Use your laughter to feed thoughts

Your infatuation with spring stand together, so that the spring has been significantly disturbed.Then peach not open, spring colors, has been locked up in your laughter, let my thoughts, birth had lost his way, let the dream of the sun, just an appearance, it was you gentle all led away.Fig nothing, just want to love you good.Infatuation with a clean, rid your mind of Luo Ji, do not let your tears fall as dust, or become a shadow of sadness, annotate rainy season.After you go away, form of love, in order to retain under your fragrance, moisturizing to Japan in Spring.With my care, propped up happy in the night, so that you have ample time and escape the grief ambush.There is no ending, ending more than there are wonderful.Although you exit, you can be gentle and shy, has long been settled in my mind, as I left the sun to torment my only thoughts, never let me free, a bit of leisure.I used your graceful laughter, breathing love to feed.Day you leave, the truth constantly in pain, I have the furthest away from the darkness, I became one of the biggest victims.I’m more decisive, more is more unpleasant ridden, under bright sunshine, wind and rain is deserted, been chasing the name of my attachment, so pure love, no longer to pose for infatuation.Your smile is my most warm home, with a warm spring, and my thoughts in the spring, he has been wandering the.Your laughter settled, warm night, in order for you to calm down.Over the years, I used to read a dark love with your smile, then sent a servant to the sun light, to take care of living lonely, your gentle, only the spring body temperature.Let flowers rain, been hanging around you, and then a big sadness, you do not dare to love at first sight.You want to find a place, let the storm take a good, your happiness can go further, did not dare to love singles.Flowers did not open, your fragrance only thicker, spring had your smile, as his own home.In my free where you filled with gentle water, you leave it or not, all the same darkness will lose focus.Really do not want, only you so far away, you will see the shy, rosy as ever.Very reluctantly, when parting long time, heating and cooling breeze to Kiss every inch of your fragrance, it will not spring romance.Let me give you up, that would make me feel tired, you will feel the pain, more non-Wish.I sent in the spring on the road, so deep-seated love more a living law, to leave the way, perfecting holiness love.Change of season staggered, not change gentle fineness, use your charm, the dark polished increasingly thin, preferably fragile, even without wind, will naturally broken into pieces, restore serenity of love.With warm sunshine, opened in the spring had been loved body, so simple legitimate.I will be your voice, every one of them put only place I can find, so you boundless thoughts, all the way.It has been, always will be your shadow, as the sun, but also easily take my dream away, let the wind and rain on the road, on schedule and the case, would not recognize your sorrow.Want your day, there is a sweet sorrow, never idle.Your beautiful light, let the soil in the spring also feel shy, but also lost uneasy, let dreams insomnia.The night was deep, and there is a voice of flowers, like music, beautiful melody, only I can hear my heart can only appreciate your shy, always in constant reduction of the thickness of the dark.Spring still on the road, in fact, you did not see, needless to say, Yan laugh peach, already open in your heart.In the hands of my walk, wherever he went, already covered with aromatic soak into the depths, was so warm, so charming.From the darkness behind me, they have rushed to escape, spring temperatures, have been folded together, let deserted unemployment is gorgeous even then a beautiful dream, nor can it be separated, not to take away.When too much sadness, let go of your sadness.And so lonely go first, your thoughts, they are not to be implicated, out in the cold.Even if one day, you really gone out of my sight, the sun also know that my love for you will never idle.If my dream, leaving no fragrance that you can only explain, slipped away from the spring.Every time you meet with, I have to clear your eyes, your gentle laughter, back home, into the then 11, likes to see the books, then carefully put away.You are not in the day, the way I used to read the book, come to see you, you think you want to love you.This time reading, would not worry about the coming of darkness.Not for the power outage trapped, not to be afraid, broke into the house at any time cold, cruel plunder, I am currently the only quiet.The same night a house, were you happy Qing Yin knocked, out of the crack, and then the rain outside, all led away.Romance and temperature, were retained with full power, fill the space other than your tender.A night of rain, failed to knock on your door, move your tenderness.Rain rapid heartbeat, stop and let the night in order to have time to enjoy your pure and beautiful, enjoy your charming, so that every detail happy to become skeletal body of the missing pieces to prop up the spring, make mature love.I do not know, I came at the wrong time, or the original should not be?Really could not bear, bear to see you sad, tear your laughter.And I on one side, witnessed powerless.You can not catch up before the tears fall, let your happiness, in my arms sweet sleep.A day of gloomy, rain squeeze out of the sun, you will see in front of mind.You’ve been looking at the distance, your eyes, eager to embrace the episode to warm your life, so that in front of the rain, to get down to hear the rain in the lines.Your hope, will peek into the rain, or pushed down to.A place not far from near, so that all of you wait, can see the reality, they will not let you fool, suffer again.Let your rain Luo Ji, one by one break, let your memory, you can see the smiling faces of the spring, but do not let the dream live too tired, had too poor, it makes wandering around you, there will not be effort, there will be no chance to fall in love with you.Trace of rain, but also can prolong your romantic, rain played the moment, it is away from the past recent days.Rainwater is also very light, thin your income does not go silent, let your gentle water, with nothing to do.When it rains, you can remove the pain of reality, easy to travel, want to go far far left, max, and let all your feelings may be, you are free to smile, happy to make a sweeping movements on the spiritual backbone fall.Blind date rain and the earth, in order to retain your fragrance, let your laughter insomnia.