Half heartbroken and half obsessed

After five days and four nights of heart-wrenching and lung – wrenching, it finally survived.   Out of the platform and seeing the bright sunshine in the capital, my heart began to clear up.   It’s hard to believe that five days ago, the night was a little cold, and the news from her hometown was even colder. ms suqin left the world and went to another place.!   From sudden cardiac discomfort to the doctor pulling out the intubation of the ventilator, it will take 40 minutes. The shroud, which had already been prepared, could not be put on before she died, and there were many words to say before she could open her mouth. She was unwilling to go to heaven and walked so hastily, so eagerly and briefly in a twinkling of an eye..   God is not good at this. He always does not give people the time to start his journey. When the world of mortals separates, he is always caught off guard and always comes and goes in a hurry..   All the way to her hometown in panic, hoping to see her again when she walks on the threshold of heaven.. However, it is still too late to see only the snowy world and the land dotted with wormwood and snowflakes. Everything was gone when the withered leaves fell from the sky..   Some people say that she seems to have left with regret, so when she dies, she hopes to see a desperate cry from a pair of children, so that all things will be moved in such a winter.. The daughter went to the provincial capital and the son went to Guangxi. As a result, she longed for it, but did not get it. And a pair of children’s heart, forever left melancholy and regret..   Some people also said that she had lived a natural and unrestrained life in her life and could not say that she was rich in the world, without doubt she was not poor in money.. She left behind a lot of wealth. Like many stories, she had no time to think about how to deal with them, so she resolutely abandoned everything and never looked back.   At the time of the round grave, relatives and friends finally gathered together and bowed at that moment, causing people to unconsciously pull their hearts out of their lungs. Why did you go in such a hurry that you refused to see the last side.   In front of the tomb, burning paper money, praying for her to go all the way, hoping that there will really be a paradise – like place.   I know a lot of things happened equal to not happening, forget and forget, there is no need to think again, it is really difficult to do it. I watched a section of loess, but I did not believe it, and I still hope from the bottom of my heart that time can go back..   The first time I met her, she gave me the impression: frank, handsome and conceited, it was the summer of 1991. The last time I got together with her was the early winter of last year. I still had the impression of being frank and conceited, but less handsome and more wrinkles..   In less than a year, on that snowy night, she left alone.   Live vigorously, die in a hurry, when life has come to an end, what is the meaning of other? She disappeared forever in sight, and few people ever mentioned her again. Although the house she left behind is still lively in the spacious living room, it is worried that it won’t be long before new people change old ones..   I wanted to stay in my hometown for a few more days, at least until I burned the first seven, but I really can’t stand the sad atmosphere of the separation of yin and yang, so I got a ticket back to Beijing.   Everyone has his own story, some ups and downs, full of legend, some insipid, but in my opinion, death is like a lamp out, just as oil is exhausted, the light of life will no longer exist, and it will end up in the darkness of endless quietness, which is the so-called ” 100”.   All say, the meaning of life does not lie in its length, but who likes a flash in the pan … Ah, clearly know that people die like lights go out, but can’t calm down all the time. People’s life, why and for a long time, still can’t sort out their thoughts calmly and rationally..   Disappointment, knock down this nonsense, is a memorial to her . Ah