A call to conscience

This year Chinese New Year on 72-year-old father, the body moved very tough, can be worse since the October big brother in a car accident the body, especially sleep almost every aspect of sleep a day for up to now been more than two months, the mother already there are cerebral thrombosis, after hearing the news can not eat something every day, by infusion to maintain, to see their parents increasingly gaunt face, as the daughter of my heart I do not know how distressed, distressed may have nothing to do, I know where my father’s heart disease in my big brother in a car accident are more than two months before the accident his brother at home, his son Li Xiaofeng Uncle brother house looking for my big brother to let him help him stick with the car, it was brought back to help Hillsborough stuck car out of the way a car accident, it is only recently learned the truth, after the accident my sister did not dare to tell the truth to my nephew, he was afraid Li Xiaofeng, so this matter was concealed down, I always thought to myself as my sister brother stick out of the car with a car accident, has been kept in the dark, many never to think, to distant day I call my parents, my father mentioned the matter with me, my heart Questions, little brother said the family had no car for a long time used, but also stick with what kind of car, this sentence reminds me, I hurried to the nephew called and asked him that you know who your dad is to work a car accident, nephew said I asked them, they said the accident stick out of the car, I say to you as a son, you know the truth, otherwise you will not rest in peace dad, so my nephew gave his mother called to ask what through in the end is how, this is my sister said to his uncle brought back home stick out of the car accident, the nephew told me that my heart can not be calm, I could not stop the tears streaming down my heart Why did I want to be able to find a big brother to work after the accident but did not dare to take responsibility, but that his pro-brother ah, how can this comfort the souls of the departed, but also how to deal with the living, his sister and nephew.    Accident has been more than two months, these days they never gave my parents far away in the field make a phone call to comfort, and to conceal the truth, it makes my big brother, how can rest in peace?46-year-old flourishing age, the 70-year-old parents, under the son still in school, widows and orphans in the future will be how to live, my parents experienced such pain, physical and psychological trauma is always irreparable, No matter how persuaded they are opened and closed all their eldest son, that’s their future pension nail in the coffin to the people, ah, unfortunately they walk in their front, so that white-haired people who sent hair, this is a pain anyone with any language can not express the face of such a family, a son still in school, 40-year-old daughter, a pair of 70-year-old parents, so long after the accident, my big brother Uncle brother, is my big brother to help people who work but said nothing, my parents do not have an account, which in every respect are justified it?Hey instant family a pillar did not, the face of his sister and nephew widows and orphans, the children go to school in the field, I have a sister who is not top up the house, they face Can you not conscience, stand up and take you bear the responsibility for it?They silence the silence, my father made a telephone call two weeks ago to ask them to go through their things, but they still waited more than two months of silence, my father could no longer remain calm, and over 70 years of age all the way with a sick body back, they sit down and talk about it, Uncle my brother’s brother said, I would not know can hurt the show to find Wei, my father said, who do not want trouble, we can do a to face, so long as you did not give me a call explain this matter, but also to conceal the truth, whether it stands to reason that anyone would go through, they say these days cynical insider language so that they feel the pressure great, some said: they look like nothing, like eat, drink, people at home are gone, to hear the case they can not stand, outsiders could not stand, but why should you remain silent?Why not brave enough to take on the responsibility borne?Why not look for opportunities to know guilt and my parents and your sister, please say this thing open it?This works worthy of your sister and nephew do?Can be worthy of my septuagenarian parents do?    Whenever the matter and think my heart is aching, my sister-brother for the first time also called her and told his sister said: Would you like a thousand dollars I had to lift, you go tell me, court sentenced me how much even 300,000, 400,000 and I must get to hear these contradictory words what you feel about it?My brothers and sisters when I say brother will not sue you, do not worry, he let him sue my father, my father said I could not tell you, we are relatives, there is nothing bad hair have to discuss downtown to court to prevent outsiders joke you, that you bear much responsibility know are a few, he said he will give up to 5, 006 million, or listening to these words my father said: listen, you and your sister, your home is not very difficult to do we do not have a penny, you think about it yourself.    What they want to do?To others to evaluate how they still think they finally can not spend a penny?I’m not interested, I think the relationship between today’s society people, in the face of money and affection, money seemed so important, conscience, family has become so humble!So cold!He faced his brother, an innocent life, but it is so, how will he do to strangers?Our society by the family, but he – my big brother Uncle Brother has set the expense of family public opinion, which in turn will give him what kind of role models of future generations to leave it?As a sister party, I feel sad, one passed away as my younger brother and heartache moment, is another heartache for his Uncle Brother’s indifference, if this society are like him in the face so cold a fresh life, that this society can exist how long?    Admittedly this is only one ten-millionth example, but I appeal to our society a little more attention to the family, do not just put money above all else, even if money can buy a lot of things, but no matter how much money can not be exchanged a person’s life, not replace family back..