Believe in yourself, believe in life

Participate in believing in yourself and believing in the author of the living regulations: old three, October 10, 2015, 01: 42 … we walked through the wind, the rain, the vicissitudes of life, the four seasons, we enjoyed the sunshine and enjoyed the light life, all because of love! We went from sunrise to sunset, from flowering to fruition, because of love! Since we love each other, let’s not miss it! Passed by the scenery must never miss you again, and do not need any reason. This is the magnificent meaning of love, which should belong to the youth dreams of the sea, and will be polished by the years. We should enjoy peace and happiness. We should savor the light life and look at the neon lights flashing before us. We should enjoy our own share of the happiness and worldly life. Many of you will only’ hurt’ and’ suffer’ others if you endlessly ask for it, lose yourself and the world of mortals, many sunrise in the east, sunset in the west believe in yourself, and believe that peace and we enjoy the sunshine.