Details, small waves of life

Happiness is often a series of details of love. The inscriptions are about to start school, and the body that is free for a holiday should converge and be on the right path.. I didn’t expect my doctor friend to go to the TCM hospital to see a doctor today. I also saw a doctor once who always thought I was healthy..   The doctor first helped the colleague to see the illness, then stared at my face, then told me to stick out my tongue and let her see the tongue coating.. I secretly thought: broken, the doctor’s occupational disease broke out. She clearly has already started asking and asking about me. I originally came to accompany the doctor, but I became a suspected patient.   The doctor habitually asked, ” Do you feel dizzy at ordinary times?”? Anemia? Feel whole body boring? After I negated them one by one, I first helped the doctor come to the conclusion that I am deficient in qi.   The doctor opened his eyes behind the thick glasses and gave me a serious look, surprised and said, ” Exactly.”! How do you know that? ‘ Listen to the doctor, I thought, medicine is not a doctor’s patent, which day medical popularization, everyone can maintain and repair their own body, the doctor will be unemployed. So I said to the doctor, ” I often read medical books and know a little bit about fur.”. I often say less lazy words, have a low voice and feel short of breath when moving. In class, I often feel short of gas and unable to speak. I have been drinking astragalus and red jujube tea at work, but I didn’t live regularly during the summer vacation and couldn’t stick to it.. ‘ The doctor nodded and said, ” Your method is right. Just making tea with Astragalus membranaceus will not be fully absorbed.”. Why don’t you prescribe some Chinese patent medicine for invigorating qi. ‘ think about the beginning of school, half a day even said a few hours in a few classes is a common thing, the feeling of out of breath is really not fun. So he wronged himself and treated himself as a patient at one time, taking the doctor’s advice and prescribing some Chinese patent medicine for invigorating qi..   When I got home, I opened the medicine bag and almost fainted. I thought it was a granule that I didn’t dislike. I didn’t know it was two shocking capsules. Look at the instructions again, boy! Eat twice a day and return three pills at a time. I am not afraid of sticking needles and hanging hanging bottles ( of course, the chance is slim ), and I am afraid of taking medicine.. I’ve never eaten a capsule of this size. Always think that long, bare guy is longer than his throat. When swallowing, if you stand down, it’s easy to do. Otherwise, it will definitely block traffic across the throat.   What do I do? The medicine bought with money can’t help but be eaten and thrown away, can it. Really, an adult can’t beat a few pills? No way! This is not my style of retreat when something goes wrong. Forget it. Throwing caution to the wind. Today I have to challenge myself to eliminate those horrible blood-red bad guys.   The husband saw me look rich and determined and knew that I was in a fierce ideological struggle.. He was humming a ditty in glee and dangling in front of me, trying to peep at my appearance and watch a scene of bustle. I don’t know what he has in mind? Can his wishful thinking succeed? Admittedly, his presence really disturbed my mind and affected my mood. So, I rudely blasted him into the room, keeping him away from my sight. First, he cheekily refused, saying that if anything should happen, he would call 120 in time.. He won’t allow it. I’m determined to drive his heavy body into the room with no mercy and attitude.. In the face of my unreasonable bullying, he begged for mercy and said, ” Wait a minute, you are merciful.”. I have to finish a particularly important thing before I can leave.Otherwise, there may be great trouble. ‘ The husband said that he went into the kitchen and took a trash can and solemnly placed it at the dining table before he quickly entered the room and left the door unlocked. I was a strange person since I was a child, and my body was allergic and xenophobic. According to my mother, my throat was very shallow.. I am sick and vomiting because of the horrible smell and the creepy things.. The husband also knows my virtue and has prepared me in advance. All of a sudden, I was a little touched and my eyes were a little hot.   Everything is ready, just wait for medicine. The three bright red capsules on the table gleamed like sparkling eyes and smiled at me badly.. I was sitting in a chair, staring at the three bad guys severely and hesitating again. Suddenly, a contrived cough came from the room. I know that a pair of gentle eyes are showing anxious and concerned light through the crack of the door.. I moved the trash can forward a little, picked up the cup, picked up the first capsule, and was ready to throw myself away. I shook my hands, carefully placed the capsule in the middle of my tongue, drank a large amount of water, craned my neck calmly, looked up, and then tried to swallow it down. Strange and strange, the long guy only got stuck in his throat and quickly slipped into his stomach. I couldn’t help admiring my courage when I won the first battle. It wasn’t too hard to challenge myself! While I was feeling smug, there was a song in the room that ran out of tune: ” When you should do it, do it.”! Everything is difficult to begin with. Maybe it’s a scare word. The first bad guy was easily wiped out by me, and I was afraid of the second and third with exactly the same strength.? Might as well take the remaining two grains in one go. Being carried away by victory, I am ready to learn dad’s feat of swallowing a pill. I just held two capsules in my hand, and there was another song in the room that sounded even more outrageous: ” Go to Kyushu in a blaze of wind and fire.”! ‘ after a pause, I feel still not too bold, haste makes waste! I am a novice to take medicine. I haven’t the ability of my father’s old patient yet. I’d better keep it safe and eliminate it one by one.. As a result, the technique was repeated. The second enemy was wiped out cleanly by me without any effort.. I heaved a sigh of relief, squinting at the last lone guy left, I was a bit contemptuous of it.. So, I proudly picked up the capsule and threw it into my mouth without aiming at it at all.. Then, smartly drink a mouthful of water without lifting your head and swallow it directly. Maybe my strategy and tactics are all wrong. The pills are bumping and dropping.. The saliva made me cough violently with my neck open and shoulders open, and tears were suppressed.   All of a sudden, a big hand slapped me behind my back quickly and gently, and a warm feeling quickly relieved me and stopped coughing. Tearful eyes, a hand handed a handful of white facial tissue. I wiped my tears and saw the anxiety and pity of my husband’s face.   Thinking about my underestimation and mess, I smiled shyly towards my husband. I don’t know how, clearly wiped eyes again fog, tears. The tears of happiness hang on the smiling face for a long time.   The husband handed me another piece of facial tissue and said, ” All right.”! I have to clean up the battlefield. The eldest brother is not small, still like a child who has not grown up. ‘ then he picked up the trash can and walked to the bathroom.   Looking at the back of my husband’s broad and warm figure and recalling his seemingly careless details of love, my heart suddenly felt a wisp of sweet warmth.. Suddenly, I felt that the warm details in my life are like beautiful and delicate waves, which decorate ordinary and plain days from time to time.. Therefore, the long river of life can flow forward continuously and joyfully. Happiness is often a series of details of love.