Annatto, spent a total of Tears

Afraid I can not, with the Red raving, reading the story about the stone.I’m not afraid to hurry, approached the funeral flowers woman.  Just ponder too long, unable to stop.    Rain smoke fly season, laughter Fragrance fleeting, I walk alone in the alley Xing Hong Liulv, want to find a road to Green ridge peak.If you can, I will be when the snow pear, return.  Tonight, lighting a lamp.Awake, a person sleepless.  Candle not like, do not like her tearful eyes like a pair of non-Organization of the Organization, however, that Qice sobs through time and space, still hurt my heart.  Yu Qijie snow shortage, but why, stronger than dirt Nao trap trench; flowers on its appearance inadequate metaphor, but why, once the roots of old flowers, conceal a sigh.    Changtae be born on the night dew cold, your delicate ghost-like shadow, scared away Suniao crow habitat trees, could not bear to listen to this cry of sorrow.Air-to-dark candlelight tear down, drop by drop, consumer to do face, haggard haggard complex.Pick up a pen heartbroken sentence, 360 days a year, day only pity, how Aode Zhu coldest cold night.    If that’s intimate encounter, who heaved a pity people?  Garden colorful, bright colors and lively, laughing Yingying that crowd, but no one called her is the woman.Then there was a man in disappointment lingered, long, long time, searching through vain.Two people, unhappy with the fragrant mound respective.  Yingyingchaochao who shadow, wandering term water.Montreal incense Egypt, people worried dying.  Tears empty sticks, air sticks to depend on what, how can the Seoul depend?    Flowers, people lost.  People lost, the residual tears.  How many lonely, how desolate, curtain westerly point, how long can you stand?  Slowly, air knife frost shear strict onslaught; slowly cool autumn window rain lone.  The storm will subside?  Tears have dried, the clouds cleared, everything all off.Wan edge are silent, once and for all is the right time.    Dead vast fireworks, because your glance, not about a romantic interpretation of romantic.  Only fear, nowhere to be found in Hong mound witnessed that field not about earthly discrete.  Only fear, silent sky can answer this not about scores of Beauty.