A few green corn

A season when crops are about to mature.   Father worked as a breeder in the production team, feeding more than 20 large livestock in the production team. When the work was finished in the afternoon, the team’s drivers drove the carriage to the breeding shed one after another..   The road to the feeding shed was a steep slope, with a young driver waving a whip and shouting’ driving’ in his mouth, in order to gain some time to hand over the exhausted livestock to the breeder for his own home. The ups and downs of the road and the soil ridge raised the car very high, and when they arrived at the feeding shed yard, the animals were panting and panting. At this moment, I saw the young driver looking left and right and looking panic. He quickly tidied up the things in the car, with one hand covering the green corn covered with his coat and twisting his head, staring at the father who was cleaning the stone trough of the feeding shed far away. I don’t know what to do. In fact, the heavy green corn in the car has revealed the truth with the noise of the car bumping and gurgling, and the young man stole the green corn..   Young people want their father to go away and hide away so as to wrap up green corn in clothes and carry it home for enjoyment. However, honest father regards collective interests as his life, and the fruits of crops are the fruit of everyone’s common work. Individuals are not allowed to get involved in personal belongings. At that time, rural members were generally short of food and regarded it as his life.. Not considering personal safety and being a defender of collective interests, this is the creed of the father to be a man.   He bravely stepped forward and with his father’s approach, the young man’s eyes shone with fear. What’s in the car? Father is strict in righteousness. It’s nothing. Young people also greet their father. The youth’s look suddenly eased. Eldest brother, I’ve got some green corn. Don’t tell the captain about it. I’ll be deducted and punished.. In any case, you can’t take the collective things home, or you can put them in a barn to feed the animals. Father said. Uncle, I very not easy to split back from the ground. I have come to see the green customs. I still won’t let me take them home when I arrive here.? After the job is done, I will buy Dagang brand cigarettes for uncle. Is it still not possible. No, we can’t trade collective things. At this point, young people can’t see how soft they are, but they come to be hard, short in stature, tall in stature and strong in strength.. The young man suddenly hugged his father’s waist and knocked his father to the ground. The father pulled him and said, ” You are so unreasonable, you still hit people. Let’s find a place to reason.”! Find the captain. Unexpectedly, the young man listened and did not give up. He pushed his father to the ground, waving his fist at his father’s face and chest, with a flurry of fists.. Bad to ruthlessly grabbed his father’s ear and said, ” You said you were going to say it again. If you don’t say it, I’ll let you go, or I’ll let you go to the Western Heaven.”. My father was beaten black and blue and broke several ribs.   It was later heard that my father had left me. Over the years, my heart ached for my father’s maladjustment. Did I not close my eyes and avoid it? Why was I beaten up for a few green corn?? His father’s stubborn temper also provoked many people, and his outspoken attitude was unacceptable to snobs and even affected his future. Father’s life has been very ill – fated, displaced and far away from wealth, and he has not left us an inheritable legacy.. However, when I face power, I tend to be weak, hesitate to face justice, and know the good and the bad, but I can’t make up my mind to distinguish between them with my body, and so do many people around me.. Suddenly, the father’s image grew tall, and he did everything for justice, for others, not sacrifice himself. This is his father. Isn’t this exactly the positive energy we want to carry forward? My father left me an inexhaustible positive energy and an intangible asset that could not be bought with money..