2 Story House

[Otsuka] Plateau Datong dialects, much larger Northeast, Inner Mongolia, people, people in Gansu, Shandong and other people listen more cordial, but adjacent to the Shaanxi (excluding northern Shaanxi) does not seem too strong taste.Shanxi Datong people speak rarely used word often say the plateau, and the word grave Plateau, regarded as an exception.This is about Robert W. Northern Shaanxi strong move after more than ten thousand people to the city Weidou Ping, after fifteen hundred years scouring wash, leaving it remains one of the few language learning.Grave plateau, generally refers to the family cemetery; the grave plateau Ge heap, specifically refers to the tomb; and Otsuka plateau, just near a Luanfen Gang mean.    I first heard the term Otsuka plateau, strange, but also really surprised.Primary and third grade, his mother said, the new semester do not have the room and then to the temple to go to school, go west of the village distant Otsuka Plateau.Otsuka Plateau?Temple moved from the hospital cemetery?That’s not ghosts haunt?Listen afraid to speak mischievous young deliberately intimidating some of the ghost stories, and a word ghost closely grave plateau, I am naturally a little nervous, seemed to see the ghost pupil pupil, smell the stench bursts.Mother consoled, nothing!Those graves Plateau ge heap early as people give leveled, but where’s the ghost!    So, my mother carrying a new bag with red, black and blue flowers of various kinds of cloth sewn stitching, together with the students to the new school together.All the way to look, did not have any really big grave graves Plateau Plateau.Although the school walls is a common soil wall, can be green brick school on the door stones, lined with red and white paint pretty big “unity tense serious and lively” in bold.This is certainly Zhangsheng Yun teacher who personable mine, until now, all the characters on the walls of the village, by his writing, he became almost a lifetime of a patent or label.Classroom is a big eye-catching long rows of red brick tile-roofed house.Wall waist as usual, red and white banner tagline.The ground was flat, very clean.Near the northwest corner of the former teachers’ office canteen quarters, there is a large above ground oval flower beds.Compliance teacher, I have also taken over the mother species of climbing step by step, Henna, mines and other flowers flower seeds from the former residence of the yard, planted flowers in the flower beds.The entire western half of the school division, separated by a clay wall, is an independent playground are larger than a football field, a lot of happy children free to play in it.- This big grave dark cramped rugged plateau schools than in the past Temple hospital schools more open and bright style.Immediately, I put all sorts of grave plateau shrouded in haze and shock kaoliang memory, completely lost in the back of the head.Yeah what little Kojiro, school bags on the back.I am even want to sing drunkenly.This looks like a real school ah!    But the really big grave grave Plateau Plateau.About forty-five grade, school to dig water pipe trench, dug everywhere dense and messy bones of the dead, as well as some bad blood rot rusty coffin, all of our students seem to see an ugly corpse with unsightly, both curiosity and fear.Read a vacation in high school, my father replace nursing school in a large grave plateau for two consecutive days, a woman can be heard at night and pathos trained, trained, crying, far past time, and disappeared the next, high and sometimes low.Home with mother, the mother will be determined to look at me, then, never asked me to look after school Otsuka Plateau.    I suspect a very long time, then how village leaders on the election Otsuka plateau as a school of this Luanfen Gang.It is said that, under Datong Drum Tower, buried a skinned cramps clavicle Ching Ming emperor rebel leader Wang Long, afraid reincarnated after his death continue to harm the court, deliberately put the bones with iron chain hanging at the crossroads of the Drum Tower, called thousands of people stepped on people riding, with a view to his perdition.Built on a large plateau grave schools, does, there are countless vibrant yang exuberant use of this boy to “town of evil cowardly Yin”?    I graduated from the eighth grade junior high school third grade, he has been in large grave plateau book to read,.This time, Otsuka plateau, in fact, has gradually evolved into a geographical term decline.It is also known today as Elim Village is a great town, like.Nearly three years later, he estimates, and now all students go to school here 21 villages of Elim Town, fear is no know, this used to be a center of primary school think are terrible, Otsuka Plateau.    Then, in a large grave Plateau school students, but also the beginning of muddle, less learning.Instead, the teachers teach sell down very awkward.Most teachers are private identity, teaching and farming, buy a pot of water per month can only earn a few pieces of tofu meager wages, work points, or very little, but very attentive to our regulatory early night classes, often even to the students. ” partial eat rice “- do not know where any time lecturing.They may itself did not have much knowledge or deep culture, but gave students sincerely endorse a jade-like Bing, simple, honest, sincere regeneration was as if Confucius.Which, like the children to reflect and now some teachers are reluctant to thoroughly publicize the classroom knowledge, let alone such as students cram into his high fees.I prefer to literature, should benefit from the more passionate lecture cadence of Tseng teachers, and even the hairs on the legs are humorously likened to the “X” and “Y” Wan had your teacher.    