Be important to your neighbors

As people often say, we have to rely on relatives at home and friends when we go out. This shows the importance of friends. After several years of doing business here, we were not familiar with our life and place, and our mother’s habit of farming did not change, so we begged for a piece of land and planted many vegetables from our neighbors. Because we knew each other, we did not talk about money and saved a lot of living costs.. Father knows this truth. When he makes a lot of money, he doesn’t care about small money. It’s the best policy to attack his heart. Every time a native passes by, he has to say hello. When a native asks for help, he gives it generously. After a long time of natural relationship, he has some feelings. The grandma next door is kind and sends bacon to my house. We will give back glucose as a courtesy.. Greeting at the New Year’s Day, we finally moved to our new neighbors recently. Only a few days later, we began to get acquainted again. They knew that our family was raising chickens and voluntarily brought leftovers. Of course, we welcomed them indefinitely, without any change.. When I was in a hurry, I suddenly thought of asking for help from the neighborhood immediately. The problem was solved naturally and smoothly. This made me realize clearly the importance of handing in neighbors and can be described by the words of my lips.. It is no wonder that when someone loses his car, he is most worried about being misunderstood by his neighbors. Losing money is a small matter and losing harmony is a big matter. This shows that he attaches importance to his neighbor’s relationship, not to mention his intention to betray him.. This reminds me of the college entrance examination, in which a composition was written that one’s property was stolen from one’s own home, and it was decided that it was done by one’s neighbor. It can be seen that the rich man has too much money and does not understand the importance of his neighbor, so he has doubts. If he is a neighbor like himself, he will never have doubts. If he steals from his own property, it will be a small loss and a great loss..