Baby, your body hurts, my heart hurts!

Baby, dad never felt heartache before he had you. In my decades of memory, I have never experienced such feelings as the so-called heart-pounding except for the normal joys and sorrows, sweet and sour, bitter and bitter.. I can not sleep happily, can cry sadly, can be hysterical with anger, and can be depressed and taciturn…. But my heart never felt pain until you appeared.     It was March 2009, and you just started to toddler. At that time, we still lived in a small house in No.1 Middle School. It was chilly in the spring. I just woke up from a nap and lay on the bed in the living room.. Your mother-in-law went out to dump the garbage. You held the sofa and moved your feet slowly. I looked at you with such tenderness and carefulness.. You turned around at the corner of the sofa and saw me. I looked at me and smiled stupidly. I also looked at you and smiled stupidly.. As soon as you get excited, your hands are loose and your feet are slippery. I wish the time had stopped at that moment, but I didn’t. I instinctively wanted to jump out of bed to catch you, but that moment was too sudden for me to respond. You’re wearing a small blue-and-black cotton-padded jacket with a hat attached to the back of the coat, but the thickness of the hat doesn’t stop your head from hitting the floor at all. ‘ boom -‘, so clear and crisp, so heavy, directly hit on my heart.     I hate that floor. I hate my hand not long enough. I hate it! The tile floor is so hard, your head is so small, and the sound of boom is so loud, how painful your head should be, baby! And you, of course, only know to cry, don’t know how painful the’ boom’ and’ thump’ dad’s heart is!     People say that children have the worst immunity when they are over two years old, and you have been told by misfortune.. Before and after ” May Day” in 2010, you were ill. Cold, fever, cough, pneumonia, a week’s suspension needle. At the end of the day, the doctor told us to take care of it carefully, or else pneumonia will recur. In addition to your mother, I didn’t care about you and your grandparents and mother – in – law. Isn’t that what the doctor told me?. Just in time for your sister’s wedding, grandpa’s mother-in-law took you home to drink wedding wine. The weather has warmed up and it’s very hot at noon. Maybe her mother-in-law has cut your clothes at noon and is busy in the afternoon and forgot to add them to you.. When your mother and I went this afternoon, you only wore a single shirt outside the autumn coat and stood in the wind with a runny nose.. Your mother immediately fired up and yelled at your grandparents in public. I also think that your mother made a mountain out of a molehill and showed no respect for the people. As a result, you really suffered a relapse of pneumonia that night.. Injection, injection, or injection. When the injection time exceeds 20 days, I finally can’t help it. How can such a small child inject every day? I want to take you to Xiangfan Central Hospital and ask a pediatrician for consultation. The expert’s diagnosis also needs to be checked, but the most painful thing for me is to draw blood for you.. You are too small, the blood vessels in your hands are too thin, and you can only draw blood from the arteries around your neck. I put you on the blood drawing table, hold your feet with my legs, hold your hands with my left hand, and hold your head with my right hand. Your arms are so thin, your hands are so small, your head is not as big as your father’s, but I clearly feel your fragile and firm strength when you resist..     The thick needle used to draw blood pierced your neck, and the deep red blood flowed into the small test tube along the needle tube. Your face flushed red, your hands and feet kept twisting and crying hysterically. Dad wanted to look away from this scene, and he was afraid that the needle would tilt and make you more painful.. My heart has been pulling, pulling and watching the whole process. When the needle was pulled out of your neck, I felt it was pulled out of my heart. Dad was an adult and knew that this pain could only be borne by you, but at that time, I had been imagining that if the pain could be passed on, then let me carry your pain..     Baby, the pain is on you, the pain is more on dad’s heart!