Otsuka plateau in school did not take long to catch up with the reopening of the system, to come to a school many young substitute teacher, as if to the school entered into a lot of fresh blood.As the first batch of people Wei Wang, Zhang Yicheng, Yang Xiulin, Yangxiu Qing, Jinnan Guo, has a new, second batch of Li Chunping, Xie Shou Gong, Liu Jianye, etc., which just got a little bit of college entrance examination of the benefits of “College reserve”, has just dropped his tools it seems to wash in water for a shower, to give us smiling enthusiastically to class.They both teaching and learning, self-serving altruism, like a big brother to take practical action to demonstrate what the students called learning, patiently, mastery, sleepless nights, help in the field.The thought of them, all with learning-related vocabulary vied with each other coming to my mind.It was really conscious, investment and effective learning ah, this is my most precious period of youthful memories of the past.    Fifth grade math class, I always learn better, there are times even life very ghostly grave impact on the plateau, playful spirit on all ten fingers set a long pointy paper sleeve, such as the fairy-like arrests former classmates tease bit.Immediately, the sharp-eyed female teacher was found Moon Orchid.She immediately snapped angry put me out of the classroom, then the parents are told, is to write checks, made me find any, do not trouble to ensure that sent the bad influence of his talent do stop.Now think about it, this funny and ridiculous game, still exudes a touch of innocence and love and warmth.    With Otsuka plateau this unforgettable learning experience that many of us only know the year of the monkey harm wild child, gradually learning to understand, and through the entrance, entered a new path in life.Those teachers do, now become the backbone of most of the various departments and units.    Otsuka plateau, buried just ignorance and ignorance, as we kind of have a tree there, and more, in which we learned is a rich nutrients, swaying youth, and robust growth!    House Availability and now the young rent tenants, they are mining village at the foot of Liangshan.For children to study, her husband still water Village ravine near twenty miles outside of farming, the wife in the side here to read with the children doing a little business.The town more than twenty of the village children, are concentrated in the center of this large grave Plateau primary school, and then did not seem to be a student in our village and more.I seem to have seen those lime soil village, just like autumn leaves in gradually dying, it is estimated, before long, they must naturally abandoned.    If today’s children grow up, where’s their “cute little village.”?  I am afraid, Otsuka plateau this school, the future should be like once the big grave plateau, like crashing disappear.2011-11-24 [ “peach garden”] I have been deeply remember to put in our village, “Pan Taoyuan”.    Zhou Shi home village since ancient times under the Datong County.Datong County agricultural undoubtedly the most famous lily, green beans.Was like a delicate flower princess, non-Chuan those fertile irrigated land can not resided.And more barren hillside home of sandy land, of course, with the fate of little yellow flower planting.It touches can plant green beans.Year’s harvest is good, the home can not tao “overcharged three five bucket”, but we can also make more than twelve liters, but production is not high, every family would just kind of a little bit, enough to drink their own gruel, every years holidays raw bean sprouts will strike.These things, for the children, in fact, are dispensable, unimportant, not as south of the village vegetable garden radishes, green onions, tomatoes big temptations; not good and the big field of turnips, soybeans, corn.At that time, we all agree that kids, home of the best things in the east and west mysterious, like the Monkey King in heaven custody “Pan Taoyuan” -like, orchard.    Orchards are two containment walls, green cover, mixing magic emanation Yun, indeed quite mysterious.East orchard, I’ve never seen it fruitful moment.Although a year early summer with her mother to go to the orchard weed once, only allow a limited activity in the local area, there is not seen a people legendary Big Apple, but even more I added a number of wonderful red and gold hanging branches imagine; West orchard’d get in more often, because his father had given two or three mid-brigade melons under fruit trees.Watermelon, cantaloupe, melon, etc..Park disowned those who have to look for me spared.    West Orchard is located in the southwest corner of the village’s most closer to the advanced models radish, Learn Village, covering a full two hectares.Our Otsuka Plateau school not too far from there.Sometimes after school, I do not go home to the northeast, leaving for school straight to go out into the orchard west southwest of running, multi-angle major detour nothing, where there are many good things that attracted me.    West orchards are surrounded on all sides by high earth wall, on the corner of two to three meters and open spaces along the wall, separated by a foot high mound of soil community, full of weeds and prickly thorns.Orchard plum tree is the most.Of course, there are other newly planted apple trees, pear trees, vines, etc..Peach three Xingsiliwu.Newly planted fruit trees to planting a certain number of years before results.But it seems to already mature fruiting plum tree up.At that time, even the surrounding rural villages, including the famous water valley rich in fruits, poly Fort music, there is only slight and our local native soil maggots multi plums, but not the same western orchard, great height, juice children and more flesh, with Jule Fort now the most famous big apricot with like Beijing.Tree knot clusters of dazzling plums, but I can not pick.Not ripe plums, jerky difficult to swallow, tongue refused to take the initiative; plums instant when the gardener who often pesticide use in the trees, seems to be more mature when the fight drugs more often, of course, did not dare pick; that is ripe plums, itching badly, having poor eyesight ghost wandering eye to steal pick a few, did not dare to eat, there is one, two, because the mother has repeatedly talking about, “Bao peach apricot wounding, the plum buried beneath the dead”, plums not eat of.The other, I hurried into the cloth bag, take home to relatives and other fresh taste.