Trump banned the trading of Venezuela "oil money" in the US

According to the US Securities News Tencent financial website CNBC reported that the US president Donald – Trump (Donald Trump) on Monday issued an executive order prohibiting any transactions in the United States issued by the Venezuelan government, issued its issuance or on behalf of any digital Currency。 The order applies to US citizens and any person in the United States, including encryption currency on January 9 and later released。 Trump also authorized the US Treasury, in order to execute this command, you can publish all the necessary regulatory, saying that all US government agencies must take all appropriate measures within the authority, the implementation of this ban。
In a statement, the White House said the president of Trump command is the president of Venezuela Nicolas – Maduro (Nicolás Maduro) recently attempted to respond "to avoid US sanctions by issuing a digital currency" made。
Although not directly named, but this order of business is clearly against Venezuela last month on sale "oil money" (oil)。
Analysts said the Venezuelan oil money is the way to open up the issue to circumvent sanctions。
In February of this year, Venezuela launched the oil-based encryption currency "oil money" (oil), to help the country get rid of the continuing economic crisis。 President Maduro said that every coin will be based on an oil barrel of oil in the country。 Maduro also said it will issue about 100 million "oil money", the total valuation of about $ 6 billion。
Maduro so-called "oil money" out of economic difficulties seen as a means of increasing the。 During the last month "road show," he said, "Venezuela at the forefront of digital encryption monetary field, leading technology and economic development。 After "according to Bitcoin trading site Coinbase data, Trump announced the release of the executive order, Bitcoin prices fell by about $ 200 to $ 8388 down。 As shown below: HTTPS: /// // application resources / editorialfiles / chart / 2018/03 / 1521481903_ This is the latest move by the government to limit Trump Maduro government access to capital。 President Trump signed an executive order in August, financial sanctions against Venezuela。 US Treasury Secretary Steven – Nuqin (StevenMnuchin) told reporters at a news conference: "can not be at the expense of the interests of the Venezuelan people's expense, using the US financial system to facilitate the large-scale looting of the Venezuelan economy。 "The US Treasury Department on the potential negative uses encryption currency were reviewed。
Nuqin said in a January interview with CNBC interview: "I have money, whether encrypted digital currency Bitcoin is still the main focus on other things want to make sure they are not being used for illegal activities。
So in the United States, if you hold bitcoins, you will be subject to the same regulatory and banking。