In 2014, my n first time

The year 2014 ( Year of the Horse ) is my birthright year. I started to write about my Year of the Horse as early as a few years ago.. At that time, I really didn’t know how to spend my next annual horse meeting. Unconsciously, my life year will leave me.     To be honest, this year of my horse is really different from other horse years. Because, this year of my horse can be said to be colorful and meaningful. For the first time in my life this year, I was pleasantly surprised and moved a lot.     After New Year’s Day, for the first time, I came to Wax Plum Garden with my camera on my back to feel the fragrance of Wax Plum, and took the time to focus on the gates of schools and residential areas in the city for the first time, on plaques inscribed by celebrities in the city, on sales centers in some real estate, and to keep them in my happiness.     On the first day of the new year, for the first time in my life, I walked around the west lake park with my camera on my back and photographed happy smiling faces of the west lake park in the fog, and cruise ships in the fog.. On the 6th of this year’s big year, for the first time in my life, I walked around the West Lake Park with my wife and son on the back of my camera and felt the fun of walking through the snow.. Feel the first snow of the Year of the Horse.     On the evening of the 16th of the first month of January, WeChat Group was set up for our high school classmates in No.1 Middle School. For the first time in my life, I got together with more than 20 high school students who had not seen me for more than 20 years and then went to K – song. Liu Yan’s singing of a song to participate in the sleepless night regulations was warmly applauded by the students present. For the first time, I recited my poems to the students to participate in the unintentional regulations and participate in the leakage regulations.. After that, I sang a song to participate in the long-term dependent bill. I hope every student and friend will be healthy and happy.! Family harmony! Happiness depends on each other for a long time!     On April 6, at the invitation of my friend sun xunlei, I took part in the activity of publishing poems with several friends for the first time. On April fifteen, I attended the wedding of my high school classmate’s daughter for the first time, feeling the rush of time and the aging of my children.! After that, Zhang Hongmin made an appointment to go to K – song. For the first time, I told my classmates the names of the female students I had a crush on and expressed my deep gratitude for meeting her in my life.. It’s also the first time I’ve faced so many classmates, singing a bill for her I have a deep crush on, expressing my deep friendship for her and my deep gratitude for her friendship with literature..     On April 20, I started a working career with several workmates at Yanling site for several months for the first time.. Every morning at 6: 00 a.m. I go by van and come back by bus at 5: 00 p.m.. This is the first time in one’s life to work with a strange boss. It is also the first time to return home after 18 years of absence and experience the bitterness and bitterness of working abroad. It’s just a matter of getting out early and coming back late. I have no time to go shopping or appreciate the changes in Yanling County..     On June 1, at the invitation of Bai hebin, a senior high school classmate, for the first time in my life, I met with several senior high school students on children’s day and had our own children’s day.. Because we were all happy children forty years ago and we were happy old urchins forty years later. We are happy with our childlike innocence.     On June 6, after the publication of the poetry anthology that I published with my friends, for the first time my humble book appeared in the form of a book, I invited our friends from Xuchang Daytime American Literature Society to gather together. Each of them gave them a book of poetry to express my gratitude to them for helping me out of the low ebb of my life.. Because they gave me love and encouragement, I walked so far on the road of literature. On June 8, I contacted Cheng Ge, the monitor of the university, and wanted to ask some university students to get together. The monitor said that he was not busy, until you came back ( I was working in Yanling then ). Since then, I have been looking forward to the early arrival of this day in my heart. On June twelve, I contacted the senior high school monitor and so on, then agreed on the time and place for the meeting, and on June fifteen, for the first time, twenty senior high school students got together for my reasons, sharing my happiness and congratulating me.. Two students were unable to come because of their outing, and two students were not able to come back because of their work in other places.. Later, Zhang Hongmin invited everyone to join in K – song to express his congratulations to me. In the karaoke hall, Fan Huijie read my bill when he missed you affectionately. His reading not only added a lot of fun to the party, but also added a lot of color to my poem.. I will never forget the strong feeling of learning together.     