- So, I plum, and there is not much goodwill.    But there is a special, stronger than fruit orchard plum West a hundred times, that is the most northern children did not see how’ve ever seen, mulberry.One to fall, gradually green mulberry on white, small red, like a little girl’s face in winter.Mature mulberry purple, if the surface of the cladding layer and reserved aging cream, a distance, like hanging dolphin dates, sweet and sour particularly eating cool.So bites, which makes the hands, lips full of purple, adults curse, not quick wipe, like eating dead child!The tree, which is about to bring to the village early youth it.I live in the brick kilns educated youth, personally visited their support over the room chubby squirming crawling, eat rustle of leaves silkworms.Because of curiosity, I specifically asked for a silkworms to discuss a youth, and raised in the home canning jar with mulberry orchard west.In the fall, silkworm cocoon, actually becomes a mass of Bai Bailiang bright silk ball like an egg the size of a sparrow.Very simply magical!I even wonder that little thin silk, is how to pull into line, woven into a luxurious silk and satin.I remember there was a youth, when I actually presented to a colorful mask of the Monkey King.This prosperous Chinese New Year, the first line is one of the essential tie stilts and so on, but also children who are particularly keen tease high-end props.    Lot autumn night, I used to stand like a stone wall at the former residence of a large almond, look at the stars, but could see very far west direction orchard, red and yellow flares shot from the same thing, and fall, shooting on, and fall.He asked the teacher, explained that the exercise militia arrested spy.But the former residence of the militia who lived in the annual exercise, no one ever knew catch spies thing.I called and asked her mother to see how that is, if the mother has long been aware, that it was the West orchard fox child in refining elixir.Several hundred thousand years was trained to.Make the time, she will become a human form, asking passers-by to fragmentation.If passers-by say has become, she immediately became immortal.If passers-by not to say that she is the prototype immediately, I had to go back and hide from head to practice.Immortal must also have enough to pay ah!    That year, my father had also told me, care West Orchard called Peng Ming-old, who Renzhou Shi Zhuang’s second liberation brigade secretary.One night, Peng Ming machine in the well suddenly saw a large, white-washed rabbit, they moved to kill the idea of sacrifice.He ran back to the residence out a shotgun, shot to play go bang, rabbits crashed fall.Peng Ming ran to pick up, so how rabbits, ground, surrounded by empty, nothing – Peng Ming was shocked, but also from completely paralyzed, and died a few years.    Think of these old stories, my mind from time to time to shake out the fairy Lu Xun “From Herbs to Sanweishuwu” to.    But, I still want to go to East Orchard.East orchards have to be apple trees, pear trees.Then our local fruit, in addition to soil apricots, plums and earth bingo, the other basically to meet again.The apple orchard east entirely on the quite particular about the breed, like the heavenly peach.It is said that the orchard is not only well known, the old hard and sweet and sour apple varieties “Guoguang”, and apple bananas, apples pears, “Red Star” and other strange fruits unheard of.However, so many good things, our kids, even many adults, let alone mouth addiction, is not on the eye addiction have been.August 15 will give every household in the village sub fruits, also ten, eight, or basic Guoguang a class of thin apple.Pears and plums are generally less than a minute.But this has been very good very good.Yes, better than nothing.The villagers will naturally cheerful gratitude, full of joy.    Of course, there are exceptions, if a small fruit tree is to lay the egg sub (hail), green apples or pears may grinned, without hesitation he walked into the home of some villagers.For such “off the tree egg”, the same people happily accepted without complaint.- This is the equivalent of a gift God gave us these material deprivation era these poor children of an unexpected gift ah!    This time, the East orchards, just like our whole village is a dream, a elusive, dreams.    That year, my companions and I pull a rabbit grass, often deliberately went to a nearby orchard east, each standing on a high ridge outside the orchard, pulling the neck inside North Korea visit, visit.Not eating also want to go.Are afraid to go in and steal the one hand, the West is said to be as thorns with orchard and more difficult to enter, inside there are several wolf bite the big dog; on the other hand, a year, a twenty-year-old surnamed Wei young broke into the apple orchard was caught stealing, he marched militia, iron pots hanging breaking his neck, forcing him to walk and knock his mouth, “I am a thief,” paraded through the streets!So, we had to reluctantly along the east perimeter fence of the orchard, while pulling a rabbit grass, while expectations smell a hint of fragrance fruit vaguely floated.Yes, I wanted to smell fragrant fruit that may wisp.However, they all seem to be Wall and dark green form of dark clouds completely obscured, obliterated.    Tetra year has been in front of the main cadres in the village.At that time, our sister to the elders rule, New Year, the most rare, is to give each of us a tetra, beautiful, delicious apples.Now think about it, tetra to Apple, it is just the most common now almost eliminated Guoguang.It may be that ordinary Guoguangpingguo, enough to make me a lifetime of memories.    Ugh!East orchards, as well as the West Orchard.  My memory forever, “Pan Taoyuan”!