Grandfather’s shadow

Where there is a father, there will be a grandfather’s shadow! Because his grandfather gave his father’s body and soul, his father comforted his grandfather with his honesty, integrity, respect, and the portrayal of the curling moon.! Father also influenced our brother and sister’s life with his integrity, courage and kindness, and made our brother and sister have excellent moral character and personality, and welcomed passers-by’s approval and admiration on the way to life.!     Grandfather is one of the only two 90 – year – old people in our village. Grandfather has lived with my eldest brother in the clinic for nearly five years, and although he is 94 years old, he has been in good health all the time.. But just one night half a month ago, my grandfather went upstairs to rest, but he didn’t have a flashlight in his pocket and accidentally fell on the stairs. He didn’t eat for a week. On the evening of the seventh day, he suddenly fainted several times. Before that, he purposely left his last words and told his father to call my two brothers and one brother to him and say something to speak about.. My father didn’t think his grandfather would die so soon, so he blocked his idea. However, my grandfather told my parents everything about his future. He was not only worried about his 70 – year – old frail son and daughter-in-law ( my father and mother ), but also about his youngest grandchild ( my younger brother ) whose two children were only three years old and one year old. The father of the children was punished because he had committed a crime in another country a few years ago, so the burden of helping my sister-in-law to take care of the two children fell on my parents and sister – in – law.. For this reason, my grandfather was so distressed that he handed over the 1,000 yuan he had saved to his son, my father, and said, ” Leave this 1,000 yuan to the two poor grandchildren who don’t have a father by their side.”! When my grandfather did these things, I couldn’t be at the scene. My eldest brother called the next day and I didn’t know about my grandfather’s fall, let alone that he didn’t eat for a week.. Everyone knows that he did not hurt his feet and did not interfere with his diet. He was on hunger strike himself. His always clean grandfather feared that he would be embarrassed to wait on his family after eating excrement and urine, and he was afraid to add burden to his family. In addition, he considered that his only son ( my father ) was ill and he was afraid that he would not be able to give him filial piety in the future. His grandfather did not want to send black hair again to himself.. Grandfather also confessed to my father that when he was old, he didn’t have to do a big funeral for him and have a big funeral for him in three days..     Due to the lack of a good day for burial and following grandfather’s wishes, the eldest brother in charge of the funeral has reached a consensus among our brother and sister and has not kept his body in the hall much longer..     That morning, after receiving a phone call from my eldest brother, I went with my husband to the bride’s family to visit my grandfather. Just as I entered the house, many relatives and friends were there. I saw my skinny grandfather lying in a hospital bed. I cried with emotion: ” Grandpa, I’ve come to see you.”! Grandpa struggled to open his eyes and looked at me as if he were a little strange to me. I introduced my baby name, the baby name of the granddaughter he loved from an early age! Grandfather first thought he was being called by my sister-in-law with the same name, and then I introduced it again before he realized it was me. I asked him where his pain was. Grandfather told me that his feet hurt and he had a headache.. Then I touched my grandfather’s foot, which was already very cold. I put my grandfather’s hand out into the quilt and pulled it over.     At lunch time, we took turns waiting for our grandfather in front of the bed and just put the bowl in place. Grandfather said he wanted to sit up and said irritably that he would go out and sit down. So everyone took his grandfather’s powerless body and moved to a high floor at the door of the room.. Grandfather opened his big eyes and carefully looked at the long-lost sky outside. Relatives and brothers supported Grandfather’s head and body.. I didn’t expect this to be my grandfather’s last blip on his deathbed, so I went into the back room and sat down for a while.. I was talking to my family about my grandfather’s recent situation when I suddenly heard my parents sob and ran out. My grandfather was not as fresh as he was just now, but he was dying for a long time and refused to let go of his breath.. Then, in a series of words of gratitude from my parents to him, I left tears of gratitude and tears of love with my relatives present.! Thanks to my grandfather’s kindness to our family, old and young, over the past few decades, I raised six siblings for sick parents. And the young disabled elder sister-in-law who died. My grandmother died in childbirth when her grandfather was 38 years old and has not married another grandmother so far, in order to bring a disabled daughter ( my aunt ) and the tough conditions of the year..     Our family is very grateful for grandfather’s merits and kindness, admired for his contentment, moved by his magnanimous and open-minded feelings, and poignant for his widowed marriage for 50 years.. Grandfather did not suffer much pain in the world, nor did he suffer much pain before he died, but he secretly lightened the burden for all future generations.. In my life, my grandfather left no regrets for our next generation except for a few decades of celibacy.. In fact, my grandfather insisted on living for another month, and he would wait until his fifth generation was born, when our family would welcome the enviable and praiseworthy fifth generation, but we all know that my grandfather had today’s grandchildren in groups, and even if he only saw the fourth generation, he was satisfied and went away contentedly..     My brothers carried the grandfather who still had one breath into the room, held on to his last breath, and finished a series of shaving and changing clothes according to folk customs.. Grandfather walked peacefully, cleanly and cleanly, without any fear at all.. From when I entered the room to when my grandfather swallowed his last breath to when he was full, he didn’t hear his grandfather hum..     I have had the fear of mourning all my life, let alone approaching the body of the dead. That day, I finally plucked up the courage to approach my grandfather’s cold and stiff body so close for the first time, washing his face once and washing all the clothes he had just changed after he died. I wanted to use this opportunity to make up for what he had not done to his grandfather before, and to do the last filial piety in order to find the greatest solace in his heart and let his grandfather feel a little filial piety of his granddaughter in the spirit of heaven.. The reason why I don’t fear and don’t abandon this is because this old man is unusual. He is an old man approaching the age of one hundred, a son who loves cleanness and hurts future generations, is kind to himself, and is his closest grandfather.!     On the day of the funeral, the sky began to rain heavily just a few steps out of the hall, and three thunderings were also made. Nearly a hundred of our sons were drenched by the sudden heavy rain.. Everyone said that this was a good omen, and it was grandfather’s kindness that touched heaven, who wept for him and celebrated his entry into heaven.! Hearing this, everyone was comforted even if it rained again!     Grandfather has been away from us for almost a month, but my mind and eyes still show his honorable appearance and help my parents run business on the market day. When I was a child, I went up the hill and down the mountain to find my mother’s figure behind my crying brothers. Will think of ways to make all kinds of toys, coax my brothers playing with skin; Even use wooden ladders to build the eaves and pay for the swallows in the bird’s nest for the younger brother. Even if he broke his head and slept for half a year, he did not complain. In the middle of the night, I get up to cook for the junior high school students who go to 5km away, carry lanterns and send me to meet my little sisters at the foot of the mountain. As soon as it was light, I got up and mowed the mountain and came back, while my family was still sleeping. When I was a child, I spent a few cents on the weekend collecting firewood and asking our brother and sister to go down to eat dog meat soup pot. After moving down the mountain to live, he sat and stood in front of his brothers every day, laughing at the scenes of calling his two grandchildren and so on.. All of these make me very emotional and emotional!     Forty years ago, my grandfather used a wooden pole to carry a pipe in an old cloth bag and some women’s bottom needles for sole to sell at distant markets in Dayun and Baihua.. I have to travel back and forth on the deserted debris road and stay there for nearly 20 hours. Because of the long journey, my grandfather had to leave for a fair in the middle of the night before, and then go to the small hotel in front of him for the night after the fair dispersed, and then go to another fair for nearly five hours before dawn the next day. After the fair dispersed, he returned to the original hotel and didn’t get home until about noon on the third day..     Under the influence of my grandfather, my father began to toil up the mountain to collect various kinds of craft materials such as sorghum stalks and wild kudzu vine, and picked bundles to sell in distant towns.     The cycle goes on and on, and this toiling business has lasted for many years.. Grandfather and his father earned some savings from their hard work. Father used the money to wholesale more daily necessities in the city and walked with our mother to sell them in villages and towns markets. Grandfather was dedicated to farm work at home, so he toiled silently on the mountain for our big family all his life.!     In the hearts of our children and grandchildren, grandfather is ordinary, but great!Grandfather lived all his life in the old house on the loess plateau, and he was always faithful to the old house.! Later, all the people left the old house. The brothers had tall and beautiful buildings at the foot of the mountain and some relatives died of illness.. The 80 – year – old grandfather did not want to live at the foot of the mountain with everyone in the first few years. He did not abandon the old house, which was old and poor, and was close to the old house. No one could shake his sincerity in leaving the old house.. The grandfather who stayed on the mountain still kept several pigs, several chickens and a mother dog that would only come to the foot of the mountain to string relatives together..     In December 2006, the elderly grandfather was no longer able to stay in the mountain to accompany the old house, but was reluctantly received by my brothers to my parents’ new home at the foot of the mountain.. At the time of the barking epidemic, my grandfather reluctantly sold the domestic dog and pig, leaving a few local roosters who can only sing in the old house.. Let the underage chicks stand on their own in the woods behind the door.. Leaving behind generations of ancestors and grandchildren who shed countless sweat drops but reaped bumper harvests year after year, brothers planted seedlings in the mountains.. When the weather is fine, my grandfather occasionally goes up the hill with crutches to see the old house and the chickens and sleeps in the old house for a night or two..     Later, because my grandfather was over ninety, my parents were old and infirm. After consultation, my grandfather was arranged to support my eldest brother, and other brothers each contributed part of their pension to help him support his grandfather.. Even though he was over 90 years old, his grandfather still used crutches from time to time to go up the hill alone to visit the lonely old house.. He often thinks that his old house, which has lived alone for decades, will feel lonely and friendless..     Perhaps every sleepless night, my grandfather is resting on his memory of all the joys and sorrows that happened beside him. Perhaps every quiet night, my grandfather and the lonely old house are immersed again and again, touching the drops that passed away instantly, or licking the vicissitudes of life that relatives left alone again and again..     Our family for generations will deeply miss our grandfather, love our grandfather, be grateful like our father, miss his every move before his death, and the breath of grass, wood and earth that grandfather devoted his whole life to.! At the age of ninety-four, my grandfather’s life was not easy! I miss my old house and even more my grandfather! Missing often makes me cry!     Today, my grandfather was buried next door to my old house and became a neighbor to my lonely old house. From then on, my grandfather and the old house can have a heart-to-heart talk in the dead of night. I seem to hear the old, dumb, cordial and affectionate conversation between grandfather and the old house again … Ah