On June 2elve, my pen pal Chen Xuewen from Xinghua, Jiangsu, who met more than 20 years ago by participating in girlfriend regulation magazine, left a message to me after seeing a blog entry from my Netease blog to participate in the regulation of what friends used to be. This is the second friend I have lost contact with in the past 20 years who has never met but is deeply in love.. In this way, for the first time in many years, I read his poems and his beautiful writings through the Internet.. He also wrote a poem in memory of Teresa Teng in the name of Teresa Teng’s song.     On October 26, twenty-eight college students came to share the joy of my poetry collection with several friends for the first time because of my invitation.. In particular, the arrival of three female classmates who have not seen each other for 26 years and have not had their contact information has greatly surprised me.. There were also many students who could not come because of some reasons, and I also expressed my understanding. I was moved and grateful. Thank you for letting me meet so many college students who cherish this hard-won friendship. I am grateful to them for their love, understanding and care for me for more than 20 years.     On November 14, eight old classmates from the first middle school ( I was three years old and I was four years old ). ) ) and Zhongshan elder brother, Jianyi elder brother, Wang Peng, etc. failed to come due to special reasons. There are ( Bai He Bin, Bai Liping, Yang Zhihua, Qu Guoan, Luo Haisheng, Jia Lijie, Li Yonghong, Wang Minsheng.) at my invitation for the first time. I just said that I hadn’t been together for many years and didn’t say that I was going to give some of my friends poems to them.. When I heard that I had arranged this opportunity for classmates who had not seen each other for more than 20 years, they all came together, especially my deskmate Luo Haisheng, who originally wanted Jianyi to inform him the day before ( because I didn’t know his mobile phone number ), but when he asked Jianyi more about him at 5: 00 p.m. the next day, he said he couldn’t drink much because his nephew gave him happy faces for three days.. Then I hurried to call Haisheng elder brother to say this thing, because it was too hasty. Nevertheless, Haisheng elder brother was glad to come. Jia Lijie’s arrival also made me overjoyed, and she also read my first entry to the hometown regulations affectionately..     This year, for the first time, I carried my camera on my back and rode a racing car to places I had been to and had not been to before.. On May 13, I rode my car to Shenfang for the first time, feeling the unique ancient town of Shenfang, the sacred place of Jun porcelain in the world with a history of at least 1,000 years, and feeling the charm of the ancient town of 1,000 years.. On June 3, he rode alone in Sichuan, on July 23, he rode his car for the first time in the evening, and on July 25, he rode with his camera on his head.. Feel the change of Changge today and never before: clean, broad and clean roads, a building community of different styles, and the inspection road that Chairman Mao once walked when he visited Changge for the first time. There were sunset clouds reflected in the moat, and on August 5, he rode Yan Ling with his camera on his back for the first time, walking in the streets that he had walked countless times for the first time 18 years after leaving Yan Ling.. But now the streets and pedestrians are also very different from those 18 years ago. For the first time, I walked into Ganming Temple there with a heart of admiration. On August 19, I started my southbound journey with a racing car and a camera behind my back. For the first time, I set foot on the hot land of Luohe River and walked alone through strange streets. Although there are also a few college students I know but have not seen for many years, it is inconvenient to disturb. More importantly, I want to experience the free atmosphere of traveling alone in that city..     On the evening of Sept. 4, after seeing his brother-in-law who had not been seen for many years, he still cried out in the past 20 years, ” elder brother, you are back.”. Although he could not understand his divorce from his sister. This is the first time I have called my brother-in-law brother in nearly twenty years.     On October 7, on the last day of the National Day Holiday, for the first time, I approached Baling Park with my son, stopped in front of the statue of Guan Gong’s robe, lingered in the gallery of Guan Di Temple’s Three Kingdoms story related to Guan Gong, and looked at that picture, remembering Guan Yu’s loyalty and courage. This is also 16 years later, I went to visit Guan Gong again.     