Ah, ” The Age”

[ Introduction ]In those days, putting the cart before the horse, something that seems to be a joke today happened. That’s not surprising … ” Xuehua Gao” and bourgeois ideology were studied in a rural school in my junior middle school..     At that time, the poor and lower middle peasants managed the school, the PLA supported the left, and the leading role of the school – the teacher – was sidelined.. As students, we don’t know what to do. We hoed in spring and autumn harvest and did military training and running, but we didn’t have time to study hard..     After the holiday, the students in the countryside went home to earn their jobs. We, the students who ate commodity grain, began to study farm work in practice.. Led by the poor and lower middle peasants, they soak in the ground from morning till night, experiencing the artistic conception of ” weeding day is noon, sweating grain and dropping soil”. In the harvest season, the crops in the school farm base will be recovered. At that time, there were no means of transportation, and all of them were carried by people. Our vitality has surpassed that of the poor and lower middle peasants, and there are still livestock in the production team? After the work in the field was finished, the poor and lower-middle peasants ordered that the adobe walls of the school should also be beaten up..     We tied up splints, dug tidal soil, swung big rammers, filled with grass, sweated like mud, building houses, laying bricks or stones, adding straw, etc., and finally achieved the goal. The original method of building walls erected a barrier for schools.. Down, the toilets in the school were also paid by our students who ate commodity grain, and the poor and lower middle peasants in charge of the school said, ” You get what you don’t work for, the bourgeois ideology is too serious and needs to be reformed.”. Sure enough, one of our classmates was caught red-handed while he was cleaning the toilet. The toilet should be paid out. He is good. He doesn’t say anything about wearing a mask. He also smeared a piece of’ vanishing cream’ under his nose and was caught in the current’ bourgeois’ ideology.. As a result, he was ordered to pay for the toilet for a week in a row. There is no way out.     Compared with military training, we prefer military training. Go in line, practice assassinations, throw training grenades and shoot live ammunition, shouting 123 – 4, singing the song of returning from shooting.. At best, we are big children. On one occasion, under the organization of supporting the left PLA, we conducted a training exercise..     It was grand enough for the poor and lower middle peasants to follow. The teacher led it. The PLA also took a riding gun, a marching pot and rice noodles to the students of different grades.. Remember it was autumn. The scenery along the way is very beautiful. The team crawled along the winding mountain road. At one command, they began to bury pots and make rice, while female students cooked rice, and silly boys held firewood. At that time, the scene was spectacular.. Walking tired, hungry, just out of the pot of rice with pickles, eat very sweet.     On the cliff, there are fire-like dandelion flowers, unknown flowers everywhere, and wild hornets hovering overhead, which is frightening. Looking up, the eagle circled over the cliff head, and the clouds were walking and moving, making people dizzy..     Suddenly, there was a command to rest in situ. Oh, I didn’t find a good place to sit down on the hillside. I saw the teacher whispering to the PLA for a while. It looked tense and the PLA’s gun was tightly held in his hand.. Later, I learned that there was a local leopard lying not far from us, probably because there were many people who didn’t dare to make a move, so it hung well!     In the evening, we stayed at the hometown’s house. It’s really fresh. We’re not here on the Loess Plateau. Villagers have even lived in caves. It’s an open eye.. There are also fresh, villagers’ domestic chickens that fall on the branches for the night and do not know where to lay their eggs.. In the morning, we learned to look like the Eighth Route Army and filled the villagers’ homes with water tanks.     Three days later, we walked 120 miles. Fortunately, I was young and didn’t feel too tired.     It’s not easy to remember that the poor and lower middle peasants who manage the school have no culture and are stuck in the intellectual pile all day long and are tired enough.. It is a compulsory course for students to remember how to struggle hard and how to remember once every three to five. Everyone is also somewhat paralyzed, just shouting slogans and holding fists high.. Some of the poor and lower-middle peasants who have been invited have gone some way in remembering their sufferings, for example, the landlord gave the long-time workers fried cakes and hand towels in sheep’s bellies during the autumn harvest, and the family was poor because of Lao Tzu’s smoking a big cigarette, and so on.     Students and teachers are not allowed to laugh, or there may be problems with their positions. I remember a poor and lower-middle farmer who ran the school said a classic saying: ” You, plastic shoes and flower headscarves are manifestations of bourgeois ideology.”! ‘ In those days, the bourgeoisie’s’ poles’ also seemed to be a little lower..     Time has passed, what to do and what to do, leaving only sour memories.     Yesterday was today’s history. History can be used for reference. History can be reviewed. I hope it will not be repeated.[ Responsibility Editor: Yuet Hua[ Original ]