A case study center Mo

[Editor’s note: a case study carried thousand years of culture, not only has beautiful scenery, but also a spiritual habitat.Mysterious, beautiful, Mo, which we all aspire, Nanjing Blessed are those in sorrow, you can walk to the edge of a case study.We are also blessed, thinking the author of this article, Mo Mo carry on!Word gorgeous color, style tune Toshihaya.Brush graceful, lyrical such as mercury discharge, good text, purple very kindly asked Thai body rather, look forward to more of your excellent work!  A scenic tour of Nanjing water outside the West is a case study, a case study on water and land area of seven hundred acres, the lake about five hundred acres, a circumference of about ten li.A case study is not large, but small and quiet, environment.This lake why the name “Mo”?The original is because the ancient woman named Mo.    Go to Nanjing, there is no reason not to look at a case study.As long as you’ve heard it, there will be a mysterious beauty, near or far attracted you – not only attract your eyes looking for, you attract more restless heart.It was a sense of beauty witnessed before you will be deeply infected, even if only heard, can not afford to forget.    A case study is undoubtedly beautiful, but the scenery is more beautiful than its name.Lakes in the whole of China, who’s name is more comfort than its role?More humane child?If only on physical beauty, the case study is over, but the kind of West Lake.Its surface is not very broad, a case study of lucky in that: it has the name of a finishing touch.This warm name suddenly come alive, and remain permanently youthful.This seems bright lake, so simple, kind-hearted, naive, not contaminated with a trace of dust-like, by nature do not seem to be, it will not be contaminated from the reality.Speaking of West Lake, will inevitably think of beauty as the first of the four ancient beauties.Speaking about the case study, we can not avoid legend Mo woman.Mo is not only the name of a lake, or a woman’s first name.It is said that Mo is not a native of Nanjing, “the river of the water to the east, Luoyang daughter name Mo.Mo can weave silk thirteen, fourteen mining Sangnan streets.”Because she married out of love Nanjing, married to Lou did a wife, from a close relationship with the city of Nanjing.Nanjing suddenly seemed genuinely fond on the small daughter from marrying, and like thousands of years.I think, first of all thanks to her good name.With such an auspicious name of the woman, who would not like it?As the lake has such a name, who would not like it?    Mo woman lived in Nanjing, then the water outside the West Lake, her own charm to a lake named.Now, Although she is gone, but her name was stayed, her sincere wishes for future generations, “Mo, Mo” also stayed.She lived in his own name, the more alive in the lake reflection.Of course, Mo woman who is more beautiful than her appearance and, more importantly, more memorable, or the United States to her heart, the beauty of human nature, it is a catastrophe can be any tolerance, and secure from time to spend United States.Moreover, Mo woman must also worthy of his name.Mo, Mo, not without trouble, but overcame trouble.This is reflected in the face of strong destiny in a weak woman who is especially valuable, especially rare.    I think Mo woman, look at a case study, “Mo, Mo.”But only this one, is enough.Look at the lakeside willows, made him look like a thick eyelids, constantly blinking, blinking.With thick makeup wiped total affordable compared to West Lake, a case study seem to never learn make-up, also never used to whitewash.Like beauty of West Lake, and a case study is imagined Mo woman, not play, not flirtatious, Natural beauty carving.I like a case study.I read a blessing from across time and space it clear in waves, and a spotless mind.    Nanjing Blessed is the man.In sorrow, you can walk to the edge of a case study.Lake wind as a persuasive voice, in persuade you, soothe you: Do not worry, do not worry.I walked on, you really have no sorrow, or say forget the sorrow.The ancients said: “Why grief, only Dukang.”Nanjing people you do not need heavy drinker, because they have a case study, there are more mellow than wine, more efficacious lake, and, additionally have the blessing of an ancient beauty.I’m afraid because there is a case study of the company, Nanjing has always been optimistic, open-minded, strong.Nanjing, is a lot of after the catastrophe but still maintained an optimistic city.    Today we are in front of Yu Jintang hall side flowers lotus pond (though not open lotus), enough to be able to show the charm of this white marble statue of Mo respect to Tingtingyuli.I hang around a long time in the statue around, capricious: Mo, although not speak, but she looked exhausted rise and fall of this world, Chiaki power offense of.    There pavilion lake, Shanghe kiosk, kiosk to be crossing, the light Huating, six to booths promenade.I especially like to win on the bare floor chess lake.Wins chess five-bay two-story building, was built during the early years of Hongwu, re-built in the Qing Tongzhi years.According to the Qing Dynasty scholar Mei Kai handwritten “wins chess House” plaque.Upstairs in the middle of this wall hung a portrait of the Ming Dynasty Zhongshan Wang Xu Da, but may be destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, I do not like to see Da countenance.There is a chess tables between the main entrance and hall, surrounded stood Fangdeng.According to legend, the founding hero Xu Da Ming Zhu Yuanzhang in this game of chess, the emperor lost, he gave a case study given to Xu Da, because “the wins chess floor”.This standing upstairs, overlooking the lake scenery, is indeed very poetic sense: Mo Lake real worry-free, single-minded Dayton cool good work.    Yuli Tingting like ages, silk clothing and tour the world rejoice.  [Editor: Purple pole]