A car accident than a tiger (outside a)

Pedestrians increasing in number, people have to shake their heads in “This car is pressed into a sheet of paper, and the people inside it seems the odds.”The scene is a mess, broken glass, leaked gasoline car slag scattered around, truck rollover was like, cars were completely buried in the slag and trucks, could barely see the body, really terrible.  September 1 this morning, the mother took three years old son is coming to the market to buy food nearby, did not think this trip has become the end of life, just a few seconds, this young life painting on period.Who heard the woman’s mother to see their instant lost daughter and grandson who just turned three years old, crying.  Crossroads became yellow green jump, a large truck loaded with ore from north to south in front of the red light by rob, roaring all the way, the speed fast staggering, ranging from car can be time, when when the red light intersection to open up, a large truck brakes, rollover occurs can be chosen to have her son then take a car from west to east is also just open to this junction, the tragedy just happened.Just listen to “boom” a loud noise, a large truck hit the car, the car full of ore scattered around, completely buried cars.  Fire brigade rushed to the scene, the rapid removal of slag buried car, then the car dangling lift.Time is life, the fire brigade immediately crushed car ripper with hydraulic expansion tool, hoping to save the life of mother and child.Sedan was cut broken, it was discovered that his mother tightly cover your children with their bodies, perhaps this is the maternal instinct, she struck in danger, as a mother first thought was to keep the child’s life.First child was holding out, and the mother’s body was tightly against the steering wheel, firefighters find ways to keep the person’s life, really made much effort, finally the mother hold out.Seriously injured plus suffocation death of mother and child are both buried.  Life is so fragile, two live life at that moment is gone.Lamented the accident put the idea of ah!If this was the truck driver did not steal a red light and drove slowly quietly in a red light that how can there be such a car accident it?There is no available if no regret.The lesson of blood also travel to people, especially the driver sounded the alarm: respect for life, Ning-third do not grab a second!  Luchi [] “the vehicle is started, pull the handrails, the next stop terminal train station.”I heard surprised a moment, would not it, still do not believe my ears, and then head out to look out the window, street vaguely, that’s right is to go to the train station, but I kept, and obviously to go home Yeah, how take direction reversed, I could not help but laugh, “What a Luchi!”August 24 that day, his son came back to pick him up to the end of military training, can those people who like broken, heavy rain every day, on the 24th day of a big rain, no rain from morning till night stopped before.Morning ride in the rain I get there the son’s school, take the B12 station BRT stations came back out with their feelings led his son to go north to find the platform ready to change trains at the station for a long time finally see fine a car coming, are very, very excited, because of the rain just want to hurry home, got up to the speaker, the next stop is the terminus of newspaper to know the direction of the anti-ride.Do not understand is how to engage opposite direction, I felt I was obviously out of the BRT stations north of how.Oh, right on when a sightseeing!  I remember one time is also a rainy day with his son ride home from South Street, take the 219 bus interchange think the train station, I did not realize how the car has been less than the train station, I looked at how the street is also the way not familiar with, then I heard the horn newspaper “the next stop in the pavilion,” “Oh well, ride backwards.”My son has been anxious and asked,” Mom how we do it?”I said:” What is the hurry, just when tourism chant, do not ride so ah do not know when we will play to this place of.”Get off the station quickly take back the opposite direction again.  Oh, I’m not the slightest bit of Luchi.I remember going to school when they start working in the city to what training materials, out of school are afraid to go blind in the metropolis of skyscrapers, I’m not quite sure truck, lost the fear of their own can not go home.That is, I will certainly go out with good colleagues are afraid to have a little distracted.Gradually big son, took his son to the city, two of them walked along the road in the city, found that no matter how take those roads are interlinked, so there is a saying, “All roads lead to Rome.”That’s because also found a lot of places in town have left our footprint, with the experience that it is not afraid to go ride the wrong bus.  Now or Luchi, how many times walked the streets at night told me to sit in the car, I was disoriented position, call me at night to drive away the way I really do not know the way home.But I’m not afraid to go the wrong way, but every time it’s wrong when sightseeing along the landscape, so that his thoughts are also pleased: because of this mistake and let me know the new road.  Life on the road who would it be easy, but every mistake is a lesson, it will pick back up as long as learn new things, and every time with an optimistic attitude to face but will think it is all the way rare beauty.