A brief description of the mood

The end of the decade is not only a love but also a friendship.!   Ten years ago, about this season, we met. Ten years later, this season, we chose to separate! When we met each other, we were still very young, but when we were separated, our faces had already left traces of the years..   I said that I can learn things that I can’t, but I really can’t learn about love. I have worked hard for it and paid for it. I said that giving will pay off, but I didn’t feel anything in return for me..   The original feeling is not love but dependence after a long time, and then when it is lost, it is not pain, but not giving up.’ That’s right, indeed, for so many years, even if there is no love, there will still be friendship.? But when you decide to leave, what’s the use of not giving up?   We have all tried to retain, but when a person is really dead to a person, everything has become unimportant!   When we are together, our personalities are more stubborn, no one wants to bow their heads, and no one can throw away our respective faces. But now, think about it, is face really so important?? In fact, as long as two people are happy together, who bowed their heads first and why not ~! Just, it’s too late now. Even if you think too clearly and see too clearly, what’s the use of regret??   People live all their lives, and who will not make mistakes?? In fact, it is not terrible to make mistakes. The terrible thing is to know clearly that you have made mistakes, but you are not willing to correct them. In this way, it is the most terrible thing..   Perhaps, after the separation, we will all live with each other in our hearts, with such a person ( she ) that we loved deeply, or perhaps, memories are also happy.?