About love sad sentence

Sentence about love about love sad sad sad sentence 1 sentence about love, I thought the bird, but the sea is that the birds had no non-sea of courage, a decade later I found, not the bird not the past, but the sea that one, had no wait 2, the day you left did not, I decided not to tears, eyes propped facing the force does not blink, etc. 3, thank you for the unfeeling, so I learned to give up hope 4, with a cigarette, 5 wandering, I want you to believe that every word I said, I can do it.That’s the reason why I sank reticent, I am not not lie.I’m afraid I say I can not do.As shown in Figure 6, no one needs to sacrifice his own life to prove how much I love a man.7, after parting, every moment, every word, is the most precious memories with the obsession 8, please let us tearful smile?As charming as the Mona Lisa.brilliant!Let us please each other silently gazing fondly?Or clasped hands to each other, a hugging.Road soon as treasure each other, Ping Road soon, then, as usual, their lives to each other along the track forward, gradually matured and firm!9, the passage of fleeting flowing message spread, wandering rogue continued exile.10, at the wrong time met the right people, so there will always encounter the beauty and heartbreak, perhaps to believe that the sentence did not have a perfect world, why should hard in pursuit, once had, it does not last forever.11, look for a long, long time you are like to find a century; you want long, long time, there are like my long youth also thought to an end; you read a long, long time, it is like life is so like finish.Everything can be brave, I was confused include unknown love, I was timid scattered love, I no longer love to go, I have to remember, love, as in the past, if the cold autumn 12, that bloom in Love Lane distant night.In any case insisted all is not back to the past.13, you think life is even better than complaining, for the immutable fact, in addition to your fate, there is no better way.14, acts speak louder than words, fool the eye is much smarter than their ears.15, in the corner, you’ll see me cry, the black hole in the world, I feel safe, because at that time crying, others will not see the light of the world, I’m so tired, because camouflage, pain with no pain, no suffering and pain, fear and do not be afraid, sad and not sad, there is no difference, they turned out in addition to laughter, there is no other, I live very tired, live very painful, so I am very valued friend, a very high value that is the only thing I can in the light of day can also be tears of freedom and comfortable.16, successful and not necessarily the most beautiful, the most beautiful, often only regret.17, hatred can never overcome hatred, only compassion can overcome hatred, which is eternal to the management.18, I walk on the way home, there are not a trace of life, a person listless, as if the whole world should I give up a 19 enough doubt for nothing.A person often because of failing to shrink the underlying reason why the lost chances of success.The best good man, is someone who has made mistakes; because there is often a little drawback, it shows he’s cute.20, fire friendship (sad) will be reduced to ashes 21, remembered, forget the forgotten, Changeable, and accept change 22, said wood fire: hold me!Embraced wood fire, wood ashes smiling!Fire cried, tears off his fire when the wood is destined to fall in love with burns 23, when the tears stream down, know, separate is another to understand.24, I really love you, close your eyes, thinking that I could forget, but shed tears, but did not deceive themselves 25, on the way home I cried, tears once again collapsed, anything that walked, no longer I can not be proud to carry.I also can say something, I can do something?I really hope that you will hear, because you love me let you go 26 Do not say love, commitment promise is a debt owed!27, after all, it is my my, after all, I was one of your passing, you still do not love me, and you are destined to me nothing will happen, doomed doomed doomed, no matter how I leap no matter how I want to be near you , you still will leave me, I miss you, I miss miss you, I miss good to see you.28, happy face, others, after breaking instrument can not be friends, because hurt each other before, the enemy can not do, because loving each other, so we become the most familiar stranger.30, encounter between some people like a meteor, and instantly burst out of the spark of envy, but is doomed to go by.31, time will slowly settling, some people will slowly fuzzy in your heart.Learn to let go, your happiness requires its own sake.32, I can feel your heartache, you have no choice but can not tell you, but you make one of indifference, the more uncomfortable you more so I.33, some time, precisely in order to love quietly escape, escape is the figure, but it is not immune to quietly share feelings.34, love to divide it significant precious treasure has a lot of people do not understand, only to lose it to see, in fact, that most familiar is the most precious.35, sometimes, love is kind of hurt, cruel people, choose to hurt other people, good people, choose to injure themselves.36, you