After work, I’ll pick you up

They didn’t end up sitting next to me, with one sitting with two children. The gun hole in the middle of the boy’s forehead has not bled yet, and the place where the girl was shot is not easy to detect. I don’t believe they will really die. Before I found their sleeping berth, I saw the clean marks of blood on the empty place, fresh and frightened, and some believed their death..     After that, a group of relatives and I marched west along the railway in our hometown, with a faint buzzing sound of vehicles in our ears. That belief reappeared because their coffin appeared in front of us, their small bodies, and they had become stiff, drawing my sorrow from my heart and holding the arm of their aging aunt, tears filled their eyes, and they could not bear to kill the two children in order to win places abroad.. I cried out.     Wake up, in shock, to prove whether my son is among them, to prove the truth and mystery of reality and dreams. In the cold darkness, I groped my son’s room and saw him sleeping there. My tinnitus symptoms remained the same that night. I moved back to my bed, turned over and slept again. The moist eyes relaxed. Although still wet, the peace of mind that nightmares woke up carried my soul, radiating to my body’s nerves and skin, gradually relaxed and slept until the bell rang regularly..     My son seemed to know that I was worried. I had just washed up and he shouted in the bedroom, ” Dad, I’ve got up.”. He had already stood on the bed with the orange-red glow of the radiator through his door.. The horror and sadness of those nightmares still saw my organs and nerves in another area.. The son has got out of bed, with a pair of small hands on his sleeve and a very thin appearance. He ran out of the room and called me softly and sweetly, with his little face upturned and his heart full of smiles.. I picked him up and said I would pick you up today and I would go after work in the afternoon..     When I left the house, the time for work was already pressing. I hurried downstairs without greeting him, but at the moment of closing the door, ” bang” clearly heard him shout something.. I slowed down my steps and heard him scurrying to the door, opening the blue iron gate, trying to say’ goodbye’ and carrying on greeting and caring to separation.. The tender voice was heard in the stairwell. I stopped and looked back to his direction. He waved goodbye to him from high up there.. The brightness of the sun, through the window between the corridor, the breeze blows gently.     After work at noon, I didn’t go home. I went downstairs and came under the hedge planted with yellow poplar, green spinach and garlic sprouts, growing in the fertile soil with a border and shining eyes.. Through the yellow leaves, we checked the depth and size of the root diameter covered by the soil, pulled up three garlic shoots and a handful of spinach, and carried some soil grains between the watery and red hairy roots, mingled with the gossip of a few late workers outside the fence..     When my hands were full of green vegetables and those people had gone away, I washed them carefully at the water pipe. These glistening green vegetables, a package of simple instant noodles and some cabbage leaves I have left can be stewed into a bowl of delicious food and a bowl of free food.. What’s your lunch today, son? Lunch in Kindergarten?     After lunch, the courtyard suddenly quieted down. The sun was sprinkled on the wet vegetable beds and the black soil. The light was darker and clearer. The sound of cars on the road was no longer as distant and frightened as dreams, but it was transmitted so truly and safely.. The children in the kindergarten have already taken their lunch break, son. It won’t be long before I pick you up. After work.     I don’t know whether these trivial things in life can be constructed into a statue for the world to look at and remember. I used to think that as long as you look carefully, find out and express, many scenes and languages will have typical meanings and make people want to stay in the limelight.. However, what kind of situations can people understand and accept these meanings or the choice and creation of sculpture?     Tianlun’s happiness is natural, parents and children’s deep feeling. Why do you often hear more about fighting against one another and hurting one’s parents?? Merciful, apostasy, separation, normal, even its popularity? About the love of father and son, about all kinds of affection, about the dialogue, communication and actions of children in the past, whether they are losing their typical meaning and dormant and difficult to wake up in the ordinary and tangled life?     My parents! My child! My children!