All kinds of valuable lotus, is the first time I saw, I wish you a touch of fragrant summer wind

All kinds of valuable lotus, are the first to see, smell and touch of style you wish Cheyenne!  - Reply Poetry, send your poetry writing tips – green label above the point you can listen to music ◆◆◆ Bihe Health Quan, Asahi brilliant and fresh, beautiful masterpiece toner, fragrance who will pass?  Lotus, another name lotus, lotus, water Chi, Chi Ze, blooms, Handan, water once, hibiscus and other water.  In China, the lotus is to worship a gentleman.  ”Kwan Fong spectrum”, said all things first and then the real China, China alone this real life together.One hundred dredge, Wan awakened exquisite, Kingston Hua, lightness finds, of flowers gentleman.  There after Zhou’s “Reminiscence” to independent Eleonora of lightness finds, Qing Lian without demon, straight in the pass, not spread without branches, Hong Yuan Yi Qing, Tingting net plant, can be a distance but not fondle Yan.Far-reaching.  Unbearably hot in summer, it is better to enjoy together with poems Jun stunning lotus, you would like: Summer safe, healthy summer!Happy Summer!a cool summer!  Indian goddess red lotus table ▼ ▼ ▼ Star peony Wenjun whisk ▼ Thai white skunk cabbage ▼ ▼ Kam tournament game Sunrise Buddha seat ▼ ▼ ▼ lanceolate love without hate pink water lily ▼ Mexico ▼ Ma Huang Shan girl ▼ ▼ Blue Jays flower Alocasia ▼ Colorado ▼ having color lilies ▼ yellow Joey ▼ yellow floral water lily ▼ yellow perfume lotus ▼ Huang master Niangniang ▼ flower YE lilies ▼ red lilies ▼ red crab claw lilies ▼ red edge lotus ▼ Florida ▼ powder River station ▼ powder layer Torr Tsui ▼ ▼ France Crow Mattila Orange Peel HL Doberman ▼ ▼ ▼ independent investigation Lanna Si Chong ▼ lily Lueang off ▼ Nympaea DirectorGorge?.Moore ▼ Nympaea.Yonglarp ▼ Nympaea DirectorGorge?.▼ Moore spotted spider lily blue crab claw ▼ spot YE perfume lily white lotus ▼ ▼ ▼ Australia Australia blue water lily red lily pink water lily ▼ ▼ Australia Egyptian blue water lily water lily Albert ▼ ▼ Natural beauty carving This is gentleman flower – lotus!  Click here for more exciting content: ◎ is owned by his side, used to love to take long ◎ 5 words wrong 3!Nanshan leisurely to see the correct pronunciation is.  ◎ Why do people want to read, this beautiful answer ◎ picked up a brush, to life with your favorite color ◎ Remembrance into, but was already casting haze of confusion backstage dialog reply Good morning, Jun poetry have something to say to you ▼ click on “read the original” find more exciting content