Drunk to sleep, love lingering

‘ Spring breeze and green Jiang Nanan, when will the moon shine on me. ‘ Xia Feng is warm, flying willow and Yang Qing, blue sky and clouds, smiling slightly, local customs, drinking in dreams and traveling thousands of miles began with the first step.   When I stood on this familiar and unfamiliar land, looking at the broad and tidy streets, the tall buildings next to me, the green rows of trees and the green trees, breathing the fresh and sweet breath of the countryside, at this moment, it seems like a dream, it seems like a reality, and the passion is Ran Ran’s desire to be born in my heart, this city, my hometown – Changchun..     You have given me life, nurtured my growth, given me the courage to work hard, the fighting spirit and the mind to travel. Today, the wandering wanderers, who have traveled thousands of miles to sleep, once again return to your arms and feel your broad, awe-inspiring northern temperament, the source of your life and the spirit of your bone marrow.. A kind of heartfelt joy and feeling of safe return is affecting my whole soul, making me happy, exciting and surging with the passion I have accumulated for a long time.! It makes me feel like I’m drunk and touched.!     Hometown – my mother, how do I offer my sincere heart, how do I wave my passion and how do I feel your kindness to my heart’s content! Feel you – the eternal mercy of the great mother!     ‘ The sea rises bright moon, brightening the whole of heaven. Tonight, after 25 years of absence, I came back to the former schoolhouse to trace the foot marks of the years and recall the lofty aspirations of those days. Wen Ya’s long boulevard path was shrouded in the orange light and shadow of fog, stepping on the track of youth and romance, accompanied by the notes of memory, rotating, intoxicated, singing and dancing.. Affection surges up, thin light moon curtain, first love person, stepping on the sweetest and most romantic serenade of life, searching for lingering, dreaming, feeling drunk and touching! Now, the moonlight is moving, the old feeling is lonely, the tree-lined path still lingers dreamily, like an infatuated person, savoring the chase carefully and looking for a pair of secluded charms in the heart.! Dreams are like drunkenness, love is lingering!     In the rush of time, the vast sea of people, the tide rises and falls, and 25 years are like a dream. Although the years have mercilessly outlined the vicissitudes of life, they can’t resist the passionate passion still boiling and blazing.. The 25 years of life are so short and so long and full that life is like a passionate stroll, a dreamy fatigue, fulfillment, pleasure of removing armor, and a bold vision for the future.!     The school building is not far away from the beautiful south lake. Changchun people are proud to stand on the magnificent south lake bridge and look out at a lake of clear water, light night wind, shallow lake waves, falling bright moon, dreaming of fish and shadows, and a beautiful moonlight, a good dream of mercy.!   Young people in bridgehead fashion have put up a passionate dance music, a dynamic rhythm, an attractive midnight, trampling on the youth and dancing with nostalgia. I am intoxicated with the midnight in my hometown this evening, making the moonlight love and the stars jealous..     ‘ at that time this evening, thousands of miles old hometown. Hometown – on this night after 25 years of absence, you intoxicated me, made me linger, and made me happy!   The young people with lofty aspirations in those days, in full swing, took your expectations, your entrustment, your teachings, and their hearts filled with enthusiasm to leave their hometown and their mother’s arms..   Today, the wandering child, holding his bare child’s arms and returning thousands of miles, worships you, my hometown and loving mother.!     A trickle-down stream, a leisurely homestead, a thousand miles of dreams and lingering emotions!   The surging tide, the dream of Xisha, the years are long, drunk to sleep!