Hometown Dreaming ( 7 ) )

In my childhood memory, my father was always elected as a representative of the township people’s congress and a representative of the township party congress in the years when I took part in the work.. When I first remember, whenever he went to a meeting in a township, he took turns to take one of us, for two basic reasons: First, the father could not see the child’s uneasiness. The second is to take care of rice at the meeting, and most of them are stewed vegetables or meat rice, which will take us to satisfy our appetite.. Whenever he was taken to the township government compound by his father, he told me not to run away, just waiting for him at the gate of the auditorium. So, I played nearby, and when the meeting was over, my father took me to the dining room to eat. From leaders to other staff and representatives, I knew my father very well and brought us food warmly.. On that day, like New Year’s Day, I finally enjoyed myself and my father looked at me contentedly and gave me meat from his bowl from time to time.. At that time, my greatest wish was to expect my father to go to the township for a meeting every day..   The largest piece of land in my family is near the mountain root. unless other people’s crops are harvested, there is no way out for us to pull the crops.. Who knows one year when I went to school, my father planted garlic in that field. After garlic was dug up in autumn, we were miserable. Because when garlic was dug, wheat could not be harvested, and the fields we had to pass through were planted with wheat, so we had to carry the garlic to the main road without saying that the ridge was narrow and full of weeds. It was slippery to walk, sometimes carrying out a bundle of garlic and falling several times. How many kinds of garlic were planted that year, and it was not easy to dig them out.. So we complained to our father that he didn’t plan well as soon as possible and even let him work more often.. My father has no regrets and no excuses. It was not until garlic sold at a good price that our tuition was settled that my father explained why. First, the land area is large and suitable for planting more garlic, because the price of garlic is low in the first year, he expects to raise the price in the coming year. The second is to plant’ stubble – reversing’ everything, without stubble – reversing output. After listening to this, we suddenly realized that we felt guilty for having misjudged our father at the beginning..   When we were young, we had to live on pigs for quite a long time.. Actually, it’s a pig raising, but it’s only a head. There’s nothing to feed it. In the spring and winter festival, wheat straw was smashed into fodder. In summer and autumn, it is mainly to dig wild vegetables to feed pigs. I remember at half past three or four o’clock at that time, my mother always met with several women around, pulled mules, took bags and shovels, and went to dig wild vegetables on the mountains far away.. A pocket is actually a woolen bag that is thinner and longer than a sack and can hold more than 200 catties of grain. By noon, the mother could dig a bag full of potherb, both of whom could hardly lift it. All the women who went there said that their mother was the most capable, which was the sum of the two of them.. And when someone else goes there once, they won’t go there for several days, but their mother goes there almost every day and becomes the most regular member.. In fact, they may forget that our family is also in the worst condition. The fatter pigs are fed, the more money they will naturally sell.   When I was three years old, I had diarrhea and almost died. After watching it for a long time, it did not improve either. There was a village doctor who judged that if she had a little ginseng, she might be able to get better after drinking it several times.. But at that time, there were no hospitals or pharmacies for this precious medicinal material. Where to find it? Mother was unwilling, but she began to ask around, asking whose family had Li Shen and running around several villages, but she didn’t hear who had Li Shen.. Mother was still anxious and persistent in her search, perhaps moved to heaven, and finally found out in a family that it was less than the size of her thumb’s head. She was already very lucky. After she came back, according to the doctor, she stayed up to give me a drink and didn’t drink a few meals. It was really good. Her parents were pleasantly surprised, and naturally it was hard to express her feelings..   Thirty – Five’s father likes Qin Opera. As long as there is a Qin Opera troupe nearby, he always has to see several performances.. On weekdays, there will be transistor radio playing Qin Opera, so for decades, the only modern instrument in the family is a transistor radio. In summer, when dinner is ripe, Qin opera also begins to play. We sat in the yard, eating while listening to the primitive Qin dialect.. Maybe it’s because of her love for Qin Opera, so when her father goes out to see the play, she also wants to see it once or twice.. If the meal is not ready yet, she always asks her father again and again if it is time for the Qin opera to play. She can also tell the plot of a certain play and even make some additions when her father explains it..