go, with all my love is gone, just a break, I endured the tears watching your back and wanted to finally hold you once, I miss talking to you again I love you.37, the rain drenched the air, tired of sad, I remember in the fairy tale has been slowly melting.38. Since love, why not say it, something is lost, it can also come back in!39, love is a feeling, when that feeling has not, I still barely know myself, called responsibility!Breaking up is kind of courage!When this kind of courage has not, I still encourage their own, called tragic!40, more than life, lonely endless.Lonely life, love round, the theme of loneliness is love forever, I and my shadow alone it said it had private message to tell me that you miss it and said it was the original, my shadow and I wish you all.41, just the other side in perfect staged a tragedy, all the blood and tears withered thorns breeds in a bud, it goes through the reincarnation of seven thunderstorms, then yurt in the humid air 42, fish bait, that is because the fish love the fisherman, it was willing to give their lives to Bo fisherman smile 43, leave a mark like I belong in your body, do not have to remember you never belong to me 44, if one day, not like you , my life will not be like a past as XXXXX, decadent I do not want that kind of life, so I have not given up before you, you, like me at least 45, in fact, I’ve been guarding your side , etc. on my shoulder to tell you, there will not be a day, your tender are belong to me, I will not let you sad, let your tears flow again!46, when I was a kite, or put me, or else receive a good home, do not use an invisible mind sees tied me so that my heart hurt.47, the window under the snow, a cup of coffee, cold grip to it, and thought of you know, I can understand how you expect!48, first cry because you were not first met you laugh because, first smile in tears because they can not have you!49, years like a river, left bank is unable to forget the memories, the right bank is worth to grasp the youth, the middle of fast flowing, young faint of sad.World there are many good things, but it really is not much of their own.See Pretrial blossom, Rongrubujing, hope heaven Yunjuanyunshu, fate has no intention.Fun around in this secular world, you can learn to treat a common heart to everything around, also a re-state.50, there is too much frustration in our lives, we can not change, but also unable to change, worse, we lost the idea of change 51, life is most regrettable, than to simply give up should not give up, and stubbornly ground, insisted should adhere to 52 simple quiet life is not really happy, so I just embrace the moment, do not stretch lasting feeling happy, so I only believe the moment.53 Some are doomed to lose, some fate is never a result of, not necessarily have a love, a person must have a good love him 54, the heart is dead, tears are dry, painful soul also led dream awakened, not love, ma’am get rid of, is also true also real, also I love also hate, Yela silent flower self-mutilation.People say that, searching, desolate, desolately sad; but helpless, forever and sometimes do, sorrow was everlasting.55, the world does not have anything eternal.If it flows, it flows away; if it aside, it dry; if it grows, it is slowly dying.56, a woman’s painful to do: When she and the man she loved had physical relations, she is very natural to this relationship as a forever, but they can be different men, they may only think that it is way of life of yet another interpretation.As the book says: between men and women, in the absence of commitment of marriage, or to maintain the relationship is simply good, or really can not turn back the years.57, if not happy, if not happy, then let her go; if, reluctant to let go, it would be painful.58, thousands of years, you do not leave any regrets, Laugh, cry cry, when the love on love, it does not matter to suppress their own, Depression in life there are two, one desires have not it is met, and that it had been met.59, the so-called helping them, that is, with love and bread, want to eat cake mood; so-called affair, is slipped out of the siege, fall into the trap; the so-called romantic, is to help his wife buy a cabbage, it also pulled back to a rose ; the so-called kitchen, is the red carpet leading to the front 60, the marriage did not dare to say, because I timid, because if you refuse, I will not be able to see you again, would rather quietly in love with you, can not let you know, until, until you dropped into the arms of others!61, a good thing people want someone to accompany you, a man lost his, I wonder if there is not expected to be in the chase.62, the world is so imperfect.if you want to get something, you will have to be willing to sacrifice something too.63, love, emotionally, when you want to conquer each other, actually to some extent by the other conquered.The first is to attract to you the other side, then is your desire to conquer each other.64, I put down the dignity, personality put down, put down a stubborn, just because does not fit you.65, if you fall in love, do not easily let go the opportunity, rash, may make you regret it for a while, cowardice, it may make you regret it forever.