the village, see posted on the door of every household courtyard paintings and couplets, New Year that feel like the new King of the fresh air is particularly deep, the kind of beaming in flavor, from a picture of the old man, the child’s face on the uncle aunt uncle aunt words and expressions, appearing especially clear.At that time my mother used to say, xxviii fool washing, 29 washing fine hi.Posted interlude painting, mother burned a pot of water, we start a few lined up to wash your hair, feet, wash away the soil dust a year, a year of fatigue wash away.Thirty in the afternoon, my grandmother put on the table in the main room of bread, meat, apples, a classic old ritual offerings of milk.Father and brother went to the cemetery, firecrackers and burning the paper, put them together in celebration of your home.At night, my mother early just great dumplings, father and brother in the yard lit a hanging whip, grandmother pan first bowl dumplings classic old milk supply, we can eat dumplings.After dinner, the family gathered, sitting in front of the TV, waiting to watch the show center.Mom is too tired, just sit for a while to bed.We energetic children, waited at the front of the TV until the New Year bell sounded, guns exploding outside the house, only reluctantly off the TV.This evening the village women Yiba wrapped dumplings, steamed bun bowls and put in the pot cover, who started the day, get up early on by men for cooking, which means the new year, a woman can Kiyofuku home to enjoy a lie-up.The sky is still bright, exploding firecrackers have been as summer thunderstorms, crackling, deafening rang up the kind of firecracker sound, no law, no rest, sometimes dense, but it is distant sounds, sometimes sparse, such as brewing under a boiling doing waiting.A pair of pull that Pili sound flooded the Spring Festival Evening program, flooded our dreams.Even that air is cold and long-lasting light fragrance of gunpowder, that was my favorite light incense.Ranging from adults reminder call, we obediently got up, my father Yiba dumplings cooked, sung to the bowl, my brother and I each person a cup bowl in his hand, two steamed bun, to the elders of grandparents family, grandparents down our dumplings, the Pentagon will give us some money or a dollar, we are pleased elated, trot the home, and they asked the father, reach for a second bowl, targeted elated departure, the same I was also home to end dumplings.    Started this morning, my grandparents stay at home, the village’s young adults who, according to their families in seniority, there are a few brothers, and some other people with the surname little team, door to door-to-door visits, kowtow, greetings mutual blessing.Capitalists mother and aunt to aunt who still have to sit at home while their elders grandmother, Chan says a word, then gathered a team on the way back and the woman who chatted on a pass.    Smaller boy, went to the yard of another home, pick up those guns down a little twist at the point of gun paper over.The girls find a given place to start shuttlecock open big get-together, and sometimes, younger sister and wife of just over a door added to them, they formed two Kingdoms of the military situation, the kind of full swing, par the scene, set off a piece of laughter.In his hometown, after the first day, from the first two days to the Sixteenth, is the day to go pro series Friends.Two days of the fourth day is the most important string of pro-Japanese.Because these two days, a new wife and new son home to recognize the days of the door, the girls back home is the preferred day.    New Year is the most anxious over the next day, after breakfast, my mother began a busy, busy all if a few days ago, just for the day and prepared.Mom started washing dishes on hold for a year and dishes, my grandmother began to peel onions cut lotus vegetables, Grandpa good chop wood bar code next to the kitchen fire in the kitchen, my sister Congguizili pick up a basket and a basket of bread, Dad Ying in the road, waiting for my aunt and uncle who, we are running around in the yard, hip-hop slapstick.    Village on the way there have been rare in the busy scene, constantly heard my father and acquaintances say hello.Sure enough, not long before I heard my father talking to the Sangu and home, the mother put down the hands of the living meet the past.Loved ones together, it seems to have much to say, endless love Syria.Yes!Girl back to her parents, of course, is particularly pro!Aunt come up with a new dollar bill, give us a few minutes a piece, we happily took it, happily scattered to.Aunt returned to the main room and talk to the grandmother, mother and sister busy in the kitchen, I ran into the kitchen, the twelfth dismay goes not yet warmed to the new ticket one dollar a mother, I knew this day, mom also have to send some money to my aunt’s children, my sister is also his own pay and that of a male, it is New Year’s gift money handling practices, we have been familiar with the.    