On November 23, I first met with several young literary friends of Xuchang ( friends of our literature section of Xuchang Forum ) together with Junjie. Although it rained cold winter that day, it did not stop our enthusiasm for literature.. During the dinner, we talked about literature and conspired to build a good strategy for literature.     On the 6th of December, for the first time in many years, TWELVE and his brother helped their parents to produce cabbage and felt the joy of working together.. At the same time, I also want to have more chances to experience this happiness with my relatives in the future.! Only in the era of the rapid development of the city and the increasingly encroached land, it will become an extravagant hope to work in the fields with relatives in the future.. Many years later, I put a hoe on my shoulder and went to hoe the land there? After many years, where did I go to pick up the fallen wheat ears? After many years, where do I go to feel the sunshine at a glance?     On the 23rd of twelve, senior high school classmate fan huijie gathered with about a dozen students, and I finally met sun hongxiang, a junior high school classmate who had not been seen for more than 32 years.. I heard that when he was approaching the place, I went downstairs with Jing Jie to meet him. When I saw him coming out of the car, I hurried to him, not holding his hand with his outstretched hand, but directly extending his arms to hug him. He also extended his arms and we hugged each other.. This is the first time in my life to embrace my classmates and others.. To be honest, I haven’t hugged my parents’ brother, brother, sister, sister. After all, we haven’t seen each other for more than 30 years and shaking hands is no longer enough to express my deep friendship.     On the 27th of December ( the 6th day of the 11th lunar month ) was my mother’s seventy-eighth birthday. for the first time in my life, I dialed her mobile phone number. for the first time in my life, my mother said, ” happy birthday to you, mom.”! ‘ It’s also the first time I have held out my arms to embrace my parents and celebrated my mother’s birthday with my sister many years later.. Wish our parents a long and healthy life! Laughing often opens! Peace and happiness!     This year was also the first year in my life when I had the most happy events. Because, in this year, not only my two wives, nephews and nieces have found their life partners, married each other and started their new life path. My three aunts’ daughter also found her own prince charming and walked into the marriage hall hand in hand with him. This is also the first year in which I recorded the most wedding scenes with my camera.. I recorded the happy smiling faces of third sister-in-law and third brother, second sister-in-law and second brother, as well as the happy and sweet moments of the couple..     It was also the first time that cameras were used to record the year’s first snow, busy country roads in summer, fields in autumn, and father’s vegetable garden, and to record the autumn crops damaged by drought in autumn due to the severe drought this year.. For the first time, I was too busy to manage autumn crops. For the first time, I approached villages I hadn’t visited for more than 20 years, and some villages I hadn’t visited still felt the simplicity and quietness there.. Also this year, for the first time, I aimed my lens at the village, aiming at the thousand-year-old cypress, the hundred-year-old honeylocust, the dry pit pond, the dilapidated short house, the smoke kang for many years, the Yang Shulin at the head of the village, the memorial arch at the head of the village, the autumn crops on the road, etc. I wanted to leave some memories about the village with my camera..     It was also the first time to say ” no” for the sake of life, and it was also the first time to make yourself unhappy because of family ties.. Although I have already passed the age of doubt, I still can’t ” put down”. Can’t let go of some unhappiness in my heart, can’t let go of prejudice against some people. His psychological bearing capacity is not strong enough, and he is as easily wrinkled as a pool of spring water.. I still have to adjust my mentality from time to time.     To be honest, I have had a very full life this year, this year of horse is very long, and I have a lot of happiness.. This year is also the first time I have been together with classmates and friends for the most time.. I look forward to more opportunities to meet my classmates and friends in the future. I also hope that in the new year, each of us will be able to spend a long time together with relatives and friends.!I wish every friend a happy New Year! Family reunion! Happiness and health! good fortune as one wishes! Happy every day! Happy, happy, happy!