Eight Yongsan

Recently mood was quite calm, they think of eight of the Longshan home Huashan, City Environmental Monitoring Station comrades happened to come to the foot of Huashan eight Yongsan Red Rock Reservoir water samples, they came together to accompany them home, quickly collected water samples over, due to the monitoring station comrades are busy sending samples back to the laboratory analysis, they stay for the inconvenience, this time, I see the weather is too early, they alone climbing eight Yongsan.    To tell the truth, God and not cooperate, such as cotton, silk like rain go hand in hand, a big fog, the mountain road thorny, very difficult to walk, full of waist-high grass on both sides, but also from time to time out of some red seeds annoying thorn bush and other weeds Secretary Malta.Along the way, it would not be lonely, tits phase Ming, trained, trained into rhyme, as if the intruder alerted today, very satisfied, jumping up and down in protest.Of course, because the frightened, roadside grass occasionally pop out like a hare or a badger, like a small animal, like an arrow, like, instantly disappeared without a trace, however, to climb all the way up, there might be a surprise no insurance, the mood is not bad, and it lasts two hours later, I finally gasped climbed the eight Longshan Peak.    Top of the mountain, look around, suddenly, suddenly tired of climbing out the window.In ancient Confucius Teng Lu Dongshan and small, Goldenthal mountains and small world, I think this time maybe feeling about it.Distance, Yun dense gas clouds and fog, numerous mountains looming, like the island-like suspension with clusters of a Mama, fantastic.Nearby, pine stretch, different patterns, Mimizaza, it seems like a sentry standing on the cliff, beautiful thing.Inadvertently, mountain breeze hit, like an avalanche of loose sound from far and near, like a tiger to call, such as infants cry, cry like a wolf…The kind of cozy and shocking, unspeakable.The ancients said: Hill is not high, but the immortal name.Eight Yongsan is famous locally, because it has a beautiful legend, according to local alive the old people say, eight book called ten Longshan Longshan, because the mountains inhabited by the Ten cents Long, there are two AWOL, foreign travel In addition, breach of heaven, the Jade Emperor was demoted owned by the East China Sea away not forever, only eight dragon left behind mountains, so the name calling eight Yongsan.Eight Yongsan is sacred, at least in the eyes of the home is so.    Yongsan eight unique Yamagata, a block south, altitude 1150 meters, from a distance, like a cone, upside down on the ground, from the hillside, many hills cling to it, Juanxiu exquisite form Zhongxingpengyue trend, its shape their state, people think of the United states Lushan.Of course, eight Yongsan has its own characteristics, where lush forests, numerous delicacies wildfowl, its beautiful scenery often vary due to seasonal changes.Spring, mountain green, lush, tweet pheasant, badger Ben rabbit jump; summer, the group put the fight Yan, peace and quiet, Greenfield bursts, nice hearty; fall, high clouds thick fog, the mountain leaves, fruits, swaying ; winter, cold scream, snow, snow eyeful, especially enchanting.Even more peculiar is, waking Qianshan autumn, asakumo Chuxiu time, when you stand eight Longshan Peak, very thick lake dragon direction, you will feel far Fangxian Yun wandering, rising Purple Mountain is the day, day is the mountain, the mountain people mingle, Heaven, people feel nature Shengongguifu.If eight Yongsan Dragon Hill is a dragon, then the case of Dragon Lake Dragon Water Dragon, mountains and rivers, two dragon dancing, which should be considered together, right wall beads together!    Since ancient times, there are mountains there temple, the temple is the soul of the mountain.Legend of the eight original Longshan have a temple, called the eight Longmiao, very very spectacular, incense is also very strong, the Quartet to worship people are doing.Unfortunately the 1940s due to the implementation of the new Kuomintang life movement, people are not allowed to believe in God believe in ghosts, a local militia Zhang’s head, and brought a wave of soldiers up the hill to the eight Longmiao burned, It is said that eternal fire burned for two days and nights, until now the fire burn marks still faintly discernible.Now no longer see the Longshan less than eight majestic main hall, and wander in the mountains of Britain, greeted by only two I do not know when the simple wooden houses built by the villagers due to disrepair, unattended, around wood do not know gone, leaving only two melon basket case of a five-column dismal standing there, surrounded by overgrown with weeds, sometimes there are some ruins and sad look, which still dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy, in possession, Tathagata statues, however, the annual Lunar New year June 19 will catch the fragrance of time, there are still groups of people burn incense and make a wish to go to eight Longshan Peak, worship the gods, pray for peace, perhaps this is the mountain to bring the fun of it local!    Long years, life is a dream!Top of the mountain, hand on pine, staring into the distance, the smoke curl rising thoughts from the depths of memory, distinctly unforgettable memories.Remember as a child, every mushroom breeding season, often carrying a basket with partners to pick wild mushrooms on eight Yongsan, what bubble cake bacteria, Bigfoot mushrooms, feet mushrooms, ginger milk bacteria.And so the list goes on.Taken back, let the mother with clean boiled, dipped in chili water, it tastes very cool.Life is difficult childhood, was I home food shortages, rice or corn meal are sweet potato rice, the taste is not very good by the long-term eating, indigestion, then if a little wild mushroom and eat, the kind of happiness feeling really never forget.    Today, the song is still crisp sound of eight Yongsan Zhiyuan, mountain maple still red as fire, reviewing the past, eventful years; look at the present, long life, you will be feeling the change is human well-being, the same is a thing of the landscape this may be a way of life and feelings.(Written in October 2009)