A car salute

Listen to the old fellow said, in the early 1980s, Tanzania Creek Elementary School students invented a polite behavior salute to the car, all areas where it opened a spot, then extended to all primary Daba Mountains.Students walking down the street or road, passing vehicles, will have to stand by the roadside, in the face of the vehicle, the Young Pioneers team at the line: stand at attention, raise his right hand to the forehead, palms outward, politely smiling.On the mountain road, to see children walking the street, wearing a red scarf, suddenly stopped, a third five of or all the way, salute to the vehicle, it has become a beautiful landscape of mountains deep.It has been reported when newspapers, radio, TV.That was mud broken pavement, sunny dust, rain wheels grind up the mud toward the pedestrian street.Those vehicles have red scarf to salute you, and you will unconsciously slow down, less dust, no mud.More importantly, if you want to cross the road, those vehicles in all likelihood have to get out of your way and let the children first by reducing the number of traffic accidents, how many little life protection.Salute to the vehicle, to the children hold up the umbrella, has also become the children of polite habit, then I have to admire the wisdom of educators.    At the beginning of the new century, came a new party secretary, attaches great importance to security, through research, to establish a primary school in the saddle civilized school traffic safety demonstration, the city’s schools to learn.School students can be when traffic control, large playground in the collective performance of the traffic police have to do a thing, action is very standard, refreshing.All the students to the vehicle salute is already old habits, but also added a lot of traffic-related content, melting into the students’ growth during compulsory, with little to drive the overall graduation eugenics rate substantial increase in traffic safety culture, achievements a very distinctive taste of the culture of the school.The city schools and the rise of a great boom to the vehicle salute, and walk in the mountains, can be seen everywhere salute scarf who.My local school children school is mine, deep ditch at the end of the road, will not encounter the basic vehicle, but also told the students to salute the car, we carefully organize students to exercise, the implementation of the eight children is very.School along Highway after another hung “civilized traffic safety school” brand, our school did not get a sense of great loss.    Later vehicles on the road began to rise, the student from school to school, take the salute at the side of the road constantly, King was tired of many students, some simply disrespectful, the meeting said it would only give the car salute.Heard cars pulling coal cars, see the students so polite, passing the second time, specifically to buy a few bags, give it to the small village of student.Another driver, see the students give him a salute, to immediately stop the child 200 dollars and told him to buy new clothes, who replaced the dirty rotten clothes.30 years, to salute the car has been handed a continuation of the interpretation of a lot of stories.There are also some ironic story.One student, urinating in the street, see a car coming, hastily put his pants, penis sticking out, twisted her standing on hands went up, that is how funny scene.There is also a student, went to the mountains, look up the road vehicle, the tiger rushed down the hill, went on the road, not brake, standing in the middle of the road on the hand salute.It scared the driver a Jicha, head out the window and shouted: “You get wisdom?”” Uncle, the teacher said he wanted the car to salute.”And there’s a rainy day, not to hide the edge, raised his hand salute, stop the car, roaring, splashing mud covered his face, his eyes also into the sediment, parents find the school, the teacher scolding meal, “respect his mother a gift of wisdom Well, wanderers suffers yo!”In recent years the vehicle is everywhere, all the way was the way all the way to the village, let alone national, provincial, and to salute the car too late, there is no longer red scarf car to salute the landscape, and in the big mountains , and occasionally still see.    Salute to the car, we often think of those things.Chatted with a few colleagues, concluded, moral education in schools but also with the progress, the world of social changes and the times, society is forcing us to adapt to the new situation, exploring new moral education.