This is the happiest day of my mother cook a big table usually we do not eat the food, the hot cool, prime meat, the disk in the bowl, and those dishes placed there, colorful, glowing look good color, flavor was falling slightest small oil mill, this time we can not worry about the clip just to eat, really happy!The dinner table, men talking about the economy, politics, women talking about family gossip, dated trivia stars.The children are eating, breathing, fed and went to the yard road blasting point whip, New Year’s taste in children’s eyes, is the dinner table, a few hanging whip, relatives hair lucky money, then that is do not go to school, every day delicious fun, and small partners can not play all day on the concept of time.    The first two days of the day for adults is very busy, especially at home with the girl’s door of home.People home without passengers, to this day, is busy music Ha ha’s music.Because a few days earlier, they are just breaking a finger count with, someone’s daughter with flowers primary?On this day, new son-coming-to-door visiting relatives.Then a few women, a good discussion, wiping his mouth had dinner, drive the child to the man, he began to see new relatives.It is a village, attached seniority aunt t-called very cordial, those new son-who also shy blush, they are mostly first time – series, which was played Aunt these spicy splash Damn bombing, kept the hair out of sugar.These are sugar sweet mother’s aunt lived mouth, become docile and generous, obediently dispersed, they began to second homes, third homes.Perhaps the matchmaker experience is so built up.    Fourth day of this day, the woman also have to return the door to the man’s home.These girls from the man long body of knowledge, but also long experience, they lounged at home staring at the time, only until eleven o’clock, wondering at lunch time rush home, to reduce unnecessary scenes containment.After lunch, it’s back early.Curved Village Road, can be a long or a short time, the woman ride to the edge of the village, the boy opened like a rose in the middle of the village road.Fields countryside, open distant, distant look can see the village houses, the endless fields of wheat seedlings waiting sparse turning green, the roadside poplar or tung quietly guarding the cold winter Xiao Su, any of those quietly spread love, then stretch all the way.    After the fifteenth day six, playing lantern, eating dumplings, most of those eating the New Year is also ready to eat, and there is no call in the far away.I do not know what time, those students studying overseas, migrant workers, sisters, has been drifting in a foreign land.Those who had the village children, do not know when they returned to their home city.Village, once calm has returned to the original, or that a few chickens foraging, with a few stray sheep grazing, twelve calves scattered ran a newborn, those silent cotton Chaiduo haystack those lonely trees hospital room, who painted door couplets with a festive close on every household door, under wind and percussion, hula hula ringing, and some have been Chequ wind and naughty naughty child the half.Knowing that year has gone, and my heart still miss in Loving, why always had a good day so fast?Fast people a chance to finish, had not disappeared.    Now grown up, have their own small home, raising a son and daughter, Chula became then, like a housewife mother, to know those mundane, pots and pans, wash rinse clean slate, noisy is so hard.Danian, in the heart he has lost her peculiar temptations and magnetism.Heart greatest wish is that in the few holidays, with the kids, go home to see!Young mothers under heavy force, now one fell sick, hunchbacked powerful, can not afford to have heavy family worked hard, and my father also had white hair, but also talk on health.The development, economic revitalization, urban and rural areas have no much difference.Several sisters living in different cities, for various reasons, rarely happy with the rule, and parents.Mom In recent years the Chinese New Year is not a steamed bun, a handful of New Year is also ready.Years has become a memory, deeply rooted in the depths of my mind.Every time this season, I heard my colleagues talk about New Year approached, to see the sisters began repairing the New Year to eat with the kids out to play, and a man Jingchu, will think of his hometown of New Year.