Filial boy

Many programs staged in the filial boy’s life theatre always arouse people’s heartfelt desire to applaud.. One day at noon, I went to the bath center of the city that never sleeps to take a bath.. Looking for a good bed, just sat down and came in from outside. The front one, about eighty years old, with white hair, good-natured eyebrows and intellectual appearance, walked forward with his hands on a four-legged metal shelf, followed by a young man in his twenties, who was clean in vain, with crew cut, a meter of seven or more stature, chubby, big eyes, a standard handsome boy and two bulging cloth bags in his hand.. Walk up to the bed next to me, the young man put the cloth on the bed, side by side, holding the old man’s right arm with his right hand, turning around from behind with his left hand, inserting it into the old man’s creaky nest, and holding the old man to sit down slowly. Then, gently and slowly help the old man take off his clothes, and be as careful as picking up soaked paper.. After the clothes were stripped off, the old man pressed the shelf, and the young man followed the old man’s footsteps and went to the bathroom with his bath supplies.. After entering the bathroom, he went under the shower head, the old man pressed the support, the young man took a bench and placed it at the root of the old man’s leg, holding the old man to sit down slowly, quietly asking for a shower, the old man” um” 1. The old man showered for a while. The young man said wash your hair. The old man nodded. The young man squeezed out the shampoo cream and put it on the old man’s head. After carefully scratching the old man’s head, the old man said it didn’t matter. The old man said that he would do well. Scratch again for a while, the young man said angrily, the old man’s ” uh – huh” and ” two”. After the water came out, the young man said the water was poisonous, and the old man said nothing. It’s like a mother washing a baby’s hair. A guy in his twenties can do this. It’s rare. It’s really rare.. After washing the old man’s head, the young man said soap, and the old man said yes. The young man lifted the old man up, moved the stool aside, soaped the old man from top to bottom, from left to right, slowly, gently and softly, tickling his thigh, foot, buttock and groove, rubbing it several times one by one, and saying’ press the bracket and speak quickly when his arm is sore’. That thoughtful, that meticulous, that heart, as if to wipe a national treasure. After washing off the soap foam, the young man wiped the water off the old man’s body with a towel, sent the old man to the bed, wiped the old man’s whole body with a dry towel, put on autumn clothes and autumn trousers for the old man, helped the old man lie down, covered the old man with a quilt, and said, I will go home after washing in the pool. The old man gave a wave of his hand. The young man walked up to the pool and came back again, pulling a quilt from another bed, covering the old man, stretching it evenly and tucking in the edge before he went down to the pool.. I asked the young man what he was. The young man said he was my grandfather. I said you were the most filial grandson I have ever seen. How blessed is your grandfather. The young man smiled shyly. Bathroom staff said, young man, you’re good and praise for you. A dozen bathers gave the young man a thumbs-up sign, and the young man bowed his head shyly.. The real filial piety is not how much money is given to the old man, nor is it the crying of the old man when he dies, but the patient, meticulous and meticulous care of the old man in daily life..