“Classic Quotes” Read these, you will know more about love

1.With sadness to tell the world, and not unhappy, only to be politely refused love.Like watching someone’s back, with silence to hide a broken heart, I was actually forced to let go like this.Lonely turn around, free and easy look, perfunctory himself, last second is in the past.No longer let the tears for their own heartache, so arrogant humbled himself for.  ——– cold Shun 2.People desire happiness slowly grow old, to grow old is a tired heart.From emotional level penthouse, once again lowered himself.Love is a kind of open-minded, is not an excuse for the sake of love.Came from someone around, approach each other’s heart, just hurry.  Shun 3 ——— cold.Consumers reality in form, color vertical fickle, constant yearning after thoroughly interdependent.Struck us life, life is anti-volatility, every serious, meticulous every, every ground, all the old people can not wait.Those beautiful moments, are costly to obtain fate, love life a pain.  ——– cold Shun 4.Meet is a form of life is in a way, chose to remain where there will be regret.Road is a journey through, walk, is a process, tired, tired, or go hand in hand.Pain is an intuitive, no pain is an illusion, just for the sake of another feeling.Love, mercy guarding the years, Gou month with Black Sunday.Catch lonely, lonely night dotted with marshes.  ——– cold shun 5.Commitment: live like a circle of two individual soul.Not stingy met in the past to fill excess.Strange two people love each other, we love each other love, the love of two people in love.Once unhappiness, just waiting for your arrival, at first glance, you will know what I want!Occasional little touched, all through a person’s enough, you too know me, or know much about woman.  ——– cold Shun 6.The world is bigger, the distance further away, two people that met or will meet.Love for longer, want to get further away, lost or will lose the.See again really, go tired, does not fit or does not fit.The two got separated is freedom of the individual, bundled, it is also in love with a heart.  ——– cold Shun 7.Miss being replaced by silence, humble after the strong, proud after the mold, freeze his promise, understand others, their grievances, if love is about to go on a trip, waving the last dialogue!Continuously updated signature not want others to understand their own, trying to remember the happiness possible.——– cold Shun 8.Love has been very quiet, has been very concerned about the occasional, if love is to give a person freedom, love is not a person will not go.If you love forgot, I just leave.Adhering to wait, how far a person’s well-being.——– cold cis 9.Emotional, wayfinding distinguish love in the face of an impossible, is not a serious bearish.Life does not lack loved, lack of self-love.A talk, once Luanxiang, a little sad, to lose their individuality, more personalized with madness, life does not regret missing, missing treasure.  ——– cold Shun 10.Years concentrated miss left Occasionally, happiness faded memories left to spend.Busy lax greed Zaokang faded, forgotten too late with the promise of forever.  ——– cold Shun 11.Wisdom, experience is concentrated, is the sublimation years.From the rough to see through the gorgeous, just need a consciousness.Ignorance is not smart, but not cunning, but the moral of the area know how to stop.Any additional conditions to the possession, just an instant, like love, is not a desire, a desire, how to take it to a lifetime.  ——– cold Shun 12.Happiness is the messenger capture good moments, repeated staged memory, before a lifetime, just perfunctory yesterday.Meet a person, but also a beginning, pottery empty heart, how to hold forever.Fall in love with a man, go for life, blurring past years, how many clear!  ——– cold Shun 13.A grown man, not a lot of hard work, but a word, a touch, a chance, an experience.  A brave man, not resilient, but a house a regret and a willing, to accept a.  A man alone, not with no ideas, but a person, a habit, once the time at a glance.  A person forever, not forever, but two people, meet together, grow old together crazy.  ——– cold Shun 14.Love, as the children grow up, mature once a love is called, in fact, it is not love, but a habit by the time positioning.Love, but also like a germinating seed, has experienced ups and downs become a fruit.No initial move, did not initially hazy, no initial devotion, it has called in the form of a share of precious pushed away.  ——– cold Shun 15.Not mature, called love, walk through a hurry, in the form of memories of stopping at the origin, no matter how long, always keep a better.Mature, called spend, through vigorous, way of life came to an end.Some people, because of the loss of love, always feel touched commendable share.Some people learned to measure and understand the love go spend, more of a real.  ——– cold Shun 16.I am a wanderer, go, have not abandoned my little dream.Another big city, then a firm pace, there will always be a loss.Gradually like the unpredictable journey of despair, the next second, though not pleasant, more of a wide heart.Each miracle hidden in a fluke, each dripping in more of a tread.Through today to tomorrow, time will not stop because of sadness, willing, we are to take years alone forever.  ——– cold Shun 17.No great love, not now, each real moment forever, are like a diary, on behalf of the mood at that time locked in his memory.Life is not repeated more than one second, every second zero-back, do not have the extra.Deep dream temptation, how many dead Cang defeat, vows to wake up thoroughly, to make angle cease, and leave this life.  ——– cold Shun 18.Open my heart, harmonious messy fate, into a story, do a protagonist, but for life gave an example.Closed yesterday, happy to forget the past buried.It turned out that happiness in life that marked a mark only occasionally, insignificant people get distressed.Looking at the sky, shining dawn, it is the place where I occasionally leave.  ——– cold Shun 19.Call chest, pestle disrupted the silence of the night, the second you came again.Familiar handsome face, Chizui the night alone, that you have not gone in seconds.A smile took a man’s world, I love you, move a person’s heart began to involuntarily.If you’ve ever Chu War is God’s mistake, can you come not go.Because you give happiness, people want to move too afraid to curse.  ——– cold Shun