80,000 wedding dowry money was gone the next day, her mother sister son quilt Mongolia

80,000 wedding dowry money was gone the next day, her mother sister son quilt covered my fight, I fight back anger around to talk about feelings, talk about family gossip submission: the sweet life of the contributions made by the paper finishing, who called his real name, is not guaranteed absolutely true, you can be when the story, case, the world is so big, what are welcome to subscribe to little fool, live chat with us!This is a double celebration this thing, now strained to complete, is your first pit mine, I let you not be married, that I wonder!Are you so bad I had to retaliate!My husband and I know Aaron is blind, love is not a long time, we got married.However, I feel Man is still very accurate, very good indeed Aron.I married the next day, rummaging own dowry money, found that 80,000 dollars was gone, I quickly called to ask my mother, my mother was very anxious, say clearly that on the pressure in a small red box let me try it again.80,000 dollars, to me, is a large number, so anxious to find, finally, I found her mother and sister sub wrong.Because her mother was older, I was not directly asked her to go ask the sister-son, sister sub to avoid answering.Because this time, she is about to get married!I have repeatedly asked the sister sub no effect, directly ask her mother, her mother a direct answer me and said that she took 80,000 dollars!She said: Since you married into our family, this money, my watch, I go deal!I think, what it?This is my mother gave me the dowry money, how can you?Immediately told her mother little noisy for a while, but the thought of his new young married woman is the new door, just like her mother should not start much noise is too stiff, thought, so her husband came back to say it, let him handle.I was unexpected, and before my husband came back, they tried to get me to bite.Had never been seen, I was taking a nap, her mother and sister sub to use the quilt to me blindfolded, tightly pressed, punched and kicked back, sister son also took a stick to hit me!They showed their curse: the money!That we took!If you dare to say one more thing, you’re a dead!Do you think you like Aron you will be able to do God?In this house, I still have the final say!Once on shore, they also directly put me onto the ground.They are covered with a quilt, I could not breathe, endless fear is spreading, I feel they should be killed.After being thrown to the ground, my whole body ached, his face bruised hands have, could not help but shrink in the corner began to cry, how would such a family?After her husband came back, furious, kicked the child to her mother and sister, also lift the dinner table, but very stubborn mother, sister son have nothing to fear, when my husband simply does not exist.I’m not sit still, I decided to fight back that night, I said nothing, pulled hair sister sub, they dragged her out, so she did not cry, the first of her two hand fan!Such people bully her, the more you are ruthless, she was more afraid of you.I slapped her six-day slap in the face, she cried with a tears, yelling, her mother rushed out of the house, the fight with me, I took a stick, shouted at her: Come ah!See who is ruthless!This time, they are scared to!I did not expect so they can pay out the money, and in fact, they did not.Sister son’s wedding is getting closer, but 80,000 dollars, her mother still grabbed hold.I had to use other means, I take them to the divisions that way, they have been unable to marry as usual, but also, I heard the man out of such a thing, I would not easily marry my sister a child.Today, I put 80,000 dollars to come back, sister-son’s marriage also yellow.My husband and I went out to live the separation, her mother and sister sub hate me Such is Life, the family would have no need of something like this, I do not want to, I do it wrong?I can see that, although her husband toward me, but he was also having a hard time, he is after all a mother, a sister of his, how can I do?This article headline numbers released by the author and do not represent the position of today’s headlines.