Existence, is the eternal surprise

Text: Xiang Chu Yanli existence, is the eternal surprise Tagore said: “I was there, this is a perpetual surprise which is life.”If we say that my existence is to continue my previous life you, that is not the end of love from, so my presence, and have a real good sense.once Upon a time?I Qiong Qiong Jie stand outside your city, but did not dare to disturb your beauty, let’s wait a prostrate heart, and so on into a luxuriantly appearance.I believe, and by chance the people, after all, will not repeat the mistakes again. Life always run into such a thing, some things happen, and unpredictable, but it is inevitable.Like some people, come to your world, you’re not ready for how to get along, but it has been gradually drifting away without the book, I looked at the back of strangers, several can not help feeling born from the heart. The seasons, there are flowers, there litter, there will be a parting of life have met, there will be a surprise melancholy.There are some people, you waited a long, long time landscape.And you, I was just waiting tirelessly.As long as we believe in fate this world, then you can wait until the person you have to wait.After bearing in mind that I approach your world, in crevices in flower door, you spy a gorgeous spring beauties, sultry scenery, has long been drunk I am excited lonely heart when. That beauties of springtime, scenery indulge my eyes, ancient unabated; there was tangy aroma, full of dense open atrium centuries, intoxicated, intoxicated again.From then on, your landscape will live in my later years, sometimes hovering outside your city, a few softly knocking on your doors, but no one echo. In respect of all your beauty, are consistent linger in my mind, the beautiful, was silent.Heart is bright as glass, persistent forward to this quiet Enron waiting.If you just wander, convinced that they do not give a silly waiting, will be able to frenzied media attention next month.Long time, I wait for the wind, and so you come back.Jun If you do not go, let that beautiful garden with me. If you return, I will turn to you sweet fragrance of flowers door, greet me into the room, a tea, a singing, poetry under the flowers, tea stories.If you wish, even if a horizon, a cape, but also with the unspoken heart, in one exquisite small print, the next sculpture you meet me beautiful.Because fate, we do not have too long to miss, so I turned around, just met you smiling eyes, such as glass-clear. Mountain stream encounter aficionados, untold prosperity Liuniansishui.Ink poetry, let us drunk in such Lijiu affection, let Qiannian a beating in the Su Jian green ink, the swaying of the truth leaf Lanzhou, heading for the other side fleeting. Do not forget that a faint encounter, encounter a graceful Iraqis.Fall in love with your beauty Jun small print, in picturesque like years, let your charming small print, I support a lovestruck soul; you use each piece of soft elegant sentence, wake up my sleeping eyes.Like you, like rosemary text, read the subtle fragrance surging, bone and heart.Every word was carved into exquisite in time, captured a fondly my long love. We meet at the beginning of the spring, you became my life angel.Heart, such as Splendor, horizon Jun stay forever love.You are my Chunhuaqiuyue, you are my constant fetters.If you are, in my heart; if you do not leave, do not abandon my soul.If willing?Chunhuaqiuyue reward in this life with you, write to make fleeting tempting.If willing?With you all the way forward, according to the sunshine of life, warm hand. This life, you are mottled of my life, I ze verse in the glass color.Because there is fate, so I wait for you, you are my long-awaited reunion of the United States, from a past life you get to this life; because I exist, we never miss each other.I do not know how many times past life smile, that gave me this life until you.You say you believe in fate, I said, because I believe in fate, I will firmly believe that we will stay together. So we are beginning to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving met Thanksgiving this grass sprout in the spring.Like you said: “Let us slowly according to the old time together.”Chi-gap fleeting, spring and autumn, so I am willing to abandon the text, guarding you, grow old together later.My name is your mind; your name, my poems in the glass.Future landscape, because we exist, we will create more hope and beauty.Micro letter: